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New Post! May 22, 2020 @ 12:21:04 am

This institute sells blood serum and the like for research.
If you have an urgent need.
If you can afford it.

Try contactingthe institute better than doing murder.

919-547-0692 ph. 919-547-693 fax.
Zen Bio Inc.
100-3200 Est Hwy54 Research Triangle Park NC27709

Becareful, there are tons of mainland china people and Russian people working there. Ask someone to connect for you.



New Post! May 22, 2020 @ 12:36:56 am
God is kind, God is gentle.
For one mammal species in the Arctic that were hunted whenever it came out of water to take a breath of air..

God grew out a sharp spike at its snout..
so the predators are pierced if they wait there to hunt them as it came out of water for air.



New Post! May 22, 2020 @ 09:47:09 pm
My red checkers shirt was slashed on the right side when I was standing at the traffic lights... not paying attention as to who stand close by.
I put this on my resume for people to come find me, now I have to put another attire on the resume or erase this.

My microwave was broken with a loud '' bang'' someone put something inside and when I was just heating up water, the bang bursted open the door and the start button doesn't work again.

My fan was broken into half but still working.

My DVD player would not split out the disk and the eject button went berserk.

Some nice man tried to give me a new DVD again there is trouble with the disk and the eject button.
I don't think I like pink that much, and I don't think I like the brand AV meaning ''going back''. If I don't want that broken, I have to tug it out with me, so the bag is heavier. Now I just don't think about buying dvds at all until my old player is fixed.

I have been in Canada since 80s. And in Vancouver since 2006.
Whenever there are new stinkies into the neighborhood, my stuffs are mutilated again.

I under stand these people rely on 2nd hand stuffs but they got to know people are not as affluent nowadays to replace as frequent as they like us to be.

A lot of these got money in their bank, they like the bad poor world and love to dress shabby and keep their hands dirty.
And don't use bandage when there are wounds...

I am with good up bringing. I like to live decent.
I am ruling class by family roots. Even though they never told me the hierarchy until recently some people teach me to classify myself correctly.

Seeking contingency lawyers first come first serve tons of money to go after if your country can give me justice, please come find me with a means for me to get pass customs. Like a lawyer office letter stating where I will stay and feed. [this is the bet that you get my business you can come to see what I am going after first]

My case, contingency fees are more than just lawyers fees...

Also seeking for a affordable electronic repairman. DVD, microwaves and fan... throwing out create more garbage.

I can dress new from top to bottom but in this neighborhood, who bothers to?!

There are things which you heard should be said 15 years ago not only 3 days...don't listen to Li's people lie and cheat to seclude me in their circle to sell my Identity/ ID chip GPS.
I am going after them for money they stole, cheated, and failed to honor promise to me.



New Post! May 22, 2020 @ 11:56:55 pm
Sometimes I look much older,
sometimes I look much younger.

This is all because of the blood pressure,
the acupuncture remote acting device.
I need a rf blocker.

When I massage the eye close to the nose bridge,
the eyes will look younger all of a sudden.
For there are more fluids supplying to the eye area.

I have not heard from my parents lately,
they usually chip read me.
But since the synthesizer can produce human voices,
I am not sure if these are really them or using me to impersonate them.



New Post! May 23, 2020 @ 11:14:56 pm
Last night I got a dream...mother Gemma was taking me to walk a lot of underground labyrinth. Told me she is in Causeway bay, and father is in Cheung Sa Wan?? I thought he is in India! Saw ex father in law Lau tin-wing in a Chinese style cemetery with a very nicely combed hair.

Came to a place which got a rack like an indent between 2 rooms,
she stood there until 2 lite greyishblue coffins went by, one is small one is big, she rushed to the closest upper corner of the big coffin
Then she is tired and I held her in my arms, and inverted her body head facing ground to do better circulation.

Then she took me to another place where I saw my ex school Pal
Patricia.. She wrote her France address to me in a circle, and told me they all dress naughty dirty and she dress elegant.
I forgot the address.

