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On about 10 hours ago Aliearia03

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Thank you Springdale & Cayce Fire & Police Dept
February 07, 2019 @ 04:53:58 pm
Thank you for your service

I saw you at 11:45 am & heard you last night. Your alarm didn't sound so #1 is a no-go. Moving forward with a gracious heart.

I'm at the airport, seeking "the way." The eyes in the skies will come here. This I know. When, and what it takes to land the plane is still the obvious mystery I am to decode. I'm unlimited with you, we are one. I have faith in this plan. I'm going to wait here for 2 hours, then approach the first gate for entry. If this isn't your plan, let's shift this narrative. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation. I just can't keep wondering around town with no $, food or shelter any longer. I need your help. I'm asking nicely.

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