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New Post! November 29, 2019 @ 04:48:28 pm
@backdoor Said

Thank you for your effort.... keep the copy for the time being unless I can receive my mail, or email safely...


OK, I will be saving the copy until I hear of your new address, or that you have a safe internet connection and can download a ZIP-file, or individual PDF-files to a trusted computer. The Journal is about 118 Mb, and if you need the Adobe Reader (XI) to open the PDF-files, the installation files are about 154 Mb; I have both on one disk (252 Mb) for you. Let me know when you are ready....


New Post! November 29, 2019 @ 11:42:50 pm
@sAeGeSpAeNe Said

OK, I will be saving the copy until I hear of your new address, or that you have a safe internet connection and can download a ZIP-file, or individual PDF-files to a trusted computer. The Journal is about 118 Mb, and if you need the Adobe Reader (XI) to open the PDF-files, the installation files are about 154 Mb; I have both on one disk (252 Mb) for you. Let me know when you are ready....

Thanks Sawdust, I do not have a trusted person or address to receive my mail.
Josephine's address only receive mail from the Government and Amazon. Nothing from Kin or employers....

My building 's cleaners and someone of R506 belongs to the Chan's family that do Mau Shan witchcraft and Sandwiching property owners between walls ( guerrilla movement ) all want my identity and they prevent me from getting contact by my kin or others that can help me.
Almost once in a month, they bring in huge nylon bags with dry ice in it and place that in our empty rooms... this guy in Rm 508 got filmed by someone stealing my mail from India.

He got someone plastic surgery into my face and using my expired stolen passports. Li can print ID documents I heard.

These are bunking everywhere with vilians and bank thieves that mess up my name and employment chances. I work in an office, an elite and a doctorate degree holder!

Just have to bring out my stuffs for convenience for people trespass to mess them up every day after I left the premise.
They rent next room to me even use my name to file common-law in attempt to split my money and residence!
The one at 221 E. Georgia that a*****e I just watched a video ( like wonder woman of that sort ) in his room! Our rooms are a stair case and another room apart! Common kitchen and bathroom. Who feels safe renting in a motel or hotel if he got what he wanted behind my back! These felonists use relationships to press for employment, just like my ex David Lau. He slept with a plastic surgery look alike me again by George Li, there is a cloth under the face to look alike.

Both of them use plastic surgery to look alike residents of Canada and use the court to verify themselves! I got to go to the court to file an advidafit...
According to Katherine Wayne this should be free and all courts across Canada should charge the same. I got to tuck out a heavy cart to go downtown again. You don't know how heavy it is!

Get me a contingency lawyer, good referral fees. Anyone can come to Vancouver Chinatown plaza BC Canada at 4pm Ground floor mall tables area? The other side is car park. The entrance of the mall is at Keefer St. Down the slope from Main Street where Bank of Montreal is or up the slope from Keefer St and Columbia St.
Right next to a small alley and Juke restaurant that got a patio.
I am the one with the Ferrai/ Horse logo Cap, and a big torn bag on a small cart. I need a bigger bag, but want the same pattern one. I put the pattern description on my resume. I do not use phones any longer. They forward all my calls elsewhere, I cannot even sent out text or calls. ( I checked with someone standing next to me with his cell flipped open. )

Sorry, my spelling is always bad I got so used to using spell check by the laptop. Now I am using open office. I cannot pay Microsoft per month for using its office applications. It is annoying that I pay for the laptop and I still have to pay to use its contents. These applications should be inherent to the laptop selling price! It is more annoying to find out you don't '' own '' the files inside the laptop with Windows 10!
You cannot see what is added to your autoexec.bat and config file what macros been added there... these malwares add to your laptop by the network you use.
And it doubles the size of the application files and you cannot reset them to erase the extra ?text file.

Microsoft is ruining its goodwill by doing Windows 10!





New Post! November 30, 2019 @ 12:02:14 am
Heard my fathers' voice saying they are in Vancouver again....

