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Answering this call
January 06, 2020 @ 01:20:10 am

Today was the first time one of my children asked about the nations going to war. At first, it SHOCKED me for many reasons.
1. Daddy may have to deploy or fight, as he has in the past

2 My youngest babies are the first to really show how concerned they are for many reasons

I comforted them & told them the truth. We believe in divine order & angelic messengers...

The world is worried & every soul matters. By going out & serving by revealing this story we change the world. There's no way to make this happen without all of us, I know. I know it's time. Some of my deepest questions were answered recently & I believe I'm being shown where to go & what to do. I have a lot to share & tomorrow morning I'll be ready. I'll share before I leave in the morning. It's priority to venture out now. We are 1! Light & Love

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