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New Post! June 26, 2021 @ 12:46:24 am
There are still some cold air on my head at night when I sleep, and I have to wear some insulators like plastic drape with woolen cap. Please check where the cold cloud comes from. Thank you.

I suggested having a passover kind of thing rather than opening the seals.
The earth is good to go anytime saving tons of years in harvest.
Blame me being brutally honest. but this is good for those who remain.
Fewer mouths to feed but these are all good people and the world is meant for good people chosen ones that we should protect.

At the purgatory, it is depending on peoples guts and conscience that the mirror will show whatever bad things they do. Some dont have these conscience and are bold and I think it is fairer for every judgement to pull up everything recorded of whatever they do. If there is guardian angel, they should signal where to tag the recording for easy retrieval.

Science and religion are never in war, they work hand in hand. it is time for people to aware that Creator created the universe using technology. Ancient people dont know what to call these...
Now we say it is God the creator that use science to do alot of splendid things such as giving the universe life.
And a soul to make everything '' intellectual, cognitive and mobile''.

Tak AOV- back of right hand veins


New Post! July 02, 2021 @ 10:51:31 pm
Whatever nations biggies that used to chip read Lun's family ( Gemma family) when I was small, the Li sent them a replica of me - plastic surgery to look alike to marry into the family and start blackmailing...
using my profile and identity to the full.

I never got a cent in such compromise.
I am in Vancouver BC Canada since 2006.
Canada is only country that I got real residence.\
I lost HK one by away for more than 3 years having a
Foreign/Canadian passport

There is no need to do some classical conditional stimulus on me
they wont dishearten me at all. (they chip read to find out what
stimulus will dishearten people and sent a whole bunch inceasingly
to do that onto others to promote '' prozac '' sale.
Which Li private lended the company 10 full million and afraid
that this company cannot repay them.
This company has too much R&D in the past so the pills have to
be charged 10 times of those made in China and India..
Serotin only costs 20 cents per pill. Anyone sick cannot work
cannot afford dear medication.

Tak phD



New Post! July 10, 2021 @ 01:45:51 am
I am chip read by my prime minister's people Justin Trudeau got a bio lab that use my idea of treating terminal cancer patients that are turned away from the hospitals.
He even said to nominate me to get a nobel prize on such item in medicine. They charge 50 K per head in treatment. And now said over 1000 have been recovered. There are plastic surgeried look alike me by George Li Tzar chi, son of Li Kar Shing one of the group of villians selling identity. They chip read to do soft detent so passwords are never safe.
I dont want other people impersonate me to get my reward while I was hidden in the dark . Please find me with my routine 180 Keefer St. Van.BC Canada at 4-5pm everyday i am with a yellow construction cart, there looking for contingency lawyers going after the Li for the damage they caused me and my family selling our identity cards.. Hope you can have people come with good news for me there. Regards, Priscilla Lun Yee Tak. @facebook. com">Lun.yeetak @facebook. com ( my reach is only outgoing never receive anything as reponse. ) SIN 497237701

Tak - posted at nobel prize contact page. 7/9/20210 640pm


New Post! July 17, 2021 @ 01:33:27 am
Bored, still waiting for lawyers..
those chip read me and talked to me at night never surface during the day..
they are nocturnal.

Verichip /big brother chip talk... someone is using the chip reader to transmit to you it is never hallucinations.

I have been late at the routine lately, this is a huge claim, instead of 2.5 million dollars that a lawyer can bill a client by claiming maximum number of hours at $400 an hour, and surprise come when clients can win 500k at court, they can lose their house after they win their justice.
Now this is a contingency meaning there is more than 10 million Canadian dollars for the lawyers when we win.

Question is they need to be sure win. It is there is black an white for the issues. They just have to verify the claim which costs very little to them.
And do they have the guts to do it. Those who have chip readers, and lots of people with guns can do that.