Heard they are at international village... I went there they are not there.
I was there around 1:24pm, waited for a while, went to TNT supermarket for grocery, then went back into International Village, they are not there..
stayed around half an hour, asked afew people... no one said they seen them.

I am not there to share my ID chip's GPS for those who are using my ID cards.

This chip was given to me at birth by the Government. ( The bandage at the chest of newborn is due to this chip insertion between the opening of the sternum, once the baby grows the opening will close, so you wont even see the chip when there is a chest xray. ) This chip is also transceiver, and also a RFID chip.

The government never tells you, nor your doctors. You better tell your kids if there is voice from the chest, ignore, unless it is from your kin. And verify with your kin before carrying out the instructions.
Never go to the doctor and say you hear '' voices'' this is a way to label people nuts and so few jobs can be created. Those who ask you to do this basically want to obsolete you and more chances for themselves and their love ones.

Hallucination is without a source or stimulus.. perception disorder /illusion is with a stimulus.

This chip is a '' phone under the skin ''.
Also can track your where about. More advance ones are small like sesame, even some are like '' threads''...

Some wicked restaurant people put sesame like chips into soups and food.
If you hear something from the guts at night time, you could have ingested some of these. So these restaurant people can read your chip with a chip reader and know a lot about what you do, say and where you are etc. So they pretend what a coincidence to run into you every time your are out certainly is never '' God arranged fate or destiny ''. They can read your mind and know how to please or dishearten you as well. Needless to say where you bank and how you sign.

Heard England got places to remove these. A lot of the local clinics the doctors use these to label people nuts to create long term sickies so that they got more business, rather than helping people to remove these as foreign objects and charge minor operation fees... These bad doctors work for the clan that do espionage and theft to steal from fellow citizens.

Culture is a very important thing. The good doctors that do chip removal should put this on the internet for people to find them.

There is a small device which can '' solicit'' you to create an urge to do something, say something etc, as if you slip of tongue, or incoherent speech, or making you forget to finish off one thing before starting to pick up another action. Almost all mental health symptoms can be created.
This device is easily found at some Russian hospitals.. try to get one and see the technology.



New Post! November 30, 2019 @ 12:08:58 am
Heard George Li Tzar Chi got some of these small devices...
My uncle who used to work with some Russian, also got the device.

So whenever you think of doing something...

Stop and wait. See if you really want to do it.

Don't let bad doctors grow head counts for more department funding by mislabelling and creating patients and '' composing'' in the progress sheets

We all talk with the chip under the skin. Self muttering, with voice or with thoughts ( in silence ) This is a long range radio frequency chip like a mobile under the skin. If you do not know technology, look this up, rather than ruining people's life and reputation.

These bad doctors should be '' hanged''.



New Post! November 30, 2019 @ 12:28:46 am
For the affluent lots, this is the era of the '' mobile operation room''.
A lot of hospitals got menial staff that work for some malicious clans

insert some '' plastic with C4 coating '' square plates under the patient's skin when they are sleeping or unconscious.

these are inserted basically close to the aorta, renal arteries and vein, behind the ears, nape of the neck and back of head and even apex of head where the main blood vessels are.

By static, from the chip readers they can ignite the C4 and the plate will explode cutting the vessels creating heavy internal haemorrhage.

These bad people can do such insertion in a very short time and seal the wound with lignocaine and glue mix. No need for suture nowadays and you barely see there has been a wound there.

Or they add cyanide to foods, or they mess up with the buttons of your haemodialysis machine.

Either got your pals or kin watch you 24 hours a day next to your bed, or it is better to ask doctors to bring apparatus to your home to do operations.
Especially removal of these '' c4''squares.

Got one pal who did this, paid around 200k in Hong Kong at her home recently.
If you do this at hospital chances are you are tagged again before you are discharged..

They always have a lot of Procaric (mineral drink) and Angelica herbs (comes in handy in drink mix powder form) at home.

