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New Post! April 01, 2020 @ 10:38:07 pm
There was something in the web that pertaining to hospital management...

a nurse with asthma attack.
a grand pa with cancer.
a beggar with suspected coronia 19 flu...

who should get the respirator if only one is left..

I think is '' first come first serve''.

Everyone is equal as a human being and having equal rights in being treated.

But in fact, the nurse with ashma can be treated by oxygen mask and Ventolin inhaler or injection.

The Grandpa case is which type of cancer is never stated is he terminal?? and must need the ventilator?

The corona 19 beggar' condition is not stated either.. maybe he is still up and about.

You cannot discontinue one's ventilator abruptly and give it to another without the user's consent.



New Post! April 02, 2020 @ 12:10:41 am
Besure no one use the deceased body from the corona virus to come back alive...

Or use the decease identity and face to live elsewhere.

Last time when China got an earthquake in some province.

Heard a lot of missing people's identity from there are sold abroad.

So many villains need to live a fresh start without being traced.

So they need a new face ( copy faces by plastic surgery inserting a cloth beneath the skin, by using the skin's tension with lots of sutures etc)

So they need a new body..(mau shan way of resurrection with a different soul inside )

Some bio lab can get a head connected to another person's body ...
so are hands and feet to steal property.



New Post! April 02, 2020 @ 10:28:26 pm
This pandemic causes a lot ways people live and work.

Employers start to think if their staff can work at home and save a lot of office rent.

Store keepers sell like Amazon way that they can open a little window at the stores and pick up what customers requested at the door instead of letting customers come in to pick up and pay at the cashier.

We start to live with messy hair and wrinkled clothing as all the personal services shops are closed.

Only the clinics and pharmacy and food stores are opened.
Only take out foods no sit in to enjoy your dish..

People are keeping distance... wonder if they stop sex for over a month at home and ask their kids to stay inside their rooms, no homework tutoring for this period..hahaha..
We start to think about '' correspondence '' schooling and challenge exams and online tutoring services.

No more labelling '' overactive disorder'' for kids.
Some people not your clan try to obsolete your talented child before they reach adulthood and put them on disability list to grow head count for some psychiatric field comrades to claim more government funding. They are putting your child to homelessness in the long future.

According to acupuncture. when the nose tube and wings and chest area are cold then there will be running nose as a response to bring back the sensation
so if they can deplete blood flow to these area using acupuncture and a cold line using coolant and the chip reader emission, you will sneeze and exhibit cold symptoms.

A lot of physical symptoms can be created by the acupuncture doll - remote acting targeting by chip frequency. These devices are existent and Seatle border confiscated 30 of them years ago. Ask for a sample and consult with an acupuncturist.
IF they deplete blood to your lungs they will be cold and cannot fight against bacteria and virus attack...
Depletion of blood flow to the lungs will make the lungs cell die.
Keep your chest warm get a warm packet and glue on there....
Make your own mask wash it with disinfectant every night.




New Post! April 03, 2020 @ 11:01:53 pm
Third of the month, been downstairs to the society and see if the accountant is back to collect rent.

I don't think so.

Some of the renters are sneezing in the building,
and one even left a sputum bowl in the common toilet.
I wonder if these are '' bugs'' here to create infestations.

The free wifi network only works downstairs for the tourists I think,
and so I have to go to Chinatown plaza for internet everyday.
Rain or shine, to email to solicit for no recovery no fee lawyers.

Someone sneaked into my premise and ruined my electronics.
DVD player, microwave, and fan and even my iron got messed up.

Suspects in doing such are those ex neighbors from 221 E. Georgia,
and Muslims at Matapan crescent.
They have people using my ID card and want me to go back to rent with them again.

They play tricks to make me move, if I could not find another place then I would need to '' beg them for acceptance''.

Luckily, I find another place so they are playing games to make me move back by chip reading to play harassment and tracing.

These are all linked with surrogates for George Li Tzar-chi who plastic surgery chicks into my face for 60k to steal my identity and gain Canadian residence this way....also my entitlements as I am going for huge claim and seeking no recovery no claim lawyers.

Ever day I need to clean the walls and floor after I moved out.
When I sweep the floor the type of debris on the floor is same to that I found at 221 E. Georgia over 3 years ago.
Then this 6ft 5in Russian is still chip reading me and defaming and composing his stories faking relationship with me to lie and cheat to my uncles who are in affluent world for employment.