You run into mafia's case and you still have to do it for money that is the nature of being a lawyer. I heard the first lesson they have at school is to tell them if they are timid to go after those bad people at court, they better change stream of study.

Are all the lawyers being murdered already? Not because they help me, but because they got good pay, and houses and cars?
Li people targeted on these to steal their earning rate, houses and money by resurrected the body with a different soul inside ( their late kins' soul ) to steal everything and to walk around as if nothing has happened. These are never actually trained in law, so after they exhausted the borrowing credits and sell off the property, these will disappear.
Do a few application forms filing that government pays 4k a piece that cant even pay the receptionist.....
There are more than 20 lawyers that are in receivership this year.
They claim they just want to return home or retire...

Why cant they put up a fight like me?
Get the 10 mil and up and then they are safe for life!
Instead they use me to negotiate with the Li for business or
advantages grant to them else they will come to help me.
And as a result, Li control them for the rest of their life
controlling their means of communication and number of clients
they can have and these cannot get out for normally they have to rent with the Li.... or being '' walled between walls'' and resurrected
by the Li and got 90 percent of assets all go to the Li
and only keep 10 percent of earnings thereafter until the next death.
Forced to do bad things...

We have cases in Philippines which business case claim billions of dollars which Li lose to a mineral/ metal provider.
Do I have to leave the country to get this justice?

Waiting for lawyers show up at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St.
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Exterior to the mall entrance.
At 4-5pm almost everyday, trademark with a yellow construction cap
big white with checkers nylon bag on a small cart.
So people can recognize me.

I sent email to BC Law Society members according to their directory.
Years now and I have not heard a reply or anyone showing up.
I am in soft detent and my reach is outgoing. They chip read me
to play soft detent and they know my passwords, and the Li got
alot of shares and debentures with Telus, the biggest phone provider here. Even my prayers to God got intercept and words are changed by Artificial intelligent to make it sound irrelevant.
I cant even hear properly with the verichip at night, depending on
what I eat during the day, the foods are polluted here, with coolant
glue, and color.

My relatives are with Li for these are less affluent they shoe shine,
those who are as rich, Li bribes them. I am a lone wolf.
Parents want resurrection and sell me out.
Don't tell me about family values,
and don't expect decency is a must from me.

Got yelled at by someone on scooter at a cake shop today
at chinatown... I am in the shop first.
Simply told this woman to say please and thank you
and tell them this is not translink which everyone has to yield
to handidcap person while still paying equal fare.
And simply told her to keep her white supremacy at bay
this is Chinatown ,and only yell at her husband and sons
and not anyone else if she needs a favor done.

I am not in a good mood today..... I was told once to take law courses
to become a lawyer to do my own case...this is totally absurd.
Any places can give me a contingency lawyer and court?
Wonder if the important people accompliced with Li got my entitlements with a plastic surgery look alike or adult cloned me ( slight DNA difference ) and try to pamper me...and prevent lawyers from getting to me? Our secretariat have records where everyone is all the time.

Tak.- PhD


New Post! July 25, 2021 @ 01:53:41 am
My contract with the Li in anything expired long time.
They never pay us a cent.

Now by chip reader contact I connected to a Korean guy that got my frequency since 2000. In Ocean centre HK.
I was walking by and stopped a Jobasia to give a note to Aunt Teresa Lam.
At that time I got a job at Concept System using online job application.

This guy was wearing white and pretty tall for his age.
What a surprise he voice up recently.
Hope he is not selling my ID card along side with that Ah Yan and Li.

Thank you Vatican for giving us miracles ...and power against the Li.
Thank you Yahwah Daddy.