The thread with C4 is usually at the neck or where your cerebral hemispheres are.... if you are not obedient, they will burst off your brain. Wear a helmet, and a raincoat with collars flip up all the time covering the back of ears as well.. Use 24 hrs radio frequency blocker. And get a neuro surgeon.

All these can be scanned to discover by the chip reader.

No problem, with a big bag of blood and a white plastic heart at the elbow, you can always come back to life. ** Sit tight and look between your legs if you are in a dark case after you feel being pulled from the '' surface'' of the body. Losing balance will cause your heart to stop.**

And eyes, and cerebral hemispheres, can be '' bought'' in England.

There are '' artificial '' organs that work the same as the biologicals ones.

Wonder how many affluent people got blackmailed by such manipulation in Hong Kong and elsewhere...



New Post! December 02, 2019 @ 01:01:27 am
Sunday and I am still at Chinatown plaza Vancouver BC Canada 4pm where the mall tables are close to Shoe repair shop and barber shops going online.
Vancouver City got free internet for people on ground floor of malls, and in the open. Where I live is upstairs 2nd floor 30 ft above the ground doesn't have such internet service.

Every day I am waiting for Contingency lawyers and employers who may be interested and kind enough to come to give me and interview. It has been 2 years and you sort of knowing what kind of people people are here.

I remember investment immigration is 1million Cdn and you can do by investing in Tbills, and Canada Saving bonds.. I strongly recommend you to do such if you really own the money in the bank. Rather than buying other peoples' identity to live here. It gives you around 2-6 percent of interest return a year. but hazards free. You get the principal back.

If you use other people's Identity cards, it is an criminal offense and jail time is 6 yrs if caught. There is bail money and confiscation money so the government will do such. They let you earn, and they are the ''bird'' behind the grasshopper back....we locals are the worms in the grass hopper 's mouth.

This is a big brother chip monitoring world. They know what you do all along and it depends when they are doing the arresting.

There is a line by God or aliens that can trace people by their DNA.
And I heard Canada bought it. And no more thinking if the illegals outnumbered the real ID holders they can bully the later.

We as real residents, are sick and tired of such manipulation and bully by the fake ID holders that do espionage and theft and harassment on us and use our borrowing power to feed on and even dress better than us to think they can out compete us on jobs and chances by defaming us using radio frequency chip reader broadcasting.

Some places monthly wages can barely cover 200 USD, how can these places people afford to tour Canada? Air fare is over 1000 USD. They are giving a rf chip reader, and scanner to leave their country to come out to feed on developed free world.

Nowadays, having a chip reader ( long range ) does not mean they are from the '' ruling'' class. These are never to be trusted.

See if your Government people are involved in accepting bribes to grant these into the country!



New Post! December 02, 2019 @ 10:54:50 pm
Heard someone in Japan claim to be my kin and wanting me to go there...

I cannot verify such long range radio frequency chip conversation.

Here in Vancouver Chinatown everyone knows who the real ID holder is.

Trudeau is kicking out the Li out of Canada. They cannot sell my ID or ID chip global position any longer. So what they do is maybe lure me out of here. Fine, as long as I am taken care of. meaning have a good job and be able to save back what I lost while in soft detent in Canada.

I was told I can stay in Japan for my mother is Japanese. But I never been residing there. Only 9 days in mid 80s touring there.

Then later I was told I have to live there for 5 years to gain residence. In the mean time I get no social assistance. So how can I live in a place without good language ability? Will I be taken care of?

Is it part of Li's plan to continue selling my ID chip global position over there? It fetches them billions of HKD each year and Li never gives me a job. Use a plastic surgery look alike to steal my consulting fees from PCCW for 20 years of consulting ideas. Yet use Telus and chip reading to play soft detent so I don't get job calls from other people...

