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New Post! April 11, 2019 @ 11:28:05 pm
This is downtown Vancouver.... people cannot find affordable housing, for they are '' sound minded '' only out of a job. The current non profit only rent to those '' with mental or physical problems'', so you have to obsolete yourselves before they give you a housing '' souvenoir''. This is to '' create a on paper'' full employment. Just like those who gave up looking for jobs are not included in the denominator. Non profits are with high salary only hiring those that are connected, the rest are '' volunteered'' and still use them as if they are paid staff. These mostly are not with much work experience in the country and need a '' reference'' for future hiring so being exploited and have to be '' obedient'' to get a good report / reference..

I applied for BC housing, for 12 years, they keep on asking us ''to feed them particulars'' without housing us. I do not want to be '' documented'' daily in order to be housed anyways. When can government actually build for the '' just unemployed but sound mind a body''? Or '' just poor''?? Please check if anyone using my ID cards are renting at BC Housing and the like for the past 12 years. Thank you.

Even the affording housing at the SRO have people playing tricks to make renters move around to collect ID cards now.... the way how they get private buildings to become SRO or non profit domains make me puke. I thought it is still in the 18th century... dark and dirty.



New Post! April 16, 2019 @ 09:55:03 pm
Was to the VYR Vancouver Airport yesterday.... heard a chip beckon sounding like my papa in the morning saying they would take the 5pm plane ( Air India ) back to E. India. Was there at 3 pm, but no international flight to India except 1AM. Walking around to find a group of people that could charter a section of the flight, No avail. Found domestic flight to Toronto at 5pm, but then was 4pm already, use the paging but no one come out from the Bgate. Was at White spot until 6pm, knowing the flight would be gone. Disappointed.... hope someone told papa if he is '' real'' I was there.

I would want to tell him to stay with me in Vancouver and try to get residence. I am the so call special talent and he could get residence by humanity grounds hopefully.

But I wonder if that is the real one, for George dismembered my papa, and sold his body parts for DNA compromise along side selling his ID card in E. India 3 years ago.... Had his surrogates Chan Lai *ar murder him by borrowing with my papa's name in E. India at the lending company which George got partnership and still engulf papa's farm... I could not help for I dont have the money, nor address, nor language to go there. People reading our chips showed that to me. If his head has been connectected to another body to be resurrected, then characteristics would be gone so would the Identity chip at the chest. Chan and Li even replace the hand print originally Chans' to a crumbled bloody hand print after they severed my papa's forearm. The paper they made my papa hold the E. India Dec 2016. Chan even used my stolen expired passport, plastic surgeried into my face by George to wall my papa into the aasement to starve and broke his ribs..... And still use the incident to create name with the chip broadcast....

Georgie elder son in INdia shot papa in the chest, took his belongings clinged to him, and sped away in a yellow small patterened shirt...tall and slim but vvvv dark, style like Georgie. Was heard Georgie gave him a large sum to buy him out of jail. They only burn another accomplice at stage.

Georgie and Chans are still at large.

And these a*****es are still reading my chip from Connecticut, Richmond BC (4060/4080 Sorenson Cres, and 11240Daniel Rd.) Where they trespass with a crystalline key mould.

The agreement made between my papa Lun Chun Yin and Li Kar shing 1968-71 expiring and compensation going due. Killing papa and those know about it also whave a copy of this is obvious to avoid payment.

Lun Chun Wah also got a copy of this....

When he was walled in at his '' attic'' ....I cannot even call police for the line was broken before 999 operator answer in HK.They changed all landline into infra red transmission and someone chip read me to break the line.

Lun Chun Wah could also be resurrected with some Li or Chan ancestor soul sitting there.... changed to LI clan. Our ID cards are sold '' by the bundle '' to anyone who want to marry the Li or have kids by them.

Chan Lai *ar and her family bought the '' bundle of ID cards'' around 2000-2004 got arrested at church before the '' wedding''...Surrogate and child rearing contract made for a son then. Sex is paid separate. INtroduced to Li by H3, Bosco.

