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Introduction & Identity
October 02, 2019 @ 06:31:50 pm

Flag of England

Union of the Crowns
French Fleur De Lis Flag

History of the French Fleur de Lis Flag

The French Fleur de Lis Flag is comprised of three traditional French Fleurs de Lis emblems upon a deep blue background. The use of three emblems are representative of the Holy Trinity. This design was carried by the French armies as they conquered colonies in the New World and is still an important symbol in France and other parts of the world including the Americas.

I can only imagine why these flags are in the front of the school. I was shocked to see the hidden msgs, not so hidden, then investigate them last night. If I would not have visited the front & inside of the school I would've missed the importance of the meanings behind them. This is amazing insight. There's so much more I want to say & ask, but there's a time & place for this as well. Just know that I SEE!

I cannot count the headaches I've had over the last few months that's come from the endless hours of surfing the web, tv documentaries & schedules, link searching contact numbers & addresses of the hundreds of possible agencies of the military, pentagon & government in order to locate that one person or group of people who are to assist with this journey on a personal level. There are just too many possibilities & branches of contactees to call on the phone. So, I've decided to follow my intuition & make contact as easy as possible for us all. I've been blogging & posting about all of this on various sites but I now see the chaos & missing links in doing it the way I've been doing it. It's obvious there must be one place to send contacts when introducing truth & identity. There's no way to reach out & touch someone if the party is clueless on the other end. It has proven to be a waste of time every time. Therefore, I've taken the insights found in the creation of the many professional sites I've visited, sites related to disclosure & fulfillment of promises (Knights, etc) and now I'm creating a focal point site filled with the important info necessary for an introduction to truth. As you are aware, this is a part of my forte & who we are created to be as servants of truth. This won't take long but it's vital to these next steps. I'll be sending you the link to the results soon. I am sick of headaches, as I'm sure you are. This is the answer, I'm sure. I'm as ready to move on as you are. Expect this later today. Thank you for your patience a bit longer. My head is about to explode trying the same old routine with no results. Where there's a will there's a way. We aren't living this lifetime to give up now. We aren't made that way!


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