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New Post! February 14, 2020 @ 01:09:28 am
Grocery day, walk all the way to TNT..
Hopefully, for better and cleaner foods.

The restaurant in my area - a lot of workers there got '' compromised''.
Bigger, smaller eyes all of a sudden... looking weird.

Gives me the creeps...should I dine out any longer?

Next time I shall try those ''pay by weight'' cooked food there.
The nearby fried chicken store got sticky oil chicken pieces all of a sudden, someone must have added some sticky stuff into the oil or into the fryer. But it is delicious.

KFC is too far away to walk with a heavy cart.
They removed the piano at London Drugs store's lobby.
Else, I may go there to play abit, and buy there more often.
Maybe on Church Sunday after I specify not going to Chinatown plaza on that day at 4pm. I normally am late for I have to update the website at the downtown Vancouver big library, and half walking and running to hurry to the plaza.

Even my barber's eyes look '' not the same''.
Should I still stick with him?
I am growing my hair, don't want to look like the female cleaner in my building. She is picking bottles - huge bag and she always runs into me when I am going up the stairs.

There are convenience stores downstairs and across the street.
But there are trespasses and pollute in the area after the stores are closed. These type of activities have made nearly all the stores go belly up in San Francisco... Now here, a lot of people are anaemic.
Partly because what they eat got ammonia, color, glue, and even concrete powder...

And the walls got '' color/dye ''powders for you to breathe in.
They want to turn everyone into 'long term sick' people so that there is no need to create jobs for these. And these pick up government welfare sure got money for pharmacies to make money on.

Those who are on welfare can barely pay rent on what they are given if they do not get government housing. And they have to continue to be sick to receive these. For 1200 per month the government obsolete a lot of people. Those who barely make min pay jobs are happily labelled, but not those who are more educated and qualified.

I never have been on medical assistance or disability....
I still need to keep a roof and my stomach fed regardless if I have odd jobs or not.

Church is harassed on Canadian Airlines I heard, even first class.
Some air hostess wants to be remembered by or wants the last paycheque?
They can have mobiles with scanners and readers, reading passengers,
while passengers using a reader to converse with pals and relatives on board are being '' interrogated and harassed''.

The problem with having a hand with these b****es is, they make you their ally at work and you have to obedience to them even if you are their senior.

You don't have to answer them for there are no other passengers complaining about what you do. And you are reading outside the plane.
Where is the respect of human rights here in the airlines?
Customer service is a far cry from years ago.

Sometimes, you even have to bring your own food riding first class...
you don't want to have anything added to the food when you do not obey what the hostesses' demands.

You have to make sure no one can scan your chip frequency and give that to someone at gathering place /shelter to do espionage and scrutiny 24/7 after you pay a ton to travel.

Gathering place (a non profit shelter) has been known to a lot of people they got stinky people chip reading outside the premise... The venue should never let people use electricity other than for blowing dry their hair.



New Post! February 15, 2020 @ 01:18:07 am
I cannot turn on the laptop until 5pm today.

Some one send files into my laptop and zombie it.
Making sure I cant run into those I know online?

Microsoft has to see to the security of files transfer via wifi.

The updates are occupying too much of the storage space and I have to uninstall everytime they sneak in.

But there are 2 updates which the uninstall button disappear when I high lighted it in the updates history panel.
The files are KB4038788 and KB4486458 which are of October 26/19 and Feb 12/2020 respectively. I cannot uninstall these updates.

Also when I go to Run panel, and type Services.misc
to see a tables of tasks, I cannot disable Windows upadate faciliaty.

Who changes the attributes and ownership of my files.
I pay for the laptop and I should be totally in charge.
I own this laptop and you tell me I cannot change the attributes and ownership of my files???

Access is denied?!!

Who's idea is this? Microsoft '' bossy attitute'' is certainly not working. Well some communists are running the firm?
This is a kind of obedience game mentality characteristics of communist people.

Where is the respective mentality of those of the free world?
Customer is KING.

If you are here to change our world we kick you out.
This is also free world mentality.



New Post! February 15, 2020 @ 02:05:12 am
Another not sent email....
for recording here.