New Post! July 29, 2021 @ 01:30:28 am
My method in treating terminal cancer patients have been exposed since I am chip read by some Li family thieves that do bio lab. They got gals plastic surgery into my face stealing everything from me for the past 20 years. And they even got people stealing my mail. My prime minister is doing the statistics on the effect of the method recently and chip read me telling me they will nominate me to Nobel prize winner. But I can never receive anything no mails, no emails etc since they know my passwords. Only way to reach me is in person. I set up a routine to be reached at 180 Keefer St. Van.BC Canada at 4-5pm everyday mall entrance. I am with a yellow construction cap and big nylon bag with checkers. With current Canadian passport and Canadian Citizenship card #6770338. I wonder if Prime Minster Trudeau also reading my chip will nominate me or his son on this method.

Tak- posted at contact form at official website of the Nobel prize just then today.



New Post! July 29, 2021 @ 03:05:38 am
You need a cat.


New Post! August 03, 2021 @ 10:21:40 pm
Suggested in the past weeks....
Get rid of infiltrators at Vatican.
Get every one off and on again on the life switch.
Unified DNA and remove insertions in the bodies..

Residents, workers, priests, all of them even pets and animals.
Clear all that cannot come round investigate whose passports these
are using.

Hundreds even thousands of those guerrila movement Li and Chan people flocked to Italy as tourist and intended to steal Italy ( supplying food to Vatican) and Vatican using witchcraft resurrection with different soul.

Drive out the tourists, and close the gate and turn off the switch
and turn back on again.
Those tourist refused to leave is up to God.

Get purgatory sealed with insulated layer, so that without permission
no souls can be in or out even if the heart is back on again.
On their record there should be a column saying if permissible to
be resurrected back to earth or not and this should be engraved onto the card they wear.

Someone haven been using Mr.J Bok voice chip reading me lately,
please authenticate for me.
Planning to go to Vatican, if they are giving me the '' line''
and a chip reader and mostly importantly, a contingency lawyer.
Lawyers here are threatened to be walled in if they help me to go after
the Li Karshing people, and Lam Construction owner H3 for what they should pay/ compensate me.
Still at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer Street Vancouver British Columbia
Canada, outside the mall where the public bench is at 4-5pm as a routine to be connected. Li got too many shares / debentures at Telus and verichip read to play soft detent. They got my passwords when I think of such to enter into the computer. Hence everyone should be giving a radio frequency blocker. Must be connected in person. Talk face to face, bring a radio frequency blocker.

Tak - PhD
Alpha Omega V- back of right hand veins.


New Post! August 03, 2021 @ 10:24:16 pm
@chaski Said

You need a cat.

My once upon a time website got a cat on it this is a wall paper.
a small gif dog and a wonderful marquee and wall paper...
all borrowed from the web.
This is a requirement to the assignment.
The website was gone as the system admin clear the space for the new class of the coming years.

Please can you forward what I wrote about nobel prize to nobel prize office as I never recieve anything in the mall.
Thanks Chaski

Tak-phD London University.
Faculty of Health Science / Medicine


New Post! August 06, 2021 @ 01:37:43 am
Once upon a time a pair of twins were born.
And the male was taken away from the family and the gal was taken home to the appeared to be cordial family just like one of those in the Disney cartoons.

Something happened when the gal was five and a contract was made by her father and she was matched to one of the richest family. Everything appears very rosy.... this family housed the male twin in their surname.
Surprise in that era there is also out of earths' technology that the twin's can be of different father.

And the twin mother is selling the gal's Identity to everyone that comes their way, including friends and relatives. So these can use the gal's name to marry up to most affluent in the city. In other words, if the gal will lose all these friends and relatives since they got someone steal use of her name / identity to marry up and these wont have this secret expose to their in-laws which will affect the marriage.
They would appear close by though but not amicable.
Cause the identity chip global position is on the chest of the gal.

Anyone interested in the gal, this mother always say something bad about her and ask them to turn to those introduced by the richest family which the contract was signed with.
So is any job and chances in life.

The richest family is actually using the contract to sell the gal's identity card and chances and splitting it with the gal's mother.

Fifty years have passed. And they find another way of doing the same.
If things are only '' in the air by a chip reader'' but nothing tangible in reality, obviously the richest family in HK is still playing games to
seclude this gal to sell her identity.
Instead of using their son called Richard, this time using another country's star maybe.

