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New Post! July 31, 2020 @ 11:31:37 pm
There is no implied consent to employ a lawyer here. You have to sign an agreement to employ such legal service.

So you cannot steal my identity to steal my entitlements.

If you did you have to repay me with interest.

I am still seeking contingency lawyers.
Referral fees is by the lawyer up to 6 percent of what he gets.
I can tip up some for you. But not a guarantee sum.
For I don't know how much I can get.

Seeking contingency lawyers, I am in soft detent.
My phone never works so I simply not using one any longer.
Big brother chip monitor system exposes everyone's passwords.
Those who steal use of my ID cards have been chip reading and erasing from my email inbox. And even live close by to steal my mail and expired ID cards / passports that I left inside my drawers.
They know when the postman arrives for they are chip reading the door.
And I don't have a chip reader.

George Li even plastic surgery them into my face for 60K a piece.

They drag down real ID holders by borrowing with the stolen ID numbers
slandering and stereo-typing using the chip reader broadcast.
So government let them use the ID cards if the real ID holders are not '' functional members'' of the society.
They drag down real ID holders into the '' bad world''.
I am born ruler class and never the bad world.

I am at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Vancouver BC Canada
everyday 4-5pm with a black Ferrai Cap and big nylon bag [white with checkers] on a small cart waiting for lawyers to come.
Except the second and the third Sunday.
Huge claim claiming from a matured legal contract, mis-payment to a replica face by those who used my consulting ideas, and sum held up by cousin with a guarantee to uncle to reroute to me. And fight for commissions for construction work orders made to cousins because of me. Divorce, grandpa's estate held up by uncle and other smaller issues.
[Defendant would be Mr. Li Kar Shing, Richard Li, Bosco Lam [H3], David Lau and Fung Kwok King Victor]
I need dare devils.

Tak / Lun YeeTak.


New Post! August 02, 2020 @ 12:28:00 am
Wrote my issue to PCCW customer service at Facebook.
The only way I think I can get across for email network sometimes are blocked by the Li.

The first issue of my need to get a contingency lawyer is,
George Li and his affiliates stole my consulting cheque.
George plastic surgery his surrogate Chan into my face and took the cheque of 1.8 billion HKD in 2013 in HK and deposited into his India Bank Account. I never got one cent no matter how many times they issued this during the past years.

This was seen in 544pm and hope Richard in Singapore make a note and will compensate me for the clearing database will show where the money has gone to. I have been in Canada since 2012 Feb.

I use EKLun log in to write.
Every time I emailed PCCW, my email account would go '' funny'' in the past. And I don't want to email any longer.
Good that I find a way at Facebook to get across.

George Li got too many shares at Telus, the biggest
phone provider here. My phone never works, I cannot call people that can help me here in BC - those that can help me find jobs.
Li provide satellite service to phone companies, by one big data accident, these phone companies become their subjects. For these phone companies can never pay Li.

I only use voice conversation at public places' phone where no one will mess up the phone-line after I call. Else I only use texting.
Or someone else's phone. They cannot just '' block or forward my phone calls elsewhere''.

It has been many years that I cannot call my god mother Alice.
She lives at Richmond and last seen more than 10 yrs ago.
Then her mobile having some mainland Chinese speaking half mandarin and half Cantonese picking up the phone. Her landline is working but it is forever '' ringing'' and no one picks up the phone. Once someone did pick up the phone but the human voice part is gone, can only hear the back ground noise.

I need a radio frequency blocker to keep my passwords safe.
Those who are chip reading me knows my passwords and they are erasing from my inbox before I log in. I think the government should issue every citizen a radio frequency blocker, or email providers should write email programs without deletion so all the messages stay in the inbox for a certain time period. No matter who opens the email the message stays. So no soft detention games can be done.
We have the right to choose who we like to contact. Not those who chip read us can assign the rules or who we can meet or deal with.

Got pissed off by some locals in the area, they are those arrogant males that think women should pick up anyone available when she is not affluent. These often are those illegal stayed prying on residents to give them a real ID cards.