Li been doing this to my papa in E. India. It took him 20 years to learn Punjabi. And he got his land to farm on. Farming alone at age 70? No one can do that except my papa. Still selling his ID cards after he passed on by resurrecting him again or using his body parts to transplant into those buying his ID cards to get DNA to renew his ID cards. We got a resurrection contract with Li Kar Shing in 60s as long as Li KS lives my parent will be resurrected. God knows just the head or the organs?

Li been using my profile to give plain low chicks marry into extreme affluent to make matrimonial money and gain influence in the royals or those ruling class... Using these and the next generation to give connection to them.

And these chicks' clan people have been mutilating me, my face in particular. They got concrete, glue and color powder on their fingers and wave at me when I walk past, so I got patches of color on my face. Then they can frame me not washing my face. Same to my hair they can say I don't wash hair. I do, with hot vinegar to de-glue. but not too often as vinegar will hurt the hair bulbs.

I am pissed off by continue mutilation like this. So here I am writing something which I also heard via the chip...

Some K-mid 's clan is doing human traffic in UK for Li clan cannot do that there, they have an agreement with HK governor early years that they cannot do that in Uk whatever they do in Hong kong.

Also the REAL K-mid that graduated in that university should be 70 years old. What a steal some plain Russie got another person's ID to marry up and up to the sky..

I don't know why these affluent people have to comply with the Li. For ever lasting life? The French, the Thailand, the US ..etc people also got adult cloning.

See what Li did to my parents who worked a life time for them for a promise of resurrection...

God resurrected Jesus, my parents' quest should not be condemned.



New Post! December 05, 2019 @ 11:22:29 pm
I have lived in modest affordable rentals since 2008. Otherwise at good priced motels and hotels.

The old buildings which I live at, got tons of cockroaches.
A huge population between the walls.

Landlords use pest control once a year but these critters start appearing soon after 6 months. The raider insecticide used to be one for '' all '' pest control now they are dividing into different categories making you buy the '' right '' type.

I am into observing these critters and there is another phD topic to work on.

Does cockroaches - these low living creature got '' family values / feelings ''

The answers from what I observed via the years is quite '' positive''.

We have been doing a lot of murder killing them and creaming them.... but we were not aware of such we think they are '' senseless '' creatures picking up our bits of garbage to clean up the area assigned by God.

We have to, sorry, if we want to keep the place tidy and clean and free of rodents to keep the rental contract. Humans got some '' rules'' to adhere to living in a society.

Often we are misguided by '' misunderstanding or ignorance''.

The roaches come out by '' parental pair '' - One big and one small.
Big one is coaching the smaller one.
Sometimes 2 parents and 1 small one.
They surely got communication between them and when one go into the water,
the others follow suit. ( UNCONDITIONALLY)
There is strict obedience and hierarchy between them.

Birds also got this type hierarchy... any unconformity, there is '' fight '' and negative reinforcement - punishment observed.
I turned my owned apartment into a bird sanctuary between 2003-2006.
I left a slit of window opened and put a large dish of grain ( bird seeds or rice ) on the floor, all year long. The birds that were '' desperate'' came into my den and feed on the grain.
I let them '' s***'' inside my apt and build their nests there.
Boy, they love closets...mine got carpet inside.

You see the family unit, the dating pairs, and the ''divorced'' pairs..
You can tell the sounds they make if the pair is getting along or not.
You hear them '' quarrel'' and one walks out of the nest, leaving the eggs unhatched. You know they are dating as one caress the other on the head with the beak and even let that one eat from its mouth, then you see them building the nest ( inside my apartment )

I took a pair of '' featherless'' infants from the nest and looking as all 3 of us in the mirror... The mother came back, walked in front of me and start making '' angry noises'' as if it is scolding me.
Sorry, I bet I left scent with her kids and birds don't like that.....
Or they teach their young not to approach humans?