The richest family mentioned has a Li in lastname,
and the gal is called '' Victoria'' since the twin brother is called '' Victor''.

The gal's family is targeted because the papa is warjack clan founder.
can fetch arsenal business for the Li who is not free world in origin.
So the mother use the daughter to join the Li clan, and Li can offer them '' resurrection and beauty ''. However, the provision is never what you imagine to be. Ressurrecton can be just using artificial lungs and heart to support the '' head'' without the rest of the body to come back to life. Then one is forever in captvity by the Li.
Li still use the head to '' feed on conscience'' and use it to find out which other clan heads got a '' line '' or '' alien little helpers'' so to plan to eradicate these competitors. For they want all the moneys all the powers and the whole world belonging to them.

They always enter the show in a way to make you wooo and wow..... heart melting entrance then they earn your trust then they start stealing and 'mutilating'.

We should join hands together to stand up against them.
Don't do cloning by them. They can get different DNA under the skin
so that the intended soul cannot sit inside. Hence someone else will be using the body and of course this one taking over the body will steal everything that comes with it.

Only trust cloning ( photocopying of humans ) by Vatican.

Tak- PhD.Alpha Omega Five.


New Post! August 06, 2021 @ 01:50:03 am
10,000th post!


New Post! August 10, 2021 @ 12:46:05 am
I filed divorce in Jan 22 /2021. Never heard of any reponse from you. I am soft detent by Li Kar-shing people and they chip read to play soft detent.
I don't use phones now as George Li owns alot of preferred shares at Telus and partially controlling people phone receptions.
They chip read me to know my passwords so even emails are only out going I rarely can receive anything I am expecting.
They got people living where I am or intending to move to.... and we always got common mail box and I am never the first to access the mail.
Please have people come to connect with me in person. 4-5pm Chinatown plaza mall entrance. 180 Keefer St. Vancouver BC Canada.
The one with yellow construction cap and big white with checkers nylon bag on a small cart. I set up a routine there to be found.
I am seeking contingency lawyers. Huge claim. Lawyers split in the 10 millions. Come find me with a radio frequency blocker so Li
cannot trace who you are. My ex is also selling my ID cards with the Li so they join to play soft detent and harassment with chip reader.
My ex is warranted since 1970s. and could be now hiding in Gathering place 660 Heineken as people told me to do espionage and scrutiny.
He bat clubbed to death 2 people in a gang fight in Toronto in 1978-80. He was a foreign student. He was awarded residence
based on the condition that he brought me and my family to Canada. My mother is Gemma Fung the first clairvoyance,
and papa is Jerome Lun - one of the Warjack clan founder. My ex, David Lau Lup-Cheung was dating me at the time when we
were in Hong Kong 1983-87s Never told me he murdered people before and got kids out of wed lock. And died in Shanghai in 97
Spring for a week before he was resurrected by the Li Kar Shing bio laboratory. When the marriage was intact he barely brought 8+ dollars
each day as finance tip in. We were married for 9 years, not a cent tip in after 97 Spring since he flew out and we separated.
I don't feel it is fair for me to keep chasity just because I cannot receive a divorce notification it is more than 20 years.

We never intended to get back together, the sex in 2000 was deemed as a one-night stand better than doing it with a stranger..
No contact ever since. He did not give me his address in Hong Kong since 1997. I know his parents address since we were dating but he
got a separate address with a common law gal pal called Bonnie Tong since 1999. They got a son in 2000 in Hong Kong.
He was keeping the official marriage cert I just got the church one. He refuses to respond to me. ( Email and facebook )
I applied for a Marriage cert from Ontario, it never arrives.
Please annul the marriage and have a notice
send to me in person. Otherwise, I never receive anything. Please check if marriage has been annulled in Toronto years ago,
as I wrote also to Toronto office.