This place gives me the feel of '' 1800's '', when woman can only works as cleaners or gentlewomen. And these arrogant men can force you to do anything for them. Totally out of the kind which the Prime Minister has been selling. Everyone should have equal rights to get connected.
I am post graduated educated in the west and have been in Canada since 80s. Nowadays woman work and also pay the bills, she is never a pair of balls or a piece of toy nor your maid. She doesn't have to respect you if you don't respect her.



New Post! August 02, 2020 @ 11:31:07 pm
3 days ago I gave Li some idea on plastic surgery...

The treatment of sunken older eyes..

The eye socket has a lower rim that you can fix some ][ shape structure
on like those of a bridge. On top you have a small platform
to lift up the eyeball.
The bottom you make a crevice to anchor onto the rim of the socket.

Much better than pulling the eyelid to make it fuller.

Try it if you can.



New Post! August 02, 2020 @ 11:44:12 pm
I am a self employed consultant.
I work for anyone that pays me.
I am not in particular of any clans.
If you use my ideas you have to pay me.
For your information please.

This is called intellectual property.
You cannot just steal it reading my chip.

Tak/ Lun Yee Tak Priscilla (Lun.yeetak @facebook. com) PhD


New Post! August 03, 2020 @ 11:40:21 pm
I still have not joined any clans.
I am a free radical, independent.

Wonder if any lawyers who are '' independent'' and not belonging to any clans that can do my case?
Justice should not bear a condition to be provided in a country.

I am the way I am and not intending to change for anyone or any system.

Not much news in the newspaper from HK...
The news are mostly on China.

Paid my rent, the accountant is playing mah-jong downstairs in the society's sitting room.

Hate to see some non profit organisation staffs following around.
Simply walk up to him and say, all Chinese here at Chinatown got chip readers and transceiver chips, you cannot label the whole ethnic group hallucinations and nuts any longer.

These with Georgie, may use synthesizer to produce your pals or kin's voice and chip talk to you. Then frame you hallucinations for the real ones are not actually chip talking to you. They chip read both sides and try to frame people nuts. So that they can pull down the real ID holders here and use their ID cards for sale.

IF only the ruling clan can have all the jobs then everyone can be pulled down in this mannerism and have their ID cards included into their Human traffic's ID inventory.

This formula they have been using for quite some years...
trying to reduce and pauperize read ID holders then
obsolete them this way to secure the ID cards in their stock.
It is only to see if who in the Government are also involved.

But the formula isn't for all.
There are always some you cannot label.

Planning to see what I can leave home.
The cart is too heavy and sick and tired of taking so many stuffs
with me to keep well.
Never think of having a spouse around only because there is an extra person to watch the door so that I can leave my things home or have a handy man around...



New Post! August 05, 2020 @ 11:01:37 pm
There is a box which can entice you to do something
think of something like a hypnosis device.

This device can create '' compulsive and obsessive '' behaviour.
Also symptoms of dementia.
For it can make you do one thing before you finish doing the former

I was enticed to walk out of Tim Horton 3 times before I got my coffee.
But I walked back to get my drink.. hahah...
Someone wants my GPS across the street at that instant?
Or someone want to frame me pre-senile dementia?

This city is wicked or those working for George Li is given such device
they are wicked.
They even chip broadcast to defame and drag down people
so that these people ID cards could be included in the human traffic inventory.
This devices are found in almost all hospitals in Russia.
So the communist side people can all share use of such
and pull down free world subjects that have better qualifications than these.

Or they use classical conditioning to create futility and depression.
Chip read what stimulus that dishearten people.
And keep on sending people to go in-front of their targets and give such stimulus....

Also use coolant close to the emission outlet of the chip reader,
aim it on top of peoples head, would create vascular constriction
and the neurotransmitter and circulation will be diminished..
creating temporary amnesia and prolonged will cause degeneration of the peripheral layer of the cerebral cortex.
Of course, primary is hair loss.

Chip reading can do such ill intent plots including reading people's thoughts and intent..