Another parent was teaching its young to do '' vertical'' ascending.
Using my bathroom door. The rest were on top of the door, and this ''troubled'' This one, was still on the floor looking up at them.
I could see their eyes meet and earnestly, the mother was encouraging the child bird on the floor. I could not hear their conversation for it was so '' soft''.
After a full 20 minutes, the small one finally picked up the courage to do the ascending.

They were flying across my living room as a trial flying test!
There were a whole 30-40 of them living with me, keeping me company..
Taking turns to fly in and out of the apartment.
Rain or shine, all year long!

They seem to understand when I talk to them.

Hurray! This makes my day and a good happy memory!

We kill too many of them during the plague of bird flu. If I tell you, believe or not, there is NO bird flu.

The virus is a laboratory made tool to make macro 'epidemic money'....
Some party was pre-empting all the '' bleach'' solution in the country..
and want renewal of a lot of store rental contracts.

In Hong Kong there are a bunch of extremely rich jumping around species...
They need live chicken as food. The Chinese government deliberately force these into the light by confiscating all the livestock store's license.
Ending their lives to make these '' land holdings'' subjected to estate tax or confiscation by manipulation or blackmail.

7 of these elevate Li Kar Shing to stardom...
and they live for many years for they can afford '' special technology''.
And most of them, do not pass the money into their off-springs.

If I am not educated, you may say I am a nut case letting the birds into the apartment. Too bad I am an elite and studied the most expensive post-graduated business school in Canada.

If you want to make money, make it the noble way, do not blame it on the birds..
Human themselves, also got '' cold'' and '' virus'' infections.

If there is no such epidemic, united Nations would not have schooled up the funding to be claimed....

Just another '' alien attack earth'' tale to make people dig up donation from their pockets..



New Post! December 05, 2019 @ 11:58:07 pm
I cracked the '' system'' and leak it out. So political measure they tried to frame me nuts.

Some b**** in Saudi Arabia wants my '' womb''. She bribed the hospital people.
Someone used the chip reader to record what they said.
This b**** pays 2million US to carry a child with one of the 6 prophets in Coran bible' womb.

My mother is Gemma, the first clairvoyance. According to the Coran bible, the first prophet tucked out the small prophet from heaven onto Earth.
And our DNA fetches a ton of money in Saudi to make '' clairvoyance '' babies.

This plainer married into the Saudi prince family using my profile.
And wants to furnish it with transplant of my womb to carry a child by the prince.

This leaked out, and the princess is jailed. My uncle use the incident to claim Costal Health 12 million ... but too bad he is still holding up the cheque.

Li plastic surgery many chicks into my face by using a cloth structure under the face. ( Russian plastic surgery copy face method found in the 70's) to try their luck with these princes...

Guess my uncle takes time to discover me as many of such communist agents feeding on matrimonial money using my ID and profile follow me around with radio frequency blocker. And RFID chips can be duplicated.

The Royals sent people to help to '' decertify'' and free me.
They cannot force me to lose my rights to '' say NO to surgery'' any longer.

The acupuncture doll acting on radio frequency can deplete blood supply to organs on subjects across the globe, like transmitting to the chip by a chip reader. This can make the '' organs swell '' and the uterus swell and pressing onto the bladder, creating dysuria. The waste and the C02 accumulated inside the cells and not transported out of the organs by diminishing blood flow.

Just like swelling of the corpse. The cells inside are still breathing despite the heart stops.

The Li got this device ( alien technology ) they can kill without blood. And also use this device to do resuscitation of the heart, and cure cancer along side with inducing elimination. ( The cancer cells are starved if no blood flow to give food for 7 days, but you have to ''stop any kind of movement''- bind the subject to a rack (dorsal position with arms on the side). )

This thing is lethal.

All of us should be issued a radio frequency blocker ...switch it on 24 hours.

Those doctors who try to label me nuts do not have knowledge on this and also knowledge on how keen my ethnic group towards resurrection.
Proof something is non existent before you say this is a false belief and non existent.

We all self mutter using the chip to talk to those who are chip reading us ( our clan people and our family and pals) This is not hallucinating.

