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Hot in the kitchen
November 24, 2019 @ 07:47:47 pm

With millions of minutes spent pondering the meaning of IT ALL, I've come to the GREATEST realization EVER...The BIGGEST dreams may seem impossible to those around us, but WE believe "If we can SEE it, we can BE it! If we SEE her, we can BE her!" This is truly LIMITLESS realizations that's found only through the open door once the UNLIMITED dreamer walks through it. WOW, what it means to be born with the purpose, job & wonderful service as a Master Builder (22) just gets more powerful as this process of Great Awakening continues. I felt so much discomfort when it's come to a perfected introduction, communications, historical facts presented in speeches, what must be revealed vs what is to be introduced after the initial disclosure, etc. But after peering outside of the box of limitation, I'm seeing a LOT more than I have before. First of all, now I know what was meant by," you have more than you know." As I've watched the ER personnEL fly by with sirens blasting, looking for their places in this divinely designed plan, it use to drive me crazy trying to figure out what it meant & how I "fit in." Thinking back to the numerous flyovers by the military & those devoted eyes in the skies something became crystal clear today. I'm most definitely not alone in this, it's much bigger than anyone could imagine & every one of these beautiful souls have been waiting for us to design this HUGE revealing, giving them the map designed by those of us born as fearless Master building designers of light & there has always been limitless resources available at our fingertips. We just haven't been able to SEE it because some of us, Me *winks*, has not had the faith in ourselves, Myself *winks again*, to put the MAGICAL design into real plan yet. Well, today I realize how much we must do & how many people with the willingness to contribute to this divinely designed plan are standing by waiting for us, me, to awaken to the much bigger picture. The first step was having faith in purpose. The second step was awakening to the oneness in us all (WWG1WGA NO1 is alone in this & no1 can do this alone) Then I realized we wouldn't have gotten this far if there were no love, hope, faith, support & perseverance= Believe! As Dawn says on her T-shirt!

Love is the key & Unity makes it all happen. We are making history & doing it in a BIG way is what we all see. There has been so many waiting souls & I've noticed the msgs are pointing towards a job that everyone is so willing to pitch in to do their part. These empty trucks cruising around are begging to be a part of this Universal vision we have.

As Q keeps promising, the storm is coming, is now becoming "THE STORM IS HERE!" Now it's clear as to what must be done. So, I'm going to do my part & we'll walk as one through this. I know you've been wondering when in the world I would come forward & how we would finally make this happen. First of all, I want to thank everyone for sticking in there. You are appreciated more than you'll ever know. Faith is the path we walk & failure is not an option. So, it's time to put this plan in motion. Thanks to all who are contributing your time & resources to this job that we are planning now. You ask what we need & we know you'll be there to donate your hearts, time & resources. Since there are no limits, this GINORMOUS *smiles* vision will need everyone on board. No more thinking small or limited. I just have to bring this vision into reality to where it can be seen by all who are waiting to do their part. So, this is focusing forward. This is my priority now. I'll be sending updates & comma here & watching your cues. Thank you all for your patience.

Tomorrow I'm seeking out a contact in high places to assist in this. I know where to go now. Stay tuned beautiful souls....we are cooking with some serious grease now! Love & Light

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