Everything has a good side in usage as well as the bad side.
Depending on the hearts of the users.



New Post! August 06, 2020 @ 11:37:10 pm
There is dirty water oozing out from the drainage of the basin
and I have to pour it outside the window. (Management was notified at 3pm today)
Yes. but affecting no one since it is a closed alley between our building and back of Empress old motel at E. Hastings.

Was not too happy about some Chinese b**** trying to designate what I should do with her ex.
Sometimes too many stories and I think I need not get concerned only if this affects me.
I got pissed off when some China doctor thinks she is on top of the world and try to propose she uses my ID and chances by bribing the Li in England. I simply told her ID theft is 5 years and it is a big brother world. Even more I told her some from her University ''PhD level '' never actually can become a doctor here in the west.
There is a lot of protection issues.. and clan issues.
Besides they are kicking out the Li over there for they involve in the 'Guerrilla movement'.

I am born ruling class, I don't do mud wrestling with some plainer
for a man. My contract with Li has expired and I am seeking a lawyer to help me get the compensation part.

I am still stuck in Vancouver BC Canada, wait until my papa is in England, then I will go there to visit or stay for awhile.
I am a born natural. Grandpa Lun Wai-Ling moved to Hong Kong in the early 1900s but took grandma to London for childbirth.
We used to live at Boundary St then moved to HK island after the war.
Grandpa died young in 1930s and aunt Lun YeeHar died during the Sino Japanese war.

Grandpa left a foundation for the family descendants to follow.
We have to keep the growth of the holdings.
Lun Chun Wah bought Ma Wan land in New Territories.
And he should be in England.
When he bought the land, my papa let him use his portion as collateral
to do the mortgage.

Everything was tied up. They should never bought the land,
they should sell everything in the early 80s and return to England.
Mother and grandmother are kind of selfish, they don't like going to a place where they have little language ability and too lazy to learn.

I need a lawyer to go after the portion we loan to our uncle.
Also the amount held up by cousin Bosco Lam given to me by Fung Kwok King Victor. These escaped the stock crisis in 97.
Also used my advice to short CK001 in 2014 July.

So no grandiose slandering and hide me away with minimal pay.
Mother is Gemma Fung and her side of the family involves
Fung's group and

This is also why so many low class sluts plastic surgery into my face to lie and cheat for chances using a chip reader and slander the real ID holder..

Lun Yee Tak phD


New Post! August 08, 2020 @ 12:00:37 am
Almost cannot log back in as backdoor. Something wrong with the key board or what? I no longer hold the old email account which I used to sign-in.

Anyways I succeed. And here I am.

Talking about Mr. and Mrs. Smith kind of marriage.
Been through one so I set up the '' happy to be re-single club'' at Facebook.
I often wonder how many use marriage to feed on?
And how they '' harness'' their ''caught/prey''.
They even play tricks to drag down their prey to a level which no other would come to snatch it away..

When you have your GMAT exam next morning, he played the TV games aloud still 230AM. He threw a fit and created a big excuse to make you lose your appointments etc...

And their prey often has to come up with a good reason to refuse their proposal each time.... each proposal comes with an aim to get something or to tighten the control.

And these still go around to your kin to buy them onto their side...
Seems like you are alone and has to be obedient. Yet you are paying all the bills in the household.

You cannot even buy sweets because he doesn't like sweets.
The budget is for both of us... not either one.
The car is left at home and he drives you to work and picks you up.
He needs the car for emergencies and he is at home.
Right it is difficult to find parking space.

Big theory. But who is paying the down payment of the house and everything on the car?

Testers for obedience:

The toilet seat has to be folded up [so that he can use it and he never puts it down for you to use it.]
The tooth paste cannot be squeezed from the top...

This question they never asked you before marriage...
They only ask you when they can split your 'half'
'If the dog and I are drowning who are you rescuing?'
'Oh honey, you don't have to pay service fees in paying bills,
for you work in a bank, so please pay ALL these for the ' household''.