This Chan family murder property owners for Li by building walls to sandwich owners inside or sealing the door, making the place look vacant, forge signature, plastic surgery or even use Mau shan 'dute cher' to steal title....

They trespass my place to steal from me since 2004. Also black mail my landlords rent longterm to me. So those chip read me to keepme safe may lose my track....

LI also sold duplicate ID chips if one can pay...

Wonder if the police is paid by them....



New Post! April 16, 2019 @ 09:59:03 pm
aasement should be BASEMENT typo...



New Post! April 17, 2019 @ 10:11:46 pm
Could be finding another place to move to again, they pass the inspection, maybe reason why they rent to me.

Rent is 375 a month, again, government subsidy, I am on unemployment. Can work and dollar to dollar deduction that type. Do not label me nuts and say hence you can find me rental run by communists origin to use me as head count to claim your funding and still want me to thank you. I need work not welfare.

Government do not keep rent subsidy to market. Their BC housing rent so call '' affordable '' housing modest one bedroom at $975 and up. Giving us $375 each month and have us tipping the rest out of the rest of the cheque and thinking us have endless savings is never correct.

IF you cannot find a place to rent, they even save up the $375 rental subsidy. There is no incentive for them to up keep the rent subsidy to market. The refugees get 2000 a month.
We already on board, paying them alot of taxes are treated worse than the new comers. You expect them to pay the $975 BC housing? THey mail the money home and sleep at their church!

Anyone interested renting '' long term '' to me, please find me at Chinatown plaza 180 keefer street ground floor tables area Mall entrance side. 430-6pm every day before I am forced to move out of the area and have to change this routine.

They fear contingency lawyers show up to find me... they all are with the Li that swallow my consulting fees and entitlement with a plastic surgery look alike by Li Bio Lab. (George Li 's surogates Chan that got police HK records of stealing all of Lun Chun Yin's family identities Bo3313 HKIDong ong card)



New Post! April 17, 2019 @ 11:25:28 pm
Comments on Hiring '' China trained '' medical staff in Hong Kong....

If they hire illegal stay using local's ID card, and gross on the mark up Say they are paying 20 bucks an hour to doctors (illegal stay ) claiming from health department 200 bucks an hour... and feeding on 180 per hour per paycheck what they have been doing at human trafficker funded countries ... still a night mare. Now it is also a night mare for those who work so hard to work at HK medical field. And local citizens rights to choose treatment. Communist love to lable people nuts to suppress their progress in life if these are not their '' worshipper''.


The trick they love is to claim people '' hallucinations''. The definition of '' hallucinations'' have been a Board question times and times again.

Hallucination is perception without a '' stimulus''. Conversing using a radio frequency under the skin chip is never hallucination. These rfid chips can be use to converse.
And visable under Xray.



New Post! April 18, 2019 @ 09:34:53 pm
Friday routine is cancelled. I only go to Richmond when I need to. For your info pls.

If you want to see me, you come to Vancouver chinatown to find me. 430-6pm. Chinatown plaza mall entrance lobby tables area outside kum hung tong and HK styling barber shops. I am one with white and checkers large nylon bag on a cart with green box. And with green and white cap on. I am not homeless just cannot keep things home. There are xholes reading my chip targetting on my stuffs so I have to take them out for convenience.

These are the ID thieves that are using my ID cards here so they play tricks to make real ID holders to leave for they create alot of culture using the chip reader. Creating real ID holder homelessness or making them leave the country denote these thieves can '' take over '' the identity.

Hope this will be changed as police will be funded by the parliament directly and municipals cannot keep whatever they save so no funding even for police....

( Dispatching is how much again with 2 police??? )

What is the use of all the debating at the parliament without anyone to enforce it... waste of time and doing a TV show.

There is tons of money run it the '' right '' way !



New Post! April 18, 2019 @ 09:37:42 pm
Read in horror about the 996 culture in China.... work from 9to9 and 6 days a week... no OT?

On the average 2000 HKD a month?

NO wonder so many rush to N. American to dig US dollars even if they work illegal!

Large firms, known internationally, please be civilized and humane! IF you are smart and fast you dont need long hours to pretent to be diligent....we work for result not for appearance.


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