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Working in a "Creative Environment" & "Executive Time"
February 11, 2019 @ 03:47:49 pm


I can gather from this that this is the "test phase," so to speak... Is this "creative environment" Transitions, Columbia, race relations? Am I doing the right things to make it to the next step? I noticed you've stopped the confrontational verbal attacks & gang stalking hints over Boost. Thank you so much. I'm understanding it was both a driving force to get me started in the right direction & mindset of the masses, as well as a test to see how much I can take in the midst of the darkness. I "SEE" & I still STAND.

OK, next....if I'm right on track, pls send comms. I'm going to get some clothes & food from Transitions & I'll be bk to post once I leave Transitions...

Steps to fulfilling promises....FOCUSED FORWARD...

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