Regards, Priscilla Lun Yee Tak.
SIN 497237701
Marriage date with David Lau May 5th 1988. at Applewood Ministry Etobicoke. Ontario. Canada.


New Post! August 10, 2021 @ 01:18:14 am
Dreamt about my mother with suitcase standing in the opposite lane while my car with other passengers zooming by and I was screaming it to stop.... Mother is a bit fatter and not the usual physique???

I forgot alot of dreams that I might have dreamt recently.
Feeling somewhat cold at the extremities recently, God it is summer.
Prompting me i have to find a place to go to in Winter.

If Vatican is chip reading me?
Did they say they will give me a chip reader and a line?

Or everything is just a chip reader felony?
Trying to use me as a protocol to feed on migration / airline ticket

My connection with the one i gave the treatment of terminal cancer to using facebook EKLun account : Machi Kozachi is Oct28/2020 3pm
a whole day earlier than Trudeau announcement of his son discovering the formula. Right they are chip reading me. Hope they are not stealing my honor if Nobel prize committee really gives me one.
A very easy formula which puts alot of oncology funding to sleep...
I feel sinister in some way... but no more tears and fears towards Cancer. Heard Trudeau rented a section of a hospital basement to do the statistics, healed 800 charging 50000-80000 per head. And never gives me one cent yet..... I still need to collect unemployment insurance extension.

Tak./ Priscilla Lun Yee-Tak PhD (Alpha Omega Five (AOV) to the Catholic Church back of right hand veins pattern. Natural veins pattern without any reconstruction)


New Post! August 10, 2021 @ 01:28:38 am
@Leon Said

10,000th post!

Thank you this is a Guinness record holding thread, the longest thread since 2016. I have been keeping a diary on the web for more than 10 years.
El Tino got lots of advertisement since I write..



New Post! August 13, 2021 @ 01:18:16 am
Was reading the headlines of some Chinese newspaper...

We Canada also are issuing some call '' Vaccine passports''?

We boast on HUMAN RIGHTS! This is what our Prime Minister sells
when he wants affluent people to come and reside in Canada.

And this act is discriminating those
who chose not to have the vaccine.
About Obedience? Then where comes our rights?
Are we turning our ways into Russian ones?

WE HAVE THE RIGHTS NOT TO! :> When people have the symptoms,
they will automatically go to hospital to have the examination and treatment.
There are 1700+ onset after taking the first vaccine.
Are these claiming compensation from Health Authorities for they
are using propaganda to press people to conform?

Pathology Virus is killed by heat.
We buy alot of masks and bleach already to be in the party.
And politics kills people and their rights.
You buy your vaccine, you take kick backs, we close a blind eye.
But if you are playing too many games, people will stand up
for their rights and kill such Russian ways of making people
yield any longer.

We don't know what is in the vaccine.
Any RFID elements that will propel a frequency
whenever there is a pulse?
This is a way to make everyone '' tagged''.
Especially those affluent ones?

There is no paranoia.
People only comply when they feel safe.
In the era which people pollute foods to make
sales and advances in pharmacology, and still
compose stories to cover such, we all need to be

When they add bleach to foods, which mixes with
stomach acid to produce salt, then they say salt is
bad for you so take less. For there is enough salt produce that
way in your body already.
Then when the bleach element upset your electrolyte balances
and your legs start to twitch, then they say you got
'Restless leg syndrome '

Why not just do more in food safety?
Government just cut funding if any department is not doing
enough on what they should do.
And government can keep what they save in the budget.

What a vicious cycle this created!
More and more pollutants in the system...
see how many got Jacksonian fit every now and then
and claim they do it in memory of Michael Jackson!

Tak - PhD
Alpha Omega V - still searching for contingency lawyers
and setting up a routine to be connected in person 4-5pm
Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. VAn.BC Canada Mall entrance
outside. Huge claim wonder when we see some '' bold and daring'' lawyers
that can stand up against the Li.

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