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What a sign...
November 28, 2019 @ 12:15:58 am

6:00 p

There are far too many blinking lights up there to assume anything other than we are spot on in this narrative designed & encoded as a story I am figuring out. If I were not on the right path I'm sure there would be far fewer blinking lights signaling unity in this journey. I'm a bit confused about the "blob of birds" mistaken for a plane. I have a feeling the immediate deletion of the article symbolizes direct messaging of some sort. Sometimes I revisit articles to catch msgs I may have missed & this is one of those revisits. Usually the msg is still there unless it's an encoded msg left by Q or Trump. Normally I don't revisit articles but this is unusual news & stands out.

As for those in my immediate vicinity, I'm gathering the msg of unity is the key. It's compared to a grapevine & as the world is watching msg rings true, I can totally see this meaning in the pilots flying towards each other as if to say I may go to one branch of the tree & will spread as news to the whole tree. The true brother & sisterhood unity is key.

Now that we've gotten our facts straight, there's still so much more to know & share. Now that 2+2=4 I know how to proceed.

After years of researching the numerous traditions & ceremonies of secret societies, I was under the impression there were some ancient texts to memorize & recite or some symbolic flag I had to make or seek out as a part of an ancient plan prophesied long ago. But, now that I know there's not going to be a knock at the door from a messenger bestowing an instruction manual as has been the rituals of so many branches of many trees. I realize it is us who are designing this part of the plan, with so much assistance coming from EVERYWHERE. This is such a huge relief, in a way. With this knowledge comes TREMENDOUS responsibility. (Lol...tree men Dous* smiles*) I understand. I'm focused forward, limitless, faithful & committed to bringing this to fruition with all who are devoted along with me.

First of all, you obviously know WE are NOT in this for material wealth. I could relate to this donation, along with the fact I see the "G" is no longer inside of the compass & square= ascension= light illuminating the darkness...

Freemason 7 $900 Homeless

You ask what is needed? I see I must get out of this house & unite. So, knowing where to go is key. I see!

This is the mindboggling part of the journey. It's like a Cinderella story in a way, yet a job at the same time. This takes courage, persistence & faith. Can't is NOT an option! I would apologize for taking so long to figure it out know, the destiny thing...*winks* I do thank you again & every day for your patience, confidence in this fulfillment & tough love. It's taken the entire, huge think tank of dedicated souls to get this far. You are needed & appreciated more than you know. Now, to begin the uniting physically part. We are no longer anonymous once we stand as one. This I totally accept. When this is your life, there's nothing to fear or lose. Let's face it, there's always been a method to madness. So unity it is as I am putting this voice of the many across the airways. I'll be seeing you as soon as I make contact. First calls tomorrow, after uploading details. If I receive no answer, I'll keep going until we make it happen. The answers to the deepest questions are accessible through persistence. The light says,

Love & Light

PS Are we there yet *smiles* Now we put the thin feet into action without running in circles, back & forth like before these answers came forth.

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