I guess I got the definitions of the 4 symptoms more clearly than those working in the trade.

There is no need to induce depression by classical conditioning. they chip read which stimulus will dishearten me and everyone one using my ID cards here, come to me to do this stimulus and chip read me to ''capture incidences of unhappiness'' to frame depression.
The lip licking, the head turning, the saying/ lip talking of '' whore'' to me... doesn't work any longer.
And like cold turkey cutting off cigarettes, it takes years to be immune from such ''conditioning''.

Wonder how many real residents are labelled nuts / depress to be obsoleted, and given souvenir of 900 a month so that the city do not need to give jobs to them and these are happily labeled for they cannot be hired anyways for all the jobs are given to the '' clan '' that auctioned the country to run.
Some elites borrow from Li to come up with funds to run the country at annual interest of 60% a year. Hospitals got to sell '' refurbished'' organs to come up with the funding and everyone admitted is encouraged to have a cut and removal. See how may donation papers and how many organs are transported out of the hospital, and anyone on their databases are chip read by their alias or targeted to induce any signs of '' long term sickness- physical or mental'... so that these could be obsoleted, their property sell as foreclosure, borrowing power stolen, possessions taken to be second hand inventory ...a lot of down turn money to be made by the system and these are to be reduced to be happy to take the 900-1200 dollars a month.

These white sluts using my profile, deliberating put pron pictures of themselves and using 771200 to post on the internet.
Stop using projection and stereo-typing. Thank you.

phD Medical and Health Sciences... I like to tug out an ugly BIG nylon bag on a small cart to keep my kitchen and beddings and office stuffs in there. This cart takes 60 Canadian dollars to replace. To those who stereotype cart pullers are homeless people.


New Post! December 06, 2019 @ 12:08:57 am
Sometimes I post '' as '' it should be '' at'' for your info pls. I just do not want the posting got '' edited'' record for some postings. I am too lazy to do the editing or do not have the time to do so.



New Post! December 06, 2019 @ 12:40:03 am
Fungs are my mothers' kin and they got people marrying into the Li family.
Strictly we are cousins.. if or not these aunts are still living.

But Li has been selling me and my family ID cards and ID chip global positions. I do not want them reading my chip nor their surrogates that do the ' black hands' for them.

Li got a lot of people working in the hospitals, even in Canada.
As doctors, as paramedics, as cleaners or kitchen staff etc.

Recently they are investing in Saudi Arabia.

Heard quite afew countries country revenue account are stolen and they need people coming up with money to run.
This is bad for unscrupulous clans having money can rule the country and they do this for money and not for charity.

Find where our money went, and retrieve them using United Nation's power and run the country the proper way again. We miss the good old world system.

And please see if this rumor is true, mother's body was sold to Communist Iran leader or held up at Li's laboratory. It was tucked out of the cemetary in Sdyney. And they resurrected mother 's head with a different body.
According to the Muslims and the Saudi's people her DNA is top dollars by the gram.



New Post! December 06, 2019 @ 01:28:06 am
Li is selling the Lun's family - my family's ID card for we got a contract with Li Kar-shing in the 60s that makes our identity hot in prices.

This is a martrimonial and a resurrection contract. No matter if I am married into the Li family or not, they still have to compensate us.

It is 50 years already and already expired. Think of how many gals are going after Li boys.

In gratitude, the Fungs and the Lams are getting 1billion HKD / 10million USD in sales from the Li every year for not revealing who the real Lun family members are... and closing a blind eye to Li using a adult cloned or plastic surgery look alike to impersonate us.

The contract expired and George is linked to the murder of Tak's papa Jerome. And selling of mother's Gemma's body to Iran..

Uncle Fung, please note, this contract will not be renewed. I am an adult now not a 5 years old. And I need that cheque you get from our Costal Health.
Not up holding this and put a lien on for you come up with the lawyers fees... and making me putting it on collection if it becomes a stale dated one.
This reduce my full potential of being compensated.