Then I saw my ex David, he was holding a blueish green polo shirt.
I went to the adjacent room to help packing and asked him if he still wanted the spices in the cupboard, there was a '' tainted humanform'' patch on the carpet and also on the ceiling..

Then I was awake. There was another dream but I cant recall at present.

The amount of dream which you can remember depends on when you are awake.

Mother was always in her pyjamas....the cotton type with 2 pockets at front! Short and slanting round shoulders, and almost as short as I am.
There are things she shortchanged me in the past, even though I am angry at her, I wish her well.



New Post! May 23, 2020 @ 11:15:56 pm
[b/]Search for missing daddy Jerome Lun Sing (mumbai or south india)[b/]

Heard daddy was seen in 2016 around white hut farmland near domoblivi in E. India.
Heard daddy was under a tent near old and new British Consulate building.
Heard daddy was picked up by a family in Marharastra
Heard daddy was with someone in South India.
Don't know which one is true.
He is very thin like the old Ghandi in white robe, 5ft6inches, was with George Li from Hong Kong.
He is bald and have long lines between the inverted u shape mouth, and one eye, one arm, one leg.
Got mutilated by George's people in 2016 December. George Li and his affiliates is warranted hence.
Wanted by his daughter in Canada lun.yeetak[at]facebook [hteeteep semicolon and doublefrontslashes]mugmug222a [dot]wix[dot]com [front slash]bettersongs2sing]
click message board, click read more button. Use public computer just open this web and not your emails at the same time, so that Li cannot trace you. They use farmers name to borrow, kill them and take their land and even cheat loan company business partners, cut off hands to redo the hand print to finish the loan documents after they do the murder. Li will do resurrection for they are selling our identity cards. If you have news of my papa and have people in Vancouver please find daughter in Vancouver BC Canada Chinatown plaza 4-5pm mall lobby one with big nylon bag on a small cart. 5 ft Chinese looking lady. Talk in person. Daughter is also being soft detent by the Li. No phone works. Email is erase before log in. So must come talk in person.


New Post! May 23, 2020 @ 11:28:01 pm
I heard some Chans are facing burn at stake in Mumbai for walling property owners between walls, forge farmers signature in loan documents to steal farm land.

Also heard these said '' a million dollars'' get them off the hook
and pretend a show to have them burnt.

Do you believe this? I trusted there is more '' justice culture'' in India. People put this before money.
People are more angry people if justice isn't serve.

Where is justice in Canada? I have been searching for contingency lawyers for how many years?

I am soft detent here. and these non profits are not helping.
There are very few limited cases which UBC Law student can do.
They got the idea that I have to pay upfront if I am going after for money.
Instead of splitting the money when I can collect it [ contingency] a lot don't even know what contingency lawyers are...

Justice is to make the promise to pay materialize and also punitive damage for the grievance suffer during pursuance of justice and the suffering when payment isn't done.
You work benefit someone you should get paid. Not if you have money for lawyers then you can get paid..

And with professional ethics that lawyers are not exploit the chances to make more money on clients' misfortune.
Every professional board there is a committee to see to the standard of professional ethics.



New Post! May 25, 2020 @ 12:36:20 am
I don't know if church hill people are chip reading or not.
For people can use a synthesizer and steal voices to use.

Someone called Silvester from that family said he is chip reading me.
My mother told him to kick me into his clan before giving me contingency lawyer service in UK.
But he is helping Emma who can be also stealing use of my ID card in Canada. Or helping her to steal my entitlements for she got the pendant that emits my heart ID chip frequency and blocks others?
The Royals gave that to her and ask her to hand it to me. They got a set rolling in Vancouver.

How can mother tell Silvester to do this? She motivates him using Greed.... if I am made to leave his clan later I have to surrender 30%of what I have to him.