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From: "owlhere owl" <owl3 @mail. com>
To: @lss.,">jeff.speed @lss., info @foundationsearch. ca, @fasken. com,">kspencer @fasken. com,

@springford. ca">doug @springford. ca

Subject: Fw: Seeking contingency / (no recovery no fees) lawyers since 2015
and employment.. Message board-
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Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 02:58:26 +0100
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These people are chip monitoring me and trying to do something with my email communication or name to make me '' scream'' in the mall again..

One time they let me hear what is happening at court with a pair of double felony ID thieves of me and a british one, using my name to file common law, of course I am slaming the table to make sure court also hears and find where I am.

Please do not believe in my cousin Bosco. He is labelled with personality disorder every since he was studying highschool in HK.
They use me to get sales from the Li, and don't want me hired keep me down and under to play control. They don't want an extra party getting sales from the Li using me.
Li is selling me and my family ID cards as '' Victoria and her family''.

So Li don't want anyone verifying our identities.
And this is how they bribe my relatives Fungs and Lam's and even my ex Lau for the trouble.



New Post! February 15, 2020 @ 11:18:51 pm
This is Saturday. I am at the mall a bit early.
I deliberately make the routine to start after 2pm.
Then I go to bed around 11pm.

So for the whole night, I can chip talk to those who are
in the Orient or those night owls like me.
And fall asleep in the morning.

I don't have work in the mornings so I don't need to get up early.
Besides, I can be watchful if anyone tries to sneak into my room at night. I have to block the door.

Sneaking into renters room is one of the famous trick in
tenancy harassment. Pollution of tap water is the first.

The old lady used to live next door at R307 told me someone was looking at her stuffs inside her room at night so she moved out.

How to access the rooms?


Climb in via the windows with a ladder in the corridor between our building and old Empress hotel.
They sneak in using a crystalline key.
Use the ladder stolen from the Society downstairs or use
a shower head with host tied to the pipes act as foothold and with a wire as handle to climb up the pipe..


Via the back stair case, front stair case is usually monitored.
Via upstairs by slashing the concrete/wooden floor flap and put a circular handle on top for you to pull up the floor flap. There is a laser gun to cut the concrete. ( something Li got )
Via the door, so they got crystalline key moulder they can make any keys to any doors they like. Or simply buy out the cleaner.

Other tricks;

Wall powder.. smear a thin layer of dye powder and glue powder on the wall and start stamping their feet upstairs or banging on 2 sides of the room.

Inject glue and dye/grey powder and other pollutants into the mouth of the tap so everything comes out as you open the tap to wash.

Put grey powder on the floor so it flies to your face when they tremble the floor.

Some ecstasy kind of solution on the floor when the room is warm the renter will doze off while doing other stuffs and frame them on drugs so they are not hired.

Menthol/spices with shix powder on the floor or areas which will arouse infestation and frame the renter dirty and unkempt to make an excuse not to rent to them.

Make note at the door to signal stinky where to stand and trespass..
by white partial shoe print, white powder, and bits of shix powder, stinky cigarettes leaves etc.
Or an empty can pointing to the door with the tab meaning no one is in that room.
Or further away the bits on the staircase denotes which room to trespass into.

I once lived in a house and found a lot of twigs pointing at the door. And where came all the big '' leaves'' at the door and garden.

Guess if your house is over 10yrs old, they want a change hand revenue or house painting money.

First they have to make the good renters move out, so property owner will think of selling, or renovation.

If every one is happily settled, where come all the inventory for property agents to sell???



New Post! February 17, 2020 @ 12:23:16 am
Someone asked me via the chip how to save hands for bigger mission...

Give 10 people in your team an extra day off every day.
So the hours will be made up by the ''mission day''.

So in 20 days you can have 200 extra people to work for a particular day.

The 10 people day work will be shared amongst those who are working in the office ( Say the rest of the 30 people) and the work load will be still '' bearable''.

You can have a team of 200 to match out to do special mission once a month. No extra funding needed.



New Post! February 17, 2020 @ 12:57:09 am
After I heard via the chip ' quick stop this ' voice of older Mr. Li ( the uncles) this is what I get.
Are they boasting fame using chip reading or not?
They are the one I am going after for money.

