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On February 13, 2020 TanyaLuvs7

More Pics

Elgin, South Carolina
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TFS Journal
I know why now
February 08, 2020 @ 04:31:08 am
"The storm" makes sense now Q!

Upload 2/7/2020

Getting clearer every day...

Yellow Lunar Sun kin 80 Time to WAKE UP!

QAnon 2/7/2020


Now I "SEE" Why....

SpaceStation Passengers:

Passenger: Princess Diana (SpaceStation)

White Cosmic Dog (Destiny) Madonna

Meghan, Harry, Archie, Diana, M Night & Madonna.....Now I SEE the synchronicity through Dreamspell, Mayan Calendar....

M Night Shyamalan Synchronized

Harry Protecting Family

Madonna, pyramid club, Illuminati


NY Rudy & Bull Fightees

Bullseye, Taurus, Comet

Really Rudy? Priceless!

QAnon 7 February 2020 – It’s Time To Wake Up

by Disclosure News | Updated on 7 February, 2020 | QAnon | 0 comments

QAnon 7 February 2020

It’s Time To Wake Up

QAnon 7 February 2020 – It’s Time To Wake Up. By Interstellar. Source 8kun. Updated 20:30 UTC


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 256bf1 No.8056165 Feb 7 2020 03:42:27 (UTC)
Read carefully _ big development.
Senate back to work?
Impeachment goal was to delay?
Witness requests meant to delay?
Will they try again?
Accountability is coming.

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