He again, got the face from George Li.
He got another name when in Winnipeg years ago, Rubinoff.
He and his brother are still warrant by Florida fBI
for 2 counts of bank robbery from 96-98. There is a reward on his arrest.
I cannot call for they chip read me to break the phoneline.
Anyone convenience, call FBI there and tell them they are here.
The brother is still looking like a sissy nerd, and
the elder one got a new face to look like a big nostril British.

I am never into these people, Never got scabies as they shouted out with the chip reader, when I felt itchy on the skin. This type of scrutiny and harassment should not be happening in Vancouver. And they want me not to hear this by using rf blockers around me.

US does not have reduce sentence it is 7.5 years per robbery.
Best retirement plan for these 2 and they cannot chip read to do harassment, blackmail, and ruining another person's future any longer.
His daughter from Russia is using my Identity card as I was told.
And his ex wife dumped him for not bringing home finance and too many games..

'' OOOOoch I am hurt how can you wrong me? (plus puppy sorrowful eyes)'' even when caught red handed ... this type of feed on spouse person.
Pulling down spouse name so no one will snatch his rice-ticket kind of tactics are never appreciated by any educated women that are working to make money or are from a loaded good family.

There is no destiny when one always run into another, they chip read where you are to go there to pretend this...



New Post! April 05, 2020 @ 12:01:44 am
Fourth of month, still no one at the society to collect rent.
The place is closed, cleaner said accountant did not come.

Better not use this to taint our punctual rent paying record.

Start going to HK lawyer database to find lawyers.
Still at Chinatown plaza to go online.
Still need to go out to buy food for my microwave is still stuck in the clock mode and can only reset the clock.

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@kirlkand. com">Nicholas.norris @kirlkand. com was sent another email but the server said email cannot be sent. Shall try later.

Those in Hong Kong please notify these lawyers.



New Post! April 05, 2020 @ 10:49:06 pm
Seeking contingency lawyers via the Hong Kong lawyer database..

See who spam me or having business filtered off by Li run networks??

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@robertsonshk. com,">warrenko @robertsonshk. com, vincentkwan @lcplawyers.
Subject: Fw: Seeking contingency / (no recovery no fees) lawyers since 2015
and employment.. Message board-
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New Post! April 06, 2020 @ 11:57:20 pm
Landlord / property people came to collect rent.
The cleaners chatting as if I always pay my rent late.

Simply told them the door is closed and no people to collect rent for the past few days, how can I pay rent?

Rent is paid when there is receipt produced.
Anytime I have rent to pay.

Landlord looks abit different, before he got bulging eyes...
now the eyes are smaller.

Told him someone trespassed and broke afew of my electronics and
asked if there is a repair man around.

Someone is playing games to make me move or alienate landlords and renters.

I told them I have been in Canada since senior high-school
Am those old wah kius..

There is a group of beggars chip read to do espionage to trespass and break/pollute stuffs that you need and always those you plan to use.
Trying to break your heart and break your bank account.

I simply told them why would I spend a few thousand dollars to go back to be on the street later? Those old movie stars got '' boss '' to support them, I don't.

Don't replay me with a copy face either.. I don't get hired for I am soft detent here in Canada. I am going after telecom tycoons and his father and my other cousins for money.

Happy to hear that my cousin Lam who held up money given to me used tricks to migrate to USA.... he was over 18 before his sister applied him and those who stood on communist side in the free world US will be kicked out there. ''BRAVO''
Besure they froze his bank account first while he is still in US.

I need a lawyer for someone lives in the same building is there to steal my mail. Else it is easy to collect the money for Lam gave Fung Kwok King a guarantee to give the money back to me, and he is jailed for not doing so for the past 20 years.... uncle Fung sent him to jail.

I applied for a marriage cert from Service Ontario and I have not received it yet... more than a month!

I need that marriage cert to file divorce.
What a clumsy and irritating condition, they just have to change the database and I can give them 15 bucks more for doing it without the need of buying the cert for 15 bucks!

Ex never disclose to me where he lives and hold up the procedure since 1997 and I am not in a hurry to remarry. Lived apart since 97.
Lost touch since 2000.
Last tip in household finance was 95.