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From: "owlhere owl" <owl3 @mail. com>
To: @andion. ca,">estreeter @andion. ca, alex @vancouverlaw. ca, @cheerful. com,">owl @cheerful. com,

@steeperlaw. com,">jsteeper @steeperlaw. com, mstephens @litigationchambers. com
Subject: Fw: Seeking contingency / (no recovery no fees) lawyers since 2015
and employment.. Message board-
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Still online at Chinatown Plaza. Sunday, flowers, barber shops are opened. Someone dried up my mini daffodils again. Little yellow flowers and to save this?
They burn the flowers and the leaves. And I change the mud to water and nitrate bits already. These a*****es used to put '' dirty mud'' in the soil to ward off all the oxygen and they say putting kmno4 is good to return the oxygen in the soil.

Was at Delina having a cup of yogurt. Delicious.
At 4pm I must be back to Chinatown plaza (down the slope)
to wait for any no recover no fees lawyers who may come after receiving my email.
Still sending emails for no recovery no fees lawyers ( contingency lawyers ) Don't use phones any longer. Why? They forward my calls to empty line they read my chip which number I call.
Emails... as long as the recipient use the right network, that Li has no presence, the email will go through.



New Post! February 17, 2020 @ 01:33:46 am
Another by stargate network, tell me who got shares in this company?

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From: "owlhere owl" <owl3 @mail. com>
To: @litigationchambers. com,">mstephens @litigationchambers. com, tsrocel @cascadelaw. com,
@shaw. ca">mstacey @shaw. ca

Subject: Fw: Seeking contingency / (no recovery no fees) lawyers since 2015
and employment.. Message board-
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New Post! February 17, 2020 @ 01:54:31 am
Was talking about the myth of life...

The big bang explosion gave a tons of burning huge rocks..
spinning on its own axis.

These become spheres out of friction and losing a lot of dust...
then we have the '' planets''.
With appropriate distance from the '' biggest burning piece'' - sun
there comes about living organism and plants.
For these need the right temperature to grow.

The god or alien who brought out the big bang is our God
The others aliens live on earth are other '' religion 's '' god.
Only Catholic god has the kindness to give us a so called '' heaven''.
Others just have earth and purgatory and hell. Meaning if you do the wrong thing you will be punished. But they don't bother to give you heaven to reward you.

We are like cows and pigs to these gods for we are much more lower in intelligence.

With Bad Gods we can become poultry to be sold to other aliens not of this planet and whose stars are dying-meaning the core is cooling out.
All living organisms and plants need the right temperature range to live.

Jesus come to ask us to believe in his Father who create the universe (the big bang) we create a church to believe in Jesus.
Creating a church extra to the original feeds another bunch of people.

I only believe in one church, the catholic church. This is a good one.
It keeps on protecting us from other aliens who may come and try to rule us with bad laws.

Make your own universe if you want to harvest.
And do not accomplice with some humans here to steal our universe from our Good God.

God or aliens? It is up to you. But they make everything, and a system of life, death and reincarnation.

Want good the next life, start believing and start obeying the good god.



New Post! February 18, 2020 @ 12:43:01 am
Blocking by networks....
whats up this time?

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01:39:14 +0100
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Message-ID: <trinity-59ee7082-8f47-4e72-974c-fb05985dca9d-1581986354202 @3c- app-mailcom-lxa02>
From: "toi shan" <toishanvancouver308 @mail. com>
To: @kitsfamilylaw. com,">wrstorey @kitsfamilylaw. com, wsteeper @steeperlaw. com,
@hotmail. com,">aaronls @hotmail. com, sun @cnslawcorp. com, @mjblaw. com">mjs @mjblaw. com

Subject: Fw: Seeking contingency / (no recovery no fees) lawyers since 2015
and employment.. Message board-
click [
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2020 01:39:14 +0100
Importance: normal
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X-Spam-Flag: NO
X-UI-Out-Filterresults: notjunk:1;V03:K0:fswQRyQ0BcM=:kCHQVZ0PmBw0hqV7pA47jb

For records.
They chip read me which lawyers firm number to fax and make busy all the lines... I will find networks with NO LI presences I am confident of this!



