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New Post! April 05, 2021 @ 10:53:49 pm
I like to write about happy stuffs..

but this group of Georgie Li Tzar Chi's accomplice keeps on provoking me to think of murdering them.

God my papa Yehweh.

They are the bunch of illegal stay walling in people to use witch craft resurrection with different soul to steal everything of the victim's
they split with Li that is why they are not tackled....
for Li got alien technology.
Li is the group using alien ships to patrol earth and try to steal it from you until you X their fleet at earth's orbit..

They intercept what I say via the chip, change it using a synthesizer to produce my voice to twist my intentions.
Whenever there is a light of hope to change for the better for me, they chip read me to irradicate it.

They have been murdering everyone that are willing to help me and of the once good affluent world especially those who know me for a long time.
They by George plastic surgery into my face and steal my rewards and glory by soft detent me.
They use chip reader threats to isolate me and others, use chip reader to break phonelines ( infrared ) of those calling for help and not their friends.
They murder millions of people over 20 years all over the globe and get away by witchcraft resurrect themselves into different torsos by stealing these from cemetery or hospital morts or by those they murdered.
Every night we have to set alarm to detect for any bricks and concrete with people or cars approaching our premise... like a war never ends.
And everyone needs to listen for air raid warnings..
They are never Mau shan people they dug up tomb of a master and forced him to teach them for this master was resurrected as a crippled vampire for all his limps are rotten. ( died at least 70 years ago )
Ref: Chan Sau Lai

Since the government got to carry its own profit and loss for the leaders auction the country to run.... no one willing to write up a huge sum to arrest them .( they got 2000 people in their clan and family ) and can use DNA of each other to come back alive.
Church Silvester once use the line to take out 200 of them but they come back within a month using each other's hair and nails.

I think you have to come and do this, they even boasted they take out Yehwah's people .for their trace to find where they are using their chip reader lines... the Li kar shing people got Alien help since 60s.
Please find out this accomplice and stop them from taking out good line owners.

Look at what they did to my parents AOI and AOII.

The agreement between Lun's family with Li kar shing family was made in the 60s it expired for 2 years and Li still want to use that to get advantages by lying someone renew that. They adult clone someone look alike my grandpa John Lun Wai Ling and my papa to steal our foundation and assets.

Tak- AOV

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