I am not those '' love is bigger than life'' person.
I would rather keep a dog, it never betrays me, never play tricks to fondle my emotions.
I am getting rid of my ex that does a lot of games to benefit himself.
He is the cause of my father's hard life in INdia for 30years.
I don't think I can find an excuse to forgive and forget on this.

I have been a free radical all my life. Don't force me to join any clans. If I have the money I set up business, I will never be alone.
That song '' All by myself'' never stirs up anything in me.
Anyone that ever try to be '' the only one '' in my life by murdering or separating me and my folks will be kicked out first in my life.



New Post! May 25, 2020 @ 11:32:52 pm
I have a big runny tummy last night.
So after coming home around 630pm, cleaning the walls and floors, munching alongside I clean the place.

I have to leave the room around 7pm to the common toilet
and back at around 8pm .

Just in case someone use my premise to steal my identity for they got my face by plastic surgery and the like. And deliberately give me diahorrea by using the ' acupuncture doll - remote acting by radio frequency targeting on my rfid chip frequency'

My tummy was '' bloated '' to a size which it came up to my chest.
A lot of air in the intestine create the urge to nature's call.
And the acupuncture doll can make this happen by depleting blood flow to the guts and so the trapped Co2 bloated the system.

That device was supposed to made by God handed to some workers on earth to help people and not to manipulate people.

Those bulging eye Chans that do guerrilla movement to wall people in to do murder stole 7 boxes of such from George Li in India years ago.

In Philippines Clare got one and sent to some factories to duplicate.
In other words these Chans could have make more of these in their possession. Get God to send little wings to destroy them all.

A gun in good man's hand protect, in villains' hand it kills.
These devices should not be in such murderers hands.

The Li pretends to be good cheated some Gods to give them these devices that are not invented by humans.

This is time which God should realize their true face and give them and their accomplice the right type of punishment.

Give them back the same type of cruelty as they have given others to steal wealth and health. Pranking in the purgatory can never change these to good people.

When human's justice falls short, God should step in.
When a party got alien technology and witchcraft presence,
God should step in. Worse than the species with a fish head.
Or the giant genome that God destroyed with a flood.

Use your line, Li got their hands on a lot of satellite and those lines that a lot of good affluent has cannot work because of this.

And Li use witchcraft to steal use of their bodies to steal their lines.
This bulging eyes Chan got a lot of their ancestors eyeball implanted into the stolen bodies...see how many got big small eyes. The Cambodian and Russian working with Li got smaller eyes.

When another person's DNA is inside a body, that soul can trespass that body if the original soul cannot re-enter. They use the Mau Shan a dot above the circular comb with sharp spikes symbol and the name of the person whose body got stolen to prevent the victim's soul from re-entering the body.

And they ask,' who else got the lines..??? ' - Mine is a transceiver chip.

Check the DNA of the eye in question or the organs in question and do the same symbol with that person's name beneath, put on paper burn to ashes put in water and drink it or use a syringe to inject into the muscles. Put an opaque drinking straw into earholes. Wait to see if there is a wind whirling around the body happening. Be-sure the original soul is not in captivity. Say [Borubolaw borubolay name of the soul/person] to re-enter into the body. If there is a very very small silver dot on the waist area after you said the above charm, that is the original soul of the body which originally was ''in captivity''.
Put the drinking straw into the ears, inject the solution into the muscles to drive out the trespassed soul, it can fly back in. Or removing everything not with the original body's DNA.

Hope every soul is happy inside the body or after passed on.
No more trapping in the coffin or in containers with their body's DNA for torture and black mailing the survivors.
[borubolaw and borubolay = spin out and fly away]

We have a programming language for the soul as well as for the computer!



New Post! May 27, 2020 @ 12:39:33 am
Tried to use the contact form at @nexuschambers. com">info @nexuschambers. com but it said unable to upload the whatever as I hit '' send''.
email is with @mail. com">owl3 @mail. com can anyone do that for me pls?
Message is at follows.

