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On December 10, 2019 TanyaLuvs7

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Elgin, South Carolina
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Age: 49
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South Carolina
United States
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TFS Journal
Divine Details
November 30, 2019 @ 03:09:19 pm

I must apologize for the timing, but it now appears it will be later than 11:00 this morning when the wheels start turning for several reasons. But rest assured, it will be very soon! I'm going to have to shoot for Monday. This is unavoidable for more than one reason. Thank you for your patience. It gives us time to prep in areas & communicate a more specific schedule, location & details. I AM focused! I'll be working on this priority today & tomorrow. BELIEVE!!!!!
Divine design takes time. Love & Light

The Force is with US! PRICELESS planning for this GREAT AWAKENING demands more precise details obviously. STAY POSITIVE & READY!!!! It's here!!!!!!

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