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On February 14, 2019 Aliearia03

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February 07, 2019 @ 01:29:40 am

It's very rare I'm speechless. The heart cannot express itself in words powerful enough to define what I feel right now. It's the same feeling Buzz had when he was asked to describe what he saw while looking back at the Earth from space. He said only a poet could explain it best. I'm no poet but I'm seeing visions of the most beautiful moments to come with tears that say,"LET'S ROLL! It's a NEW BEGINNING!" We are unified in the fulfillment of prophecy. We make history with every word we speak & write. These words must come from the deepest parts of the soul. This is the FULL ARMOUR of LIGHT. It's real, natural & all things are a part of this. I just wanted to say I look forward to meeting you & thank you for all of your work, creativity & TOUGH LOVE (NikkI *winks*) If it weren't for your faith in me & sticking to the ancient plan, all those who've been a part of this divine design would've spent their lives contributing, dreaming & sacrificing in vain. Not as long as we are breathing! We rise as ONE! 6 billion dreamers have dreams that matter!
Fulfilling purpose in this lifetime is key. Have a GREAT night.

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