Seeking contingency lawyers HUGE claim. [ over a billion USD] Come find me at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. mall lobby 4-5pm I am with black ferrai cap and big nylon bag on a small cart.
3x3 ft white with checkers. The issues is at click message board, click read more. Grand pa is John Lun Wai Ling who got a foundation, father is Jerome Lun Chun Yin, original war jack member, and mother is Gemma Fung first clairvoyance, owner family of Jubilee Metal Corp and NO grandiose. Li got satellite service with a lot of phone companies in Canada and got a lot of people chip reading me to play soft detent. They know my passwords erase my email before log in, and scare off those who try to help. Great grand mother on father's side is Carmella Parker Bowes grand aunt. Going after promised money, commission and compensation. Regards, Tak/P. Lun


New Post! May 27, 2020 @ 11:10:39 pm
AA was filing bankruptcy protection, thanks to the pandemic...

The problem heard was too many staff and unionized.
Not enough customers of course for the pandemic.

AA is established. Since they said something about staffing,
I told them some suggestions. Bet someone chip reading me could be stealing my ideas and credit.
Hope they are paying me for the idea that I told them.

Dissolve the union. [ Sorry your employer cannot afford this any longer]
Layoff all the staff. [Sorry again]

Use someone attached to AA to become an agent company of staffing.
Rehire the selected. Only those who can come up with money to be hired.
Or willing to get a loan to be hired.

Pay the employer one year upfront in salary and get hired for 2-3years.
Pay off the loan or break even with what you paid upfront to the agent.
Get a written contract.

In this way AA would have some cash on hand, and similar experienced staff.

Better than going down with everyone sinking with the company.

Pay me my consulting fees and not to those using chip reading to steal from me. This was said around 1140am my BC time while I was still rolling in bed.
Yes I am a night owl.... so I get up late.
I am self employed.. mind your own business!

And get a better fuel future contract for the company.



New Post! May 28, 2020 @ 11:39:51 pm
Got to go to the bank these few days, end of month,
taking care of rent and monthly expenses etc.
Always there is a long line up extending to the corner of the block.
Hate this. There is plastic board in front of the teller anyways,
with strong ventilation, open the doors, more can be let in.

We are making too big a fuss about a lab created flu that has casualty rate below stroke, and cancer...
Macau got only one casualty...
How come Africa got so many? Are the officials bribed to create the number?
Virus die on heat. African should not have so many casualties..
rather those should be died of famine.
No food on the table, one dies in 3days to a week.
Much worse curse than the corona virus.

I am still stuck in Chinatown Vancouver BC Canada.
When can I find a contingency lawyers that can come
or an employers that can come to give me an interview?
Are these scared away by those chip reading me?
If so, please let me know, and let the police know.

Oh, I heard by the chip, the 18 Maharastra, [boundary between Domoblivi and Maharastra east India.] Little daddy with my daddy's voice is walled in again. Please send help.
Please scan all the corners, and outside walls, annex and corners.
Please see how many look alike are in the area even in the rest of India.
For Georgie might have even plastic surgery those who buy my papa's ID cards along side with his organs to get his DNA, into my papa's face.

Some chip talk by the same group of murderers who wall people between walls to starve to death, creating something people like to hear.
Justice and punishment for themselves in India, burning to hell.
Do you believe some of the most obnoxious are really burnt in India?

Was lining up at the food store in Keefer street and a mainland china man in blue polo shirt and jeans openly swings his arm and fingers at me...
I just took a bath at home. What is on his right fingers?
Glue and what powder? He is small built around 5ft 4inches glasses and masked. I told him I am monitored by police here.
If I have to leave here, because of constant mutilation, I would tear up the ID cards and told the government to cancel my citizenship.
So no one can use my ID cards any longer.