[You should not be responsible for long distances calls to his old frame in the East,...] When he did not take out the phone bill that month, he meant to let balance accumulate without the detail listing provided on the next statement which he will give you to service...

When it is time to refuel the car, he always let you drive.
When it is his car that both are using... he asks you to tip in gas
if the location is far.

[So you look at the odometer every time you come home and see where he has gone to after he dropped you off work... and remind him. Oh honey, the car insurance is only covering to 30 kms per day, any clicks over would lead to a higher rate don't forget that!]

And often, those ''the other man or woman '' always leave a trace for you to notice. [scent on the suit's collar, hair in the car, calling at night odd hours, etc] These always sided with your better half to play power games. - If you are not obedient, I always got someone waiting for me outside this door.

[OK, pack your bags and get outside of this door find another - never play a weak person's role, they use this to feed on, your parents did not raise a child intended to be used and treated like this.. Even if you know you cannot win when getting physical, still fight and let them know you are not one weak prey to be bullied. And be-sure to transfer out all your money all of a sudden to the family or best pal. Because they need money more than someone who is well taken care by you.

It is also these type of spouse always got someone outside the house to keep his/her savings. So that they can threaten to quit and split your half any time if you are not obedient. Watch your bank account to check every withdraw transactions - they always chip read to know your everything including how your people sign and which bank you and your kin are using. They always got alias to chip read you and your family.

Best get a prenuptial no matter how much in love you are with someone!
Ask him or her to keep some deposit like afew thousands so that the terms are '' set''.



New Post! August 08, 2020 @ 12:06:04 am
More on the former posting...


OR HAVE ONE PLATE SHARED BY BOTH. YOU AND THE OTHER SPOONFEED EACH OTHER....'Oh honey, you should try this...and put that spoonful of food into his/her mouth!'




New Post! August 08, 2020 @ 02:49:19 am

Sea Otters say, "eat Sashimi... or Sushi... or both."



New Post! August 08, 2020 @ 11:05:58 pm
Something about the kids from a feed on spouse/ Smiths' marriage....

The first thing to secure a prey is to get pregnant.
I got a pal who thought her spouse is an American
so let him [punch in holes in the condom] impregnate her.
But this one is a red domain/Russie subject,
bought an American passport to use.
Upon expiry of the passport, these have to leave America.
Came to HK to stay...( whatever reason )
My pal was chip reading customs and see what she wants to see.
She is looking for a chance to migrate abroad.

He tagged her during sex and use threats..
He wants to use the kid to get back into the US.
Then people would think his passport/ residence is genuine.
The kid if he's an American born need to be in the States by age 14.
But this one needs an I20 to start school in the US.
Which means he's not local, but foreign student,
and the school fees he still want my pal to pay for.
And then the '' family '' can move to the states,
for the child as a minor is studying there.

I wonder if this can give them residence after they reside there
with the kids for a few years.
But there are rules which some foreign student must comply.
They must be home during school is closed for the summer.
So stay is never consecutive.
But how much to spend for a family not working in the US
they use Big brother chip monitoring, once you offend their rules,
you are out.

After afew years of stormy relationship, like mine,
they laugh as '' Smith and kung fu panda kind''
They split up.

The custody belongs to the mother for both don't have work
and the kid is small and the mother got residence where they reside not the papa. Obviously she got more education.

But into the kids ears, the estranged father told him to add glue and pollutants into her bowl of rice, After afew times of warning, he is still doing it.

So my pal took the child to an orphanage.
To end the manipulation and the danger.
And reported police of domestic violence and unlawful tagging
espionage and scrutiny... and he is oozed out of HK before the
got residence by staying for 7 years.

There is another richer family story too.
The '' Mr. god-house and his ex.''
Also got a son. And he has to sent him to boarding school and with a letter to disown the son so that the school people know his standing.
He is responsible up until his son reaches maturity.

His ex chip read the child and told him to pollute the house everywhere
to make it infested. He has to keep the son at his butler's suite.
Before he sent this son away...