I am that '' Li lo '' and my Stitch is that '' alien dog'' and a contract to own it by 2 dollars....

And I am very feisty ever since I am in my kindergarden ... mom never told me so many people are '' watching''!



New Post! December 07, 2019 @ 01:37:41 am
Someone use Tom Hanks voice to big brother chip read me, and say I am in his clan.

Need to verify this.

The person who said to be at where I am online now ( Chinatown Plaza Van.BC, Canada ) did not show up to give me the tickets to Southern California.

Backing out or what? Someone said they give me contingency lawyer at my country's rate and help me to get residence in the states after I got my claim... but today no one shows up I am at the lobby tables area where I am all the time if these have been chip reading me.

Still seeking Contingency Lawyers ... first come first serve.
Find me there, I don't use phone any longer, they forward all my calls elsewhere. Incoming and out going. Why should I pay them a cent?

Every claim got black and white to support, legal contract database, and cheque clearing centres Hk and India to affirm payment to the wrong person....etc.

Those who are using chip readers cannot proof themselves to be sane or not, some are multiple offenders with tons of mental illness history they work with Li trying to do identity swap. And these are ' agent trained in China...'

These are illegal stay in Canada even chip reading the police...
as long as you accomplice in crime with the right slot, you never got caught. So what values should we teach our off-springs here?

Don't let these murder all the lawyers that can help..
I wont incur a cent in write off if I do not receive the airline tickets as said.

I always confront reality with what I heard.



New Post! December 07, 2019 @ 01:43:33 am
I go to this mall to go on internet every day like a routine.
Hence I ask contingency lawyers to meet me there.

Chinatown plaza 4pm-5pm. lobby tables area where 'Shoe Repair' shop is.
The tables there. (180 Keefer St. G/F Vancouver BC Canada.)

I am Gemma Fung & Jerome Lun's daughter.

Come with a Radio frequency blocker if you got one.



New Post! December 07, 2019 @ 01:59:16 am
We got a line to remote check DNA here.... so they know where we are all the time. Unless there is an adult cloned me which got same skin DNA. But adult cloned person got diminished bone DNA and thinner and perfect white skin, and age and wear and tear cannot be '' cloned''

I am born in the 1964. Same day as Victor Li Tzar Kui
Same place in Hong Kong. Victor is Brother of Richard Li of Pccw.

I never do facelift/botox kind of rejuvenation.
I never left Canada since 2012 Feb19. I used a new passport to travel. never travelled with expired passports, 3 of such expired passports were stolen from my old apartment and safety deposit box.

George Li plastic surgery his son's surrogate-mother's family members into my face, they are with slender arms and legs. My legs are like Gemma abit fat thigh and round physique..
those who chip read me ever since I was a child would be able to tell the difference and do not let this bunch of thieves murder or dispose them. Thank you.

Looking for Gemma and Jerome Lun of 53 Tai Hang Road 4/f ( 1960-96 )if anyone got their big brother / RFID chip frequencies please contact
Tak, at Chinatown plaza Vancouver bC Canada lobby shops area where shoe repair shop is,4-5pm. Everyday.

Apologise not having a more convenience way to meet.

Gemma is first clairvoyance and a lot of ruler class have been chip reading our family, my parents did not give me their chip frequency if anyone got them, please give them to me. Thanks.
We got a resurrection clause agreement with Li Kar Shing and if Li is still alive, my parents should be resurrected.

So I am still looking for them. Thank you for your kind assistance and attention. Wonder if Englanders or Scotland yard people, the warjacks would know their chip frequencies?
But I never have a chip reader. Anyone can lend me one? I got fat legs and they never agent train me, for I cannot run... what is so important that one has to be able to run long distance in order to be trained?

We can wear a jet emission to fly now... even pigs can fly now!
Maybe my parents did not want me to know what's in their mind...


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