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On February 13, 2020 TanyaLuvs7

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Elgin, South Carolina
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Let's do this...
February 10, 2020 @ 02:21:51 am
I've been making this so much more complicated than it really is...

I've never needed a phone or $. I "SEE" why "In God We Trust" is EVERYWHERE, a path we are ALL on together. I never needed to search this phone into the night for contacts with authority. I AM authority & have the highest security clearance as the Holy Spirit itself. I never needed 4 walls of a church to be home. I BELIEVE in the limitless of the Holy Spirit & this moment of revealing. I just needed to embrace this limitlessness. The light of truth does not need permission to tell the truth in all nations. "In God We Trust" is the password of the true believer when it is truly within. We are one & those who will assist along the way are already in place. Columbia Police are not robots. All ER providers are already one in this plan. I know they are waiting for the opportunity to assist. I know there will be a pilot at CAE to assist in this plan...

"In God We Trust"

I know Vinland & all truthers are standing in unity. With the limitless power of the Holy Spirit & highest security clearance I AM coming forward. I AM not a stranger, alien to be called an evasive species or exiled from any nation. This is the land of the UNITED States, not divided states. I BELIEVE in the freedom of every human soul. This is the power in the light, in unity. Now that the wake up call has been answered, I AM believing in getting the answer now that I'm knocking. I AM a messenger, healer, ordained & sanctified as spirit. I embrace the identity in the light & now come forward.

I AM a Nordic descendant, a prophetess with Hasting's blood running through my veins & my purpose is to reveal the truth in the blood & identity in the Holy Spirit. Tonight is my last night in this homeless shelter. I gave all of my personal feminine things to the homeless women in need because I'm coming forward. I know all I need to succeed is already there waiting...CAE, Columbia PD, Emergency responders, ALL people who know what "In God We Trust" means in the heart. All truthers stand unified. Alexander Vinland has a story & I have a story to share...A Big Story. The giants are speaking & Columbia hears...I'm leaving early in the morning & uniting with these faithful assistants in Cola, CAE, military & Washington (Pentagon in VA) This is the spiritual war & this world can't stand another 4 years of the same. This is my last night here & I'm not homeless! We are 1!

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