By doing so, this can drag the household to
the poor world and be targeted to trespass by those '' stinky''.
And these will keep the reduction until the whole household 's people are dragged down and their ID cards being used for inventory to be sold.

Sometimes you have to 'keep your standing firm'.
These use kids and your compassion to feed on.
And still play with your conscience.
Be kind only to those who deserves it,
and those who earns it.
And never those who are sent out by their country to feed on other
nations' subjects.




New Post! August 10, 2020 @ 12:04:30 am
My ex cohabited with someone he met at the office
bore a son in 2000 and lived at New Territories.

The woman kept on adding glue and bleach to his rice.
My ex pretend not to know or being ignorant?
He got someone came home to dinner with him,
exchanged the bowl of rice and put that into a plastic bag for testing.

One day he collapsed at the dinner table.
Pressing for 999 button. That woman pretended not to notice
and went into get a bath.
Son was in the premise also did nothing. (+10yrs old)

Police pried open the door and took him to hospital.
She was not the first time, her ex died the same way
leaving her a flat and a good sum of money before she met him..
This was somehow chip recorded and my ex attorney got ample evidence
that she intended to do the same.

The court verdict convicted this woman of manslaughter, jail time of around 7years. And He got out free no alimony nor child support for her.
Even split her half.

When your ex did severe harm to you or your health,
you don't have to pay a cent alimony.

This incidence was quoted in Next Magazine.

Windy please leave a copy of the magazine for me pls and thanks.
I'm Priscilla. MSS alumni. Do you have anyone in Vancouver BC Canada that can give this to me? I am short and plump those who got my face by George Li are with slim and slender limbs. They are communist agents using my profile to hunt for matrimonial money.



New Post! August 10, 2020 @ 11:57:06 pm
Got some issues with where I am renting at present.
if I move out of the area, then my routine would have to change.
I have waited here in Chinatown plaza for 3 long years,
so far no lawyers show up.

If the Li surrogates murdered all the lawyers here and replace with copy faced ones, then it might be good for me to try elsewhere.
It is MY case that you are doing and not my mother's.
You don't have to listen to her ideas when to up keep justice for people and earn your fair share.

I am here in situation that I am forced to eat polluted foods,
engulfing a lot of downside rental situations and arrogant landlords that pull down renters via slanders and sell ID cards to human traffickers for many years...
I just gained my peace being back on the good world again and don't want to be pulled down again.
If anyone doesn't has an ID card, legally apply for one else you don't the means to become one.
Stop using mine to borrow, to apply for credit cards, to work and to marry up or to steal my entitlements with your pimp.

I might have a Chinese face but my roots are British.
My grandpa is born in England. So is my father.
I don't care about DNA.
China only use my ID for their chicks to steal my chances here,
walk outside my room and leave shxt drops there for me to clean and make me buy insecticide [make me spend]
While waving at me to say hello with a smiley face.

Don't use the synthesizer to create my voice to lie and cheat away those UK affiliates that used to watch me grow up.
My arms and legs are not slender, I never run 2 miles to pass any agent training from any communist domain.
George Li plastic surgery them into my face to steal identity.

I never got one cent in such compromise, never agree to such either.
These Chinese have dirt and glue on their fingers, shxt powder in the pockets no matter how nicely they are dressed. I am sick and tired of their kind faces but wicked hearts.

They put roaches droppings in my room to attract cockroaches..
to make me clean everyday as if I am the cleaner there. I am the one paying the rent, not those trespassers between 2-7pm everyday.
Nor the ones trembling their feet to reveal themselves with my ID GPS below either. My room is right on top of the Society living room. [ the one with the sofas and a stage] with a card board at the door. That is not a common room! Stop letting in Muslim to tape everywhere for my DNA to make money in Saudi and let them put dye powder on floor and wall for me to breathe in to create anaemia and to clean. should go around and check where all these grey dye powders for school uniform and men's suit have gone if Mr. Lam's people use that to harass me in attempt to make me move back to HK to beg them for better conditions to stay so that they and Mr. Li can continue use my ID card to make money. They got subsidy from LI every year for 1bil HKD for closing a blind eye to using the Lun's family ID card to feed on.
Our agreement with the Li was made in 1969. And this has expired.
Li has not honored the compensation part to us yet.