That princess in brown used my ID cards to borrow 2 million CDN to shoeshine her prince. That is why I leaked out she and her half a dozen sisters worth less than 500 a piece in Las Vegas.
She even told others that '' she borrowed a prince''.... and tried to push me to bankruptcy to finish me off.
She and her sisters are agents in East Africa, their criminal past denied them of residence in the good west world.
Got shoot out of America because of prostitution as a tourist.
Wonder if she is using my ID card to hoot on Yonge Street just like what Clare did to ruin my name!
Clare never gives me 300k to fulfil her '' residence'' requirement by the court to refund what she took from my bank with interest.

I never borrowed a cent since 2004.
That was a second mortgage of my place.
And not a credit card since 2006-7. I use gift visa cards after there has been constant discrepancies on the statements that the visa centre try to make me '' engulf'' the sum.
I never visit a store '' twice'' I always have time to visit it the next day.

I wish those match makers not to use my profile and bank credit to let these criminals of communist domain to marry up to affluent ruling class any longer. This is a kind of treason.



New Post! May 29, 2020 @ 10:27:05 pm
I am in the mall early today.
The herbalist is moving out she is the one knowing how to cure cancer.
I wonder why.
You don't move your clinic often so that your patients cannot find you any longer.
Her shop is well renovated with 2 consultation rooms.
For 3000 a month, she can sub-rent it to another.
I wonder why city Vancouver pisses her so much that she needs to move back to Richmond.
Li got a lot of '' stinky'' people working there too.
Those who make renters move around for moving money.
Li developed Richmond.
Well I don't have a pal to chat and help in close distance after she moves..
She said the City raises her rent 500 bucks a month.
It is just 17 bucks a day extra..

This Chinatown plaza used to be Li's property until they cannot afford the property tax. Now is City of Vancouver's property.


Two man came forward to chat with me, then they kind of explicit
big talks not appropriate to their status again.
Don't use stereo-typing to frame anyone nuts.
Until we verify, we cannot refute saying anyone is delusional.

But one I simply told him, 'you are on disability already having one less foot, and there is no need to create another symptom in mental disability for they wont give you one more cent.
Then he is silent.

These are the match makes this city try to come up for me?
How lean and mean! Thank you, I would rather keep a pet that never
try to impose anything that affects my name.

Those a*****es at 221 E.Georgia St are still reading my chip.
Can anyone do something about this?
How many of them or their related in that building are using my SIN card?

George Li, I am not your clan, you and your affiliates - Claws off!
Heard that bulging eye Chan that do guerrilla movement for George around the globe are still talking this morning... They are still reading my chip from 11240 Daniels Road Richmond BC Canada.
They trespass and occupy various flats using crystalline key moulder.
Even trespass my safety deposit box in BNS in 2013!

Someone did a clay mould of my safety deposit box key in my bag whilst I was cooking in the kitchen!
That guy got a last name Guo. Told me his name is David at 4040 Sorensen Cresc. He was in his room opposite to mine while I was cooking in the kitchen all the time. Otherwise I am with my bag all the time.

What has Canada become - a country full of thieves and nuts..
And people are so desperate that they sell their future prospect and sanity for 300 bucks more [ unemployment insurance versus disability payout by the government ]

I have not filed for my provincial sales tax credit yet.
I don't have tax owing to the government I can file late.

Hope the bank does not sell branches management to clans,
else they would use our credits and borrowing power and particulars for money. I never borrowed since 2004 and how come my credit score keeps on declining??
If you cannot collect for 7 years, all debts are forgiven,
there is also bankruptcy protection in my case. Sorry cannot finish me off if I can save with a budget of 10 bucks a day.

These red origin/ mainland China and Russie people are so surprised that they pauperized me for over 10 years, I still have new stuffs on me.
They try to label me nuts, or being a beggar so that my ID card can be some human trafficker's inventory.
They don't sell elite's ID so they drag down elites into proverty in order to sell their ID cards.
When is your ID card's turn to be included into their inventory??
They keep on alleging real ID holder lie and cheat when they see these still afloat and well.

