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New Post! May 15, 2019 @ 09:42:36 pm
I am about to take my laptop to fix, and don't know how long I can get it back and if they add or change anything inside.
This is my worry. I have to break my daily routine if I am late returning to Chinatown plaza around 5pm every day and hang around till the mall closes at 6pm.
I am good at management, but I am not good with location.
Basically I hate going to '' new areas''.
Going tours are different issue. You are couriered to places and do not need to worry.

I was inside my premise at 273 E. Hastings ( R308) I use the door to post my notices. Where to find me and even my foot print. For those who plastic surgery to look alike me, even got my door keys to trespass and ruin my place, tap, and belongings. IF I do not want my beddings wet and cold with urine smell, etc, I have to take it with me. So I tug out a ton of stuffs. Human rights give us the right to do what we want to do if it doesn't infringe the law.

I was conversing with some one who said they worked for the police in HK. How to work with a thinner budget or put the money into better use.

My suggestion was to only provide laundry of one uniform per 10 days. And the rest wash by the employee himself. Ask for keeping tidy and clean standard.
The government laundry one is for march parade or when some guest tour the office that day.

Laundry instructions can be given to staff as to how to maintain the uniform. I even wash my suits this way.

Never wrinkle the uniform when wash.
Soak it in water with mild detergent, and wash it second time in clean warm water.

Hang dry let never hand twist it to make it dry.
This will get the sweat stains off.

Because it is hang dry with a hanger, no wrinkling, ironing can be minimal just do the sleeves, the body part is straighten by the belt.

This will save tons of laundry costs to other better usage in life saving and combating weapons.



New Post! May 15, 2019 @ 09:57:15 pm
This Friday UBC Learning Centre 612 Main St. Van. BC Canada will be closed in the afternoon for field trip. I may go to fix the laptop. Hope I am on the right bus, the right way and hahaha... this is what happens when there is NO maps available. Ever since the web been in place, everyone thinks taking the map from the internet is okay. But the internet map only shows a corner. You ant the '' city '' map to know exactly where you are and where you are heading, you need a BIG map. Just like those I used to drive with a compass!

Right I am old school even as old school when I try to find my way around! Some smaller streets, you don't even find it on the internet map!
And the printer always have trouble printing with browser items.. Key board already got some problems here it was just installed last Friday. I would rather want the older type of keyboard. When you type fast, the key board cannot sense the touch.



New Post! May 15, 2019 @ 11:19:57 pm
Lun Yeetak at Facebook.
Just now ยท

SEEKING CHANCES TO LEAVE CANADA, DENIED FOR FAIR OPPORTUNITY HERE. My previous affiliations with Li has a negative impact on my phone and communication devices. Soft Detent gives me inferior chances to work, justice, rental and life. If you know any human right organization or any firm that can help, please find me 430pm-6pm at Chinatown Plaza 180 Keefer St. Van BC Canada, Mall entrance lobby tables area outside Shoe Repair, HK Styling Barber, and Kum Hung Tong Herbalist shops. I am one with cap, a cart with green box at bottom and BIG (3x3ft white with checkers) Nylon bag. I am daughter of Gemma Fung, the first clairvoyance. Website owner of I do business/ investment consultation, accounting and piano tutoring if you want to hire me. Come talk in person. By mail: 237E.Hasting St. Van.BC Canada. V6A1P2. (R308) Attn:Lun/Tak. Li people read chip to play soft detent. Come with a radio frequency blocker and a contingency lawyer. Pls n Thanks.

Remember this Friday 612 Main St. Not open. I will not be there. I am not in the routine on Friday but will try to hurry back to be at Chinatown plaza at 5pm. Whenever 612 Main St. UBC learning exchange store at Chinatown is not opened for public, I will always be at Chinatown plaza.
The door bell at affordable rentals always have problem. You cannot get pass the first floor where I live. And please do not pick up the duplications of me to boost my ID card prices for the Li. There are gals plastic surgery into my face by adding a cloth structure under the facial skin or even do adult cloning.

My grand pa is Lun Wai Ling who holds land in Hong Kong since early 1900s. ( From UK London ) Donation to Community Chest every year. I am soft detention for my folks cannot reach me and I have been looking for them. My sister in law have been on Li's side and estranging me. Taking my mother to old age home without informing the rest of the family. We are separated one by one and reduced one by one so that no one knows who the real ID holders are. This facilitate the selling of our ID cards.....
They even can intercept and change what I say using my RFID chip under the skin. These people around me are using RF blockers, preventing me from connecting by my folks using the chip reader.



New Post! May 16, 2019 @ 09:49:55 pm
Back to UBC Learning Exchange at 612 Main St at 150pm.

Nice dinning at Dennys. I thought Magdalene was still working there. Also heard she is back in the orient.

I was in the neighborhood a year ago for a job interview with a Chinese travel agency, but I did not get the job.

Someting about witchcraft stuffs that people fear:

The Mau Shan thing you need not worry when you are alive. Only after you are dead. Tell your survivors to get you a Chinese funeral person to get that Mau Shan ritual done so that your souls will not be captured by your '' DNA '' items. Then your relatives and pals will not be blackmailed by some bad elements doing the witchcraft religion.

I did a talisman to help my late kin break free from captivity. Thank you to Aunt BoBo that taught me about this. Actually mom drew something next to my ear with a fur pen when i was a kid and mutter something in her mouth whilst talking on the phone. It was the same thing. That pissed the Catholic community off, but Richard the Great never erradicate witchcraft at all in the East.

This is a square dot on top of a tornado and pronounce '' Bo Ru Bo Law ( plus your late relative's name and related )''

This is a Mau Shan tallisman/ charm / spell to '' break free from capitivity''.