New Post! April 07, 2020 @ 12:24:49 am
pls check if anyone knows my papa Jerome Lun-Singh at 18 Maharastra, Maharastra. Mumbai.

I sent a post card there after hearing the address via the chip.

Should I still be sending letters there? If anyone knows my papa in India, please relate the message and see if these are friendly people over there. Or if my papa is really there. Thank you.



New Post! April 07, 2020 @ 12:37:04 am
This round of pandemic actually kills a lot of store owners...

Their staff a lot are illegal, they are tourists working at a lower wage rate than the locals. A lot of these are from the communist world.
These don't care. A lot of these are feeding on stolen credits stolen from the credit cards of the customers..

How many can afford not having business for over a month,
paying all the needed property tax and maintenance fees?

Is the government waiving the property tax for this month they make people keeping distance and staying home?

Who wants new renters if the existing ones cannot last?
New renters new higher rent??

Or the street looks like no man's land with all the stores belly up and no renters for a long long time?

Fishes may not swim in again....



New Post! April 08, 2020 @ 12:22:07 am
Still at Chinatown plaza routine 4-530pm waiting for any lawyers that may turn up.

Ask that Church not to continue reading me if he is not actually giving me the legal service. He actually scares off other smaller lawyers who may be interested. He says how much the case worth but cant even get me what I want. A letter from his office saying he provide me room and board and airfare if the court session is in England. He said the case can go up to 6 bil USD in claim, boosting my ID card prices but not actually doing anything to help.

He is helping his life long love '' Emma Watson''.
She got the pendant Queen Elizabeth entrusted to her to give me.
She is wearing it and claim to be me to get Saudi princes??
For this pendant emits my heart frequency and blocks off others as I was told. My mother is Gemma the first clairvoyance and the royal family also chip read us when I was a child.

How many of these are actually helping Li to sell my Global position?
For these got my ID card in their purse and need to be where I am
at least when their '' princes families/ in-laws '' are reading.

And some of these after they got affluent, still use my ID card to borrow. To further drag me down... is this their human trafficker instructing them to do this?

I never agree to Li or anyone to use or sell my ID card.
I never get one cent out of such compromise and I don't want a compromise.
See what Li did to my family?

They use some plastic surgery look alike to pretend paying us, keeping us in affluence... in fact they murder us and do witchcraft resurrection to steal everything from me and my family.
How many of these chicks are wearing my old clothes, jewellery, and shoes?? Even stuffing papers inside if their feet are too small?

And people just like what they see so they believe these are real.
And forgot about what happened to the real Lun's family.

I am not a subject to be used to create a party loop to make chat room money using the chip reader. Anyone wants to join in to chat with these celebrities need to pay those who guard the entrance else their line will be broken.

I am chip read by a group of these whores and a*****es that got my passwords when I type it and erase from my email before I log in so I don't get jobs calls.
I don't use phone for Li got too many people and shares with Telus our biggest phone provider, I never could call the one they disapproved.
Why paying them a cent?

There have been other people that are going after Li for money got soft detent. And some got a lawyer, who are these lawyers I would like to meet them and have them help me.

4-530pm Vancouver BC Canada Chinatown plaza mall lobby, 180 Keefer Street. Its on the slope next to Juke restaurant and this building got a square clock on top half is parking lot and half is a mall.
Where Happy Times Travel, Shoe repair, Happy Styling Barber shops are.

Huge claim. Come quick and don't listen to Fung5/ Gemma she is with the Li preventing me from going after them for money.
I also go after Lam ( h3) and Fung Kwok King Victor for money. They are my relatives on my Mama's side. It seems like if you are too nice, even relatives exploit you...and it started 50 years ago. Now all the contracts mature by default and its time to go after the payments


New Post! April 08, 2020 @ 10:45:32 pm
Some Communist Iran people who were my landlady are still chip reading me.

They pocket all the stipend the past regime Royal Iran Queen Farah sends me. I just rented there for a month.

These want me to go to England with them so they get my ID chip GPS.
But my terms is to refund me all the stipend they upheld.
Around 500k now with interest.

This family is totally shameless and deceitful they got convicted 8 times for tenancy harassment, stealing renter borrowing power and selling renters ID cards...