New Post! February 18, 2020 @ 01:28:24 am
Ever since I put a layer of tooth paste solution on my face..
they stop sprinkling glue and color powder to my face any longer.

For the glue and color powder falls onto the top of the pasted layer
and can be washed off just by water at night when I am home.

Also the toothpaste got toluene, and bleach, will whiten my face.

The inexpensive way to protect your face. Sorry, the neighborhood is bad. People are wicked for they want to drag you down for they themselves are down and ruined.

Bought some red bean buns from the neighborhood store..
they raised the price from 6 bucks to 8 bucks in the year.

A 2 percent inflation rate is just bull and the bluff again.
They just dun want to pay you the correct inflation adjustments
when they need to pay you.

Heard daddy via the chip one second or two and is he daddy or someone using his voice and me to steal identity, connection and influence?
He is a original war-jack.

Don't worry, if he is using an artificial heart, it can always be '' switched back on''.

This white artificial heart is the best human invention ever...



New Post! about 10 hours ago
A bunch of mainland chinese is singing downstairs in the building whenever they can. They always sing Mandarin and Mainland China's songs.... Trying to frame everyone in the building belonging to China since there is big brother monitoring in the city. Look China wont hire us, and if you seclude us wronging our '' nationality and origin'', Canada main stream would not hire us. This is wicked. These b****es dont even live here. Check if they are using our resident's ID cards that is why they have to take the bus all the way here to sing on top of their voices to make themselves '' reveal'' with our ID chip Global position in the building with them..

What a nuisance! They pay 10 bucks society fee and so can us.
Come here every week and stamp on the '' beam'' of the building to make it tremble as well... and we still have to wait them with biscuits and tea. We just had structure fortified last year for 50K.

When you tell them they pretend to be stupid. But infact these appear to be harmless '' tai sum'' are wicked to the bone and agent trained in China targetting on our older Wah Kiu's leaders.
For marital money or murder, whatever it takes to get our bucks.
Or earn bucks for their clan.

Oh just got a note from the office to raise rent 10 bucks to cover hydro cost hike

Happy birthday to me and Victor Li.

(But my DNA is papa's Jerome Lun for they played cloning in the lab and mother is Gemma.)



New Post! about 9 hours ago
Do you know how many emails I have sent to seek for a no recovery no fee lawyer ( contingency lawyer )

Just been able to call Josephine. And she picked up the phone.
Maybe I am getting in the way of her waiting for her boyfriend to call.

She did not receive my email on the Fruugo's mosquito stick.
I am trying to receive my marriage cert for applying divorce.
I got the church one and this one isn't accepted if that information is in the database, why would we need to be in possession of a city marriage cert! All these years I don't know about the city one!

I told her why I don't use phones any longer. and also credit cards.
These people who read my chip sees what I see and they spend my credit card online faster than I do.

Credit cards should no longer got '' account number'' on.
And each purchase should be '' swiped'' with the magnetic strip.
Maybe website purchase should have a software/section on the website to scan the magnetic strip...

These obnoxious people are still reading my chip.
The human trafficking landlady communist Iran muslim at Matapan Cresc,
24 in the premise are their renters they wont stand up for them.
The long John ( bought british name )at 221 E.Georgia St.
The China plastic surgeried into my face at 4300Cambie Rd and 3700Kilby Court Richmond BC - she stole my trust documents from Victor Fung.
The Guerilla Movement bulging eyes Chan at 11240 Daniels Road Richmond BC Canada Apartment building, trespass and occupying various flats
They murder people and do Mau shan witchcraft resurrection with a different soul inside to steal everything of the victims.

All these also got synthesizers to use another person's voices to speak and fake connection when they use our Trudeau's or Katherleen Wayne's voices to speak.
They also pretend to be Nutleys and war jacks people I used to know and heard from.

When can police do something?
They make tons of money using my and other renters' ID cards they rent at Government rent subsidy price to make sure those walk in are real ID holders... and they said they called IA office for renters' SIN card number. IA office should not give that to them.
( Without prior consent by us )

They bad mouth and slander renters to keep these unhire so that they have ground to sell these ID cards to more '' worthy'' people as claimed.

Even dogs have their own ID cards here, if you are unqualified to legally apply for residence, you are never worthy.


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