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Elgin, South Carolina
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Good Vibes & Harmony
September 30, 2019 @ 02:59:11 pm

Tomorrow I go to watch my child play one more game with the Blue Devil sisters. I'm paying my cell bill & then WE are off to fulfill this journey. So, I'm prepping a bit today & finding that harmony within to share. It's there & it's the light we all share together. To describe the strength & bliss of this new day cannot be defined with words. But you know this already. I'm not sharing my plans with many around me. They simply do not understand & make attempts to bring negative vibes when the deepest parts of this priceless journey is shared with them right now. I accept it & know with time they will "see."

Keep shining & radiating positive vibes. We are all united in this. It's about unity. Believe!

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