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On February 13, 2020 TanyaLuvs7

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TFS Journal
I'm seeing clearly now
January 17, 2020 @ 03:07:46 pm

I believe I understand what I must do now. It's always been my decision (lol, decide Sion=deciSion) to design this disclosure with you. The devoted eyes in the skies & all around me haven't been there to literally meet me at the airport but they're there to provide their talents, resources, time, contacts & work towards this plan of disclosure. I wasn't seeing the bigger picture like I'm seeing it now. You listen to me & the clues around me point me in the direction I am finally able to go. This is truly GENIUS & the power of it all is shared by us all. The news, the Royals, military, Knights... all of these clues reveal the strength & beauty of these moments & the MOMENT of Disclosure that is upon us all. This gets BIGGER by the day, doesn't it! I mean, the Queen & what's happening with the Royals, the military & the ENTIRE WORLD. When all of this BIGGER understanding came to me last night & this morning, I cried tears of joy, but there is also a bit of pain for those whose lives have been, and will be, completely turned upside down. It is the people who've suffered in the darkness I cry tears of joy for in this divinely designed plan & it's the power of truth that frees this world. This is what matters & this is the focus. My priority is to stay focused forward, communicate & unite to bring fulfillment to this long awaited disclosure. I see how these pieces of this puzzle is fitting together & what I must do to coordinate & inform you of this coming together & testifying. Judgement day has a HUGE meaning for so many now. I see it as I've never seen it before. I want to thank you again for all of the patience, devotion & love. I'm sure you know how mindboggling so much of this is at times. Clarity on solid schedules & work in a uniformed, understandable layout is what must be presented. I SEE more clearly now, thanks to every1!!! So this is what I'm doing today & tonight. I'll keep watching & listening so this can be successful. I'll be much clearer in a little bit. I haven't even had coffee yet, so you know this is most important now that I'm seeing more clearly. Ya know, without clarity & wakefulness within without coffee, this simply wouldn't be possible...Mindboggling moments! OK, so now to wake up the physical vessel with Maxwell House COFFEE...
Please know that this is what I live for..not coffee, but for the GREAT AWAKENING of the world's people & the healing of Earth. I'm pretty sure you know this or you wouldn't be here with me through it all. OK, I'm crying again so I'm shifting into gear now. Keep BELIEVING! WE ARE ONE IN THIS & WE HAVE WON!!! Love & Light

I'll post later today, or sooner if I SEE something (I'm ALWAYS SEEING something *smiles*)

I've seen mil helis since the VA. They are there for comfort, support & ready for comma from us...that's the same reason the Knights & devoted eyes are everywhere, isn't it? I believe I see more clearly now. I was trying to figure out where they were signalling me to meet them for a rendezvous pick up! Silly me...Duh! First, I had to "come into power," so to speak, by remembering first. We're getting there. *winks*

7:47 pm mil heli 1/16/2020

Military & Knights

My notes

I can't post EVERYTHING I'm receiving but it's a clear msg I'm getting through the Royals, the news of the impeachment, the former Ukrainian Ambassador who's story touches me deeply, Julian Assange, the military & the Knight's (Freemason's) news I'm keeping up with daily. I can read between the lines so much better now. You're all doing a great job. I'm so sorry for all of the pain that leads to the ultimate results that must come & are coming quickly. Rain is necessary for rainbows. It's the healing that comes through sacrifices & painful releases that brings the new beginnings for the world. I'm so happy to see the smiles on so many faces through it all. (Harry & Meghan, you have a home....
John 17 KJV)

Love & Light

______ ________ _____ ______

Tom Steyer, I see! Still trying to figure out the deeper meanings of the symbols & the connection to clans...I'm having to put these pieces together with the millions of other pieces but their all finding their place & it's slowly making sense. Thank you.

House of Tartan

Tartan Knights Templar

_________ ________ ___________

The Egyptian Osiris Mystery Nobody Wants to Address

The Ancient Egyptian Moral of the Story

This is a work of beautiful art in storytelling & design. The images pulls today's viewers into the ancient past in a rare way. Your work is appreciated by viewers who seek to unite with the spirits of the ancients in unique ways. You are talented & this must be your purpose in this life. Good job! Please make more....

CORY INJAPAN EXACTLY! Every story has a purpose. The ? is, who pays the purpose attention?


No Fear!!!

Ukraine Ambassador Investigation

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