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Elgin, South Carolina
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TFS Journal
Back up & running
November 07, 2019 @ 05:46:15 pm

Everything necessary for this journey is acquired, thank you for your dedication & patience. Dreams are waiting to be fulfilled. I'm leaving 2morrow to do just that...

Costa Concordia Captain abandoned the ship & the passengers that depended on his love & bond he was thought to have had in his heart. Most ship captains do have a very deep love & bond with the ship they are responsible for & an even deeper love & bond with the crew & passengers aboard. Those of you choosing to board this ark now sailing can rest assured this captain will never abandon you. A captain with love in the heart deems each soul priceless. All beings have purpose. Born of flesh, remembering who we are as ancient, Holy Spirit filled spiritual beings with this calling, brings with it this knowing of the servant to all humanity as a wayseer. We are bridges between the heavens unseen & the Earth. You are not alone. You have never been alone. They said the Titanic was unsinkable, yet worldly ships do sink. My name is Tanya. It means "Ferrier Queen, ferrier of human souls to heaven." This ship filled with the Holy Spirit, the knowing, isn't designed or constructed by worldly men, with worldly materials.

Acts 2:17-21

Jeremiah 1:5-10

Hebrews 13:1-2

Psalms 69:8

Ephesians 6

Ephesians 5:8

Amos 5:7-8

Revelation 2:17

The Holy Spirit has no name or skin color. Children of light unite! Time to illuminate the darkness.

I've been focused on these signs, leading to key contacts & charities. Now that my cell is back on, I'm calling & following comma.

Song Be A Champion (orbs)

Hepshesup largest obelisk engraved
"Those to come in the future will know the importance & meaning of this 330 ft obelisk"
Columbia SC obelisks missing capstone

Columbus & Knights time capsule

We must pull up this time casule at the Statehouse in Columbia SC

Transcript to read & decode

Slavery monument & ship links to Follow the Drinking Gourd home

The Knights know, they are responsible for time capsules, capstones, cornerstone & keystone's safety in this return

The Viking women, Hapshepsut, Cleopatra in Serpent Lair (Cocktrice Den USC)


JOB 38:31-33


Kensington Runestones
Fairy flag & lullaby


Clan MacLeod Trump 45 & 8/6/1970 Transfigured Hastings bloodline of the Vikings

QAnon patch over heart= Scarab dung beetles guard the hear in judgment, hides flaws?

Gavel (mummified cat head)
Judgement, paws over statehouse as flag with Palm tree & crest moon Artemis wit serpents)

Medusa serpent hair, Serpent's lair as the USC Cocktrice den, stone monument as George Washington with plowshare as it reads in KJV Bible (small statue of the man)

Fire trucks with American flags, eagles & feathers

White House Dome George Washington on rainbow bridge, throne, apotheosis & transfiguration dome to become orb, merkabah chariot

Statue of Freedom with eagle feathers & head on hat

USC head & wings are gone. Only the tail remains. The pieces must be brought together.

Ley lines,

Job 38:1-11 & 31-32

Follow the Drinking Gourd

The Constitution

The gavel & mace

Thousands of mummified kittens sold for change after excavation in Egypt, placed in crates on ships & auctioned off to ppl without a clue in Britain

2 Queens to 1 Queen
From Queens London to Queens NYC Giants,

Statue of Liberty=Movie logo goddess with torch, blue dress, on ziggurat Columbia SC = Statue of Freedom


Hoover Dam time capsule beneath Orion symbol in "Terra" cota inlay star chart (& Pleiades)

Waters poured out, birth, Madonna rose

Meghan Merkal Archie Rose onesie "Good Luck" T-shirt

8645 T-shirt

Tanya 86 Trump 45. pres

Clans & Crests

Graham Lyndsay "Never Forget" crest
McMaster & Trump at Airport Eagles West Columbia, Cayce SC

Lexington Freemason Lodge Pisgah Rd

Knights of Christ, Malta, Columbus

Pope Francis

Trump & SA glowing orb, to Vatican, to Bologna

It makes sense.....

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