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On about 2 hours ago TanyaLuvs7

More Pics

Elgin, South Carolina
Joined: Aug 2019

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Age: 49
Gender: F
Location: Elgin
South Carolina
United States
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PLS: ? 98.81
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TFS Journal
Try? No trying! We are DOING!!!
December 02, 2019 @ 12:26:24 am
"Can't is NOT an option!"

WOW code, DNA, Extraterrestrial, binary code,

Hybrid Human Army (speech by General Mark Milley)

EL on M US k. *smiles*
ELon Musk (SpaceX) merging man & machine

Pleiades Supercomputer (brain for Orion Shuttle)

Linking 2 nervous systems across space

AI plays GO

Go Game Wiki

Pleiadian Nordics & Eisenhower 8/6/45

The game of "Go" & Atomic Bomb drop 8/6

Black & White pebbles

Arron's Breastplate

The brain is the last untamed beast in the Universe

Man has feared time, but time has feared the pyramids


Trump 2 headed Eagle Golf Clubs

Julian Assange (spying) 12/20

Prince Charles, Monarch in Waiting

Sock rockets? Really!

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