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On February 14, 2019 Aliearia03

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, South Carolina
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Glorious Days...
February 06, 2019 @ 04:49:05 pm
Hello eyes in the skies. Nice to see you up there.

I got to watch the SOFU last night, thanks to an angel & friends. There was so much to take in. I need time without distractions of crowds to SEE it again so I woke up early, spent the morning as a new donor at the plasma center & now have the $ to find a quiet place to concentrate on the big picture, without the chaos of having to constantly move around. The process takes hours but I'm finished & can soon sit down & think. I'm still focused forward & more determined than ever. Perseverence & faith=KEY!

I'll post as soon as I am able to get settled ling enough to concentrate without the crowds & distractions. Thank you for your patience & understanding.

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