By a name change cert, they switched their last name to '' Abelli''
same family last name as the Consulate... relating to their communist Iran leader. This consulate doesn't bail them any longer they are just church brothers...

And they say if you make over a million their great Iranian leader welcome you to use their lastname.

Well if their leader also ask them to do human traffic here in the West free world...???

They got a synthesizer which Li gave them to change into different important peoples' voices to lie and cheat for connection and power..

They are never my friends how they ruin my new year.
And they made me lose my piano for I cannot move around with a piano that costs me hundreds of dollars each time I move.

When you have something big, they make you move around here.
Seems like a lot of affordable price rentals are with this type of bad landlords and landladies.. they all work for the human traffic clan.
If they do not rent at government rental assist price, they cannot get the real Identity holders.... so they make them move out as soon as they wave them in to collect more ID cards in a year. They sneak into your premise and ransack your stuffs for ID card numbers.



New Post! April 09, 2020 @ 12:30:16 am
Almost 530pm time to go home...

I am still at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St...[main street intersection down the slope].

Some Chinese are with cough sneezing symptoms are not wearing face masks here and I just rebuked.

If you don't have the symptoms it is okay if you don't wear a mask...
I suspect these communist people are sent out to infect others to make the pandemic happening...

A lot of property are held by these red people / human trafficker after they pulled down the local store owners by trespassing and vandalising the equipment and inventories.. a lot of stores fold within 2 years here.

Heard someone chip read me with some old pals' voices, hope these are still alive and not using me to impersonate them. Another working couple in turmoil.... working at stores with a mortgage is very difficult. But you got to have a dream in life, owning a place and kids are never too much to dream for... why is this difficult in this generation?



New Post! April 10, 2020 @ 12:01:07 am
I am not MeiGee, just her younger cousin.
They are all in Hawaii not here in Vancouver.
Never here..

Some mainland China b**** is trying to use her name
but a whole head taller.....
And got glue and '' ammonia'' ?? on her hands.

How come these people always got pollutants on their hands?
They dress nice, sing nice, but always got polluted hands to
smear onto your clothes...
This time they try to touch my left buttock,
see if it I firm or not? Sorry I never got kids.

I go my papa's buttocks as a lot of people who knows me have been joking about.

And mother's fat thigh! Hahaha...

These communist people are just too curious... and too many are making stories to qualify stealing use of our ID cards.
We don't make rules using the chip readers here.

The VancouverWifi Network disappears for quite some days..
It was here and gone! Never found where I am living.
I am using the mall's wifi..

The microwave is broken making me spend much more on food.
For I have to eat out.
These people broke my microwave and the start button doesn't start,
and it is always on the '' clock '' mode.
after a big '' bang'' and my bowl of water spurted out..
hahah... all the small cockroaches are all '' gone''!! hahaha...
they love to make nest inside the microwave door, and come out even when it is on! Don't know how to get rid of them, and now they are all ''gone'' !
Living downtown at some affordable places all got these type of small 6 legs co-habitants! Tons are between walls that are between each room.

What can you rent with Government rent subsidy of $375? Next month, my rent is $385.. $10 less from the food portion!

There are some '' shameless'' male here thinking if female does not have enough to eat, then it is natural that she becomes a whore some day.... maybe his mother is one like that.
These are a*****es that don't even wear a mask even when he shows symptoms of flu around here.

Women that want to be a whore need not be in need.
Women that don't want to be a whore remain not even when in need.

We all go for an idea before we move to Canada... she is selling a lot of ideals not found in some '' dog eat dog ''countries..
But often found such ideals are in name only and this is to lure other countries elites to move here with their savings and expertise.

When you think you play the game and pay your school fees, there are no jobs around....or some business partners play soft detent to make people lose their property?

Tak phD


New Post! April 11, 2020 @ 12:25:12 am
I have not logged off recently, when my internet connection is on, I am back with the site.

Weather is still abit tricky, warm in the afternoon and chilly at night. My routine is still the same.

Some want to use me to feed on migration money and lure me to a lesser footing so that they can make me do something I don't want to do or be.
If I am new to their country..

My microwave is broken so I have to dine out.
I got a lunch box then go to the mall to go on internet.
There is a deterring for almost half hour before I can be on net,
so the time which I can find lawyers online is decreased.
Please find out who weaken the network reception at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Chinatown Vancouver BC Canada around 4-530pm
This mall no longer belongs to the Li as they skipped property tax some years ago and the government just takes over. Now it belongs to Vancouver City BC Canada..