I just tug out a cart of stuffs that I cannot keep home.
I have been in the '' good'' side of world here.

How many people saw me buying earrings this month,
and still able to have some left in the account this month?
They read me day in day out, they know how I save.

And it seems like I have to be '' allowed'' to have savings,
new stuffs and my stuffs are constantly turned over to see if I still have valuables, if I don't then I pass, if I have, then they
claim me lie and cheat again to scrutinize me using their '' lip talk''.
So who are these people here to rule and scrutinize us?
These should be driven out of Canada, before that, they should be made to spend money in our hospitals.

I don't give money to African beggars here. That brown princess from their origin stole 2 million out of my bank credits,
ask her to donate to these villagers that she has.
These should not be here.

Vancouver is a very expensive city.
Unless she gives you refugee status, else don't beg here.
If Georgie Li brought you here, ask him to give you a living.



New Post! May 30, 2020 @ 10:09:53 pm
Searching for Daddy Jerome Lun [Singh] in Mumbai or South India or anywhere in India..

Heard him 2 seconds the day before, he was walled in.


Heard the Chi people want the farmland along this road...
so not all there will be '' walled in''. [/B]

Please read any new wall in each farmstead.
Anyone trapped between new walls and old walls?
Or inside a newly sealed compartment???

Please do '' fire '' at these trespassers with a gun AT FIRST INSTANT.
British trespass law your are acquitted.
No good gesture to try to enter another persons' home with a gun.
NO TALKS for these are organised agents from red origin, they distract you and have someone wrap around to go behind you.
NO surrender of guns even if police ask you. For Li got lot uniforms for their movie projects.



Please help to reunite us.
Please have him go to the Canadian or UK Consulate to ask to bring him back to me, I am stuck in Vancouver. But daddy's situation in India is worse than I am.

If there has been any families housing him, please arrange to have us in touch.
Any recent photo? Please post on my wall at FAcebook.

@facebook. com">Lun.yeetak @facebook. com

Or use message to members form at
Ref#10601028. to system admin.

The Chan mass murderers are still at large in Richmond BC Canada.
11240 Daniels Rd building occupying various flats.
Li develop the area and obviously also building of this building.
Heard they buy their way out of India Jail using 1bil Rupee.



New Post! May 30, 2020 @ 11:55:06 pm
It is another day of the year.
Every day I do the same routine I am still stuck in Vancouver BC Canada
Waiting for those who would like to see me, lost kin and pals and contingency lawyers, no one show up yet..

Heard Mr.Stanley Ho died.
Rich people need not die in this generation, they can afford resurrection by bio labs. Just closing of eyes with heart stop is very chip and easy to revive. Just use the white artificial heart.
He is the one using my housing idea to build in the lower mainland
where he got land there. Doing charity and earning money.

Mom gambled with Ho many years ago when I was a kid.
In 71, we went to Macau his casino for a night.
I was still wearing my slippers feared these might fall into the sea when we changed from Wala-wala to the big ship that headed to Macau at night. Mom and dad was out of the room while we children and cousins of almost more than 12 people played inside our room that night.
Then we went to tour around Macau the next day.
And rode the '' flying wings'' ship hydro-craft home.
We had bought the best biscuits ' egg biscuits' and Fung Shing dumplings home. We also bought the best ''hairy peach'' that I ever had in my life at the Wanchai ferry pier.

Now I know why we went to Macau.
Mother was at the gambling cards table with Mr. Ho.
And she was drafting who got what card on the table.
Mother is special talent.
Mr. Fung Kwok-king contacted mom saying Ho got invited by a group of foreign huge gamblers wanting to take over the territory and name.
That night I don't know how much my mother got.
But she entrusted that with Ho. So he gives more interest and growth than putting it into a bank.
She and Ho became great friends.

My parents never told us the true reason for going to Macau.
Until much later, someone told this to me.
And I think the Ho family has been chip reading us ever since...


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