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"Rivalry Unites or Masterpiece sequel towards "dollar trilogy" movie review."
On March 16, 2021 Briancrody

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Rivalry Unites or Masterpiece sequel towards "dollar trilogy" movie review.
March 16, 2021 @ 05:26:38 pm
Rivalry Unites or Masterpiece sequel towards "dollar trilogy" movie review.

Rivalry Unites or Masterpiece sequel towards "dollar trilogy" movie review.

Western. Continuation of the'dollar trilogy'with the famous Italian director Sergio Leone with all the brutal Clint Eastwood. I checked out this picture after solution ., which could not impress me much, but this part corrected many shortcomings. I consider this picture a masterpiece, not merely of the genre of'spaghetti westerns ', but also of the genre of'westerns ', although there is a fairly huge difference between them. For the time being, here is my brief opinion - an attractive continuation. I cannot look at the minuses, since I have not found any. I am going to look at the technical part in the end, for now I'm going to focus on the memorable moments.
I watched that movie on <a href=>Putlockers</a>
So, here they can be:

1. History - the film tells about two'bounty hunters'who want to destroy a gang led from the notorious killer and scumbag Indio, who's petrified of an entire district. An amazing simple story, but a lot of interesting details are stuck about it that catch the soul on the viewer , nor leave him indifferent. The connection from the'hunters'alone may be valued at it. Their irony, their rivalry, their partnership - this must be viewed with your very own eyes. And although I have got watched this picture higher than a dozen times, knowing the script inside and outside - every time my heart rejoices at the sight of this masterpiece!

2. Music - if in the primary picture Ennio Morricone only experimented, then here he found'his sound ', which conveyed the spirit of the western. The title theme has been in my music folder for some time time. It is primarily the melody that perfectly conveys the mood of the picture - sharp, irrevocable and dynamic. I sincerely thank Ennio Morricone for the work done!

3. The melody of the clock - in the event the title theme reflected the essence of the image, next the melody of the time reflects the interior world of the main villain, because for most this melody separated life from death. Personally, I think it is the greatest composition within the picture. E-mail, Also i have it in my music folder!

4. Shootings and duels - if in the 1st picture it looked cheap and was rather an obstacle of the picture, then here the situation is the opposite. The blood already appears like blood, unlike tomato juice. There isn't any tricks, and that it was foolish to depend on them. So you complete real pleasure from duels. You literally experience the tension around you. We know the creators have clearly worked tirelessly on the bugs!

A little about the primary characters:

1. The nameless shooter played by Clint Eastwood is actually a'bounty hunter'looking for that Indio gang, encountering a colleague along the way over the way. Silent, fast, with sort of irony, shooting with no miss, the hero in the brown hat and exactly the same poncho, whose role is superbly played by Clint Eastwood. Hats off Clint!

2. Douglas Mortimer, played by Lee Van Cleef, is actually a retired colonel,'bounty hunter'that is chasing Indio for an additional pair reason. And although colonel is much older versus the marksman, he's nevertheless still an unhealthy rival with a decent reaction. Lee Van Cleef also brilliantly performed this role. His hero developed into really not a killing machine, but a man with their own experiences. Bravo Lee!

3. Indio performed by Gian Maria Volonte is definitely the charismatic leader of the local gang. A guy without conscience, tormented by way of the ghost in the past. A remarkably dangerous opponent with excellent command of the revolver. And again, Jan can think of yourself as a notorious villain so brilliantly that his hands themselves applaud standing nearly the skill of your actor!

Alternatives technical part: I bought a blu-ray disc inside the fourteenth year, where the picture was digitized, there seemed to be grain, but you are unable to move away from it, since you realize your the negatives! That it was the same goes with'The Godfather ', the sound was tightened, only some frames showed an issue, which again depended on the negatives (I suppose).

Consequently, there exists a masterpiece continuation of Sergio Leone's'dollar trilogy'around the union of two'bounty hunters ', brilliantly performed by Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef, with gorgeous music and funky shootouts.

10 out of 10

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New Post! March 17, 2021 @ 12:25:56 am
in 60's,western movies literally dominated movie theaters. most of the movies back then, had a simply plot to it.

the good, bad, and the ugly , i am not a big fan of the movie. eli wallace does a brilliant performance. i was a boy, when i saw this movie in 60's. it is a ok movie, the western movie then was " the magnificent seven ". it is a masterpiece movie with all star cast and a brilliant theme song.

the 60's, was the best decade for a little boy to go see movies that a parent didn't worry about.

most of clint's western movies has him with no name, not much dialog in the movie, hardly storyline to it. you don't care as long there was a good shootout.

as you know nobody never try to reboot any of clint's movies.

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