The Li and those working or sleeping with them love to use the chip reader to lie and cheat... to create their fame and power so that more people are '' cheated over onto their side''...

The mass murders that do China's culture revolution's walling in ' property owners' are at 11240 Daniels Road Richmond BC Canada. They trespass and occupy afew apartments there including the penthouse..
The City seems to close a blind eye on what they do, let them in and out as tourist or residents ( they murdered and steal use of the body by Asian religion / MAU SHAN )

People just like to believe what they want to believe, and best not to lift a finger to do anything....
They believe in those who dress nice rather than the truth.
Because they are not the ones lying, and they don't have to lift a finger to help those they promised if the fakes appear in good attire..

Lots of glue and paint from my tap.
How can anyone wash with these waters?
Searching for Toluene but building materials shops are never in the area. City's rent is too much to afford.
Besides I use cash and not credit card difficult to buy online.
Those chip read me spend my card faster than I do.

This is called '' hardship''...I am chip read by a lot of those bad people in the area. They trespass to mess up, ruin my electronics and other belongings, put bugs and crevices in the walls so that these bugs live in the crevices and come out to bite me when I sleep. Put cockroaches inside my drawers, making me look embarrassed when I open the drawers, dog s*** powder on my walls and color powder on my floor to make me clean... what else is new?

You think we can depend on our social blanket when we are out of a job here in Canada when the savings is low??
Things was there now some red people are in these office and they change that to their favor. Real ID holders are to be '' reduced'' to become head counts for the non profits to claim government funding.
What origins are these non profits runners mainly come from? Are they illegal, using real ID holders ID cards to work here?

I don't know the fate of those who return home, are these arrested for ID theft in Canada? Or using another ID card to return home unnoticed?
Any how people need money to go home or be here. So help me to find contingency lawyers for there is good referral fees in the trade practise.( Set up with the lawyer you refer me.)

Find me 4-530pm Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Vancouver BC Canada.
Mall lobby area. I am with black Ferrai cap, big nylon bag on a small cart. I am going after Bosco Lam for money he held up with a guarantee to give me, Fung Kwok King Victor for compensation from Costal Health,
Richard Li of PCCW for consultant fees given in error to someone plastic surgery into my face by his elder brother George Li in 2013 2014...And their father Li Kar Shing for the 10 million promised in 1060's to Lun Chun yin and the commission that we should have for Lun gave warjack business to the Li (F14fighter jet order) And need to divorce first for my ex never gives me an address to file. Search fees is too much to afford. And since 95 my ex never tip into my finances. And I need to find my uncle Lun Chun Wah to return us the land interest he borrowed from my father in the 1970s to serve as collateral to buy land in the New Territories in Hong Kong. They again did not put a date which these interests have to be returned to us. This has to be done after other monies been collected for the interested cannot be sold according to the decree of Lun Wai Ling Foundation.( My grandpa) Uncle simply disappear or murdered and be replaced by a cloned one which Li ancestors souls are using the body ( Bone DNA belongs to the Li and by mass this is heavier than the soft tissue DNA )
Li cloner can just clone the facial skin belong to someone to look alike and all other body parts with another person's DNA.
Or use the face skin tension (tailor cut a certain size to suture around the forehead) to create another face, looking alike another person or put a cloth structure under the face to steal identity.

They (my ex and these people I go after for money) chip read those who are interested to help me and '' black mail '' them not to come to help.

Any dare devils dare to do this? Huge claim so they soft detent to hide me where I am. And make me poor so I cannot afford search and lawyers fees So I need a no recovery no fee one.

I set up a routine Chinatown plaza Van.BC Canada Mall lobby area 4-530pm I am with blackFerrai Cap and big nylon bag on small cart
(180 Keefer St at Main Street intersection the building with a square clock on top and next to Juke restaurant there is a huge carpark 4 stories attached to the other side of the building we are at the mall side where Floata restaurant and clinics are on second and third floor and barber shops, shoe repair and happy times travel are at lobby level. ) See you there.

I cannot use phones for the Li got too much shares at Telus and they chip read me which number I call and turn that line busy...
or switch it to an empty line so it rings and rings and never have people answering it.


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