So I am seeking contingency lawyers.
First come first serve.
Until I stop my routine and set up another elsewhere, I am at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Van. BC Canada. Lobby tables area 4-5pm everyday except 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month. One with Ferrai Cap and big nylon bag on a small cart.
Don't use me to ask Li for business, they wall you in black mail you for obedient there after if they resurrect you. click message board, and click read more. They have high tech but they still have to abide by the law as long as they live on earth. Sam Lau got his money back after Li got too many of his metal ore on credit - [30% of his accounts receivables] and try to use this to control him. My suggestion to him was to spin off and list the department. Which he did it is never his chick Verna's idea. She has been chip reading me and using a lot of my ideas yet treading on me. Use my SIN card and resume to enter med school got kick out. That's why they go to Philippines. When I know how these whores compromised my chances and still tread on me, I need not give face.

Tak -phD


New Post! August 11, 2020 @ 11:53:32 pm
Heard daddy is being resurrected in India.
Is that true? They clone the missing organs and fill the belly up.
Like auto parts replacement... technology has given a lot of people another chance to life.

I would not hesitate to welcome this ultimate idea to be alive again.
It is never against God's wishes..

In Corinthians 15. it says, ''Jesus is raised to life and others will also be raised to life." Here it doesn't say ascending into heaven.
Jesus appeared to others after resurrected and showed them his scars.

This proves God never is against resurrection.

Thank you war-jack for helping papa resurrect. Please make sure it is really Daddy's DNA that is inside his head. Else another soul can be sitting inside.

I am waiting for his '' woooo Errrrh '' every night cannot be more than 6 seconds or those chip reading us will know where he is and try to murder him again. George Li doesn't want to honor the compensation his papa made in the agreement in the 60s and tried to silence us by murdering my papa and still forge his signature to borrow and use his land as collateral at lending company which he partnership in E. India.
Someone stole his chip reader that doesn't show location. Please find this thief and take this back from him.

Li run a lot of DNA verification lab please other clans should also run this for they can lie and cheat for gain.

For whatever the US court upheld for compensation to us, they would not refund George no matter is the plaintiff is alive or not. There is no need for your sluts to murder him again. [ the guerilla movement in India is termed as invasion and all the people there are stainding up against it pour oil onto the car and burn these murderers alive- justice well served. ]

While Canada close a blind eye and let these hide in Richmond BC where Li developed. Even murder a lot of Chinese to take up these torsos to do witchcraft resurrection with their soul inside so that these escape arrest. [ turn into another person -those they gun down or walled in to starve]



New Post! August 13, 2020 @ 12:09:51 am
Typing typo of last posting : stainding should be standing.

Sometimes I don't bother to do the correction at all.
Readers should be able to grasp the right word.

Something I just read on spiders bites..

But the spiders in my premise feed on the detested cockroaches and always leave me alone. Both spiders or Spider-Man are acceptable hahaha.


Picked up 10 bucks outside the mall today, I thought it dropped off from my pockets. Think I would use that to buy a lotto ticket.
If I don't pick this up, think others would say I am retarded.

I am also the kind that squeezed the bills into my pockets instead of putting them nicely into my wallet when I am in a hurry.

The tour store in the mall folded [Happy Tour].
The pandemic make it fold. How many can last a year without business?
The government only pays for the rent. But what about the staff?
Make these on unemployment insurance until the store reopens.
Hopefully it can rent at the same location.
But obviously they have to rent at current market price.

4 stores in the mini mall [ Chinatown plaza Vancouver BC Canada ]
folded during the pandemic.
Others are still in business.

I need a mail box ... a safe one I am still waiting for kin's letters and the marriage cert from Service Ontario which they cashed my money order in December last year. I need that cert to file divorce.


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