Some charm and spelling are needed for protection since there are bad people around doing dark religion. We just have to remember our souls are programmed to one DNA pattern assigned to us when we reincarnate nothing really so fearful or mysterious. Ghosts are souls ( =us, our consciousness ) without a fresh coat.

Tallismans are '' programming language for the souls '' for a ''macro'' to be automatically carried out - they said lasting for a year.

If they cannot trap you, they cannot do anything to you.

Take out every embedded papers and foreign DNA under the skin and inside the ears and the good old soul can sit back inside the body happy when heart is pumping.

When people die, the soul leaves the body. The body is basically a collection of cells commanded by the soul giving shape, size and tangibility, so we can '' work''.

I should have gone to a church and ask for helping my late kin, but this is emergency and I do what I can the fastest way.



New Post! May 22, 2019 @ 10:11:11 pm
Radio is not supposed to blow wind to shape behaviour. Often situations are always different and are not to be pushed to prejudice.

We all have a child in us, that is called '' id'' in psychology. This is something that we do without much thinking according to our '' desire''. Alot of people are '' pampered'' and they got this more than others in life. They have the means to, and it is seen to be in some less priviledged ones that they are jealous and trying to label others with a problem. ( A revenge to a less happy past or sibling rivalry?)

Things happen between husbands and wives are not to be '' given scores /marked'' by outsiders. We have mannerisms to be respective of other's differences in the Capitalist world. Those who are doing the otherwise are clearly from communist world where everyone has to answer to every other ones in the society.

Some couples communicate via quarrelling. Some barely communicate at all as long as husband still comes home with the money, on the surface this relationship still appears to be healthy. Those who chose to split are not with problems either. Everyone has their own yard stick and wants in life.

Respect this, and not adding speed to anyone's breakup by using gossip and 'other portals' to create pressure.

There are always more happier and healthier topics to be aired. Remember Canada is never communist. We respect each other 's differences. This is what 'Charter of rights' is about.

Me and my ex had a different scenario. I invited him to leave.

And just met up and do a handshake in 2000 before I returned to Canada for good in 2003. I do not want this ex or anyone to create any chip broadcast to ruin my chances or get any favor from uncle Fung Kwok King by being my pal.

My ex moved to HK and I do not have his address. Using both sides lawyers will be too costly in doing an address search.

I do not want him to finger into any earnings or inheritances I shall have. Hence I am seeking probono lawyers to do a divorce. The wind here is, if you make money you also pay. Now most likely I dont get any out of this, so I am seeking probono lawyers.

I am seeking contingency lawyers for other issues. Please come find me at Chinatown plaza everyday 5pm where the grey plastic tables at lobby where Kum HUng Tong and Shoe Repair and HK Happy Styling Barber shops are.

I am not Clare. She was my ex 's concubine. She is now married to another guy they have a child. Our previous grudges are like water under the bridge.

Life still continues on with '' bettersongs2sing'' ahead.



New Post! May 23, 2019 @ 09:33:43 pm
We used to have cheap cheap canola oil in Canada. Very affordable. Now it is much dearer. We welcome such supply to increase if they do not sell it in China. We always have a good market for such and also for pork.

Alot of people cannot afford meat here... do not put these on racks where people trespass and pollute and ruin the brandname of the product. We have an international built name for our farm products.

We used to have a slogan to '' buy local produce''. Until alot of middle class go to the gutters, we lost alot of these slogans.

Wonder when we can start arresting and deporting those who do espionage and steal from local citizens holding expired tourist visas. Especiallly those who do not have any local citizen as relatives that will take care of them.

Giving business in one place cannot yield obedience and priviledge to anyone from a certain country. Such business actually earn the chance to make money in north America.

Canada and US can actually run on a close door policy, they have a good local market for everything they produce.



New Post! May 23, 2019 @ 10:42:01 pm
do not want to be in a Li's playground in Telecom and medical field. My mom is Gemma the first Clairvoyance. I do not want to be a DNA harvest for the Li got too many people in hospitals to prevent me from choosing my kind of med treatment. ( no surgery). They also have people in police where my reportings are not heard. I do not use a phone any longer, previously an analyst in telcom field in Hong Kong. Li develop Richmond BC and they can house illegal with tons of criminal records in HK doing communism and murder from the all over the globe, stealing me and my family ID card and even face to live here. Still have them reading my chip to create nuisance, bad health with a accupunture voodoo doll confiscated by seatle customs and these run bail,... and police decline to give me a radio frequency blocker. Come talk to me at Chinatown plaza vancouver BC Canada, five pm every day lobby mall shops area at plastic tables where shoe repair, chinese herbalist, and HK happy styling barber shops are, I am with a cap, and cart of BIG nylon bag (3'x3' white with checkers ) on a green box. These people read my chip and block my kin from voicing up from afar. And when I fax lawyers, all lines are busy all of a sudden. I need a contingency lawyers. I am Tak. the website owner. Web forms can have contents totally changed by placing in Captcha to deter the immediate sending.Canada let these stay without deporting them because these work for the Li. They wall in alot of property owners to starved between walls and ID theft them to steal the property all over the globe... I am seeking residence under humanity grounds and my uncle is Fung Kwok King Victor also American ( on Forbes). I cannot call anyone or be called here. I am not Li clan. My father is Jerome Lun chun yin borned in UK and retired in Hong Kong.. ( War jack). They chip read to get my ideas and clairvoyance without paying me right and keep me '' unhired ''. Seeking contingency lawyers to go after my entitlements and compensation.

Uncle is Victor Fung ex chairman of and Fungs group.


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