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New Post! December 06, 2018 @ 11:37:08 pm
Am stuck in Canada, for there are people or replicas using my ID cards to stay and work here, these prevent me from leaving and filing non residence..... again if Li split the salary with them.

Tak SIN497237701 Cdn ID.


New Post! December 06, 2018 @ 11:45:48 pm
養兒未必防老- my brother used mom for giving him downpayment for house, babysitting and cooking and watch the door, and after his son grown up, she is put in an aged home they even label her dementia so that there is more government assist to pay the aged-home bill and they can be '' off the hook''....and trap her there. Seeking mother in Australia and Hong Kong... if someone hiding her outside her legal residence's country... ** click message board, click read more. photo was taken in 1980s mother should be thin with all white hair..



New Post! December 08, 2018 @ 12:30:44 am
I am looking for contingency lawyers to collect commission and consulting fees. Can they help? We communicate with RFID chips all the time and I am one of the RCMP target person. They recorded the conversations...There was a promise to pay me but they paid someone plastic surgeried into the face by one of their brothers and stole my pay cheque in 2013. HKClearing system database have the records, that the company recognised such a transaction. That Chan chick even forged my signature signed it over to her Li surrogate and cashed in INdia.... the consulting was for 1.7billion HKD. I suggested privatisation of the company 04 which get them grossed over 1000bil in 06. And because of the agreement my papa made with LiKS Li gave my cousin H3 ( Lams construction ) around 20bil HKD construction work since 96. There should be an insider commission of 6% for each work plus inflation and interest. Li said Lam should give me commission. I fear they use a plastic surger look alike to steal the cheque and pocket it amongst themselves again...I am stuck in Vancouver since 2012. Even if these China agent impersonators got my DNA saliva or urine and glue onto their hands... they cashed in HK. Can someone help Canadians get back what we earned?? Thanks.

So find me / Tak I am one of those cannot be called. Telus owes Li lots of satelitte fees and my phone never rang, they chip read me to get my passwords even erase from my email account. All my contacts are outgoing. find me every day 5-6pm at Chinatown plaza mall lobby entrance inside tables outside HKhappy styling or Kam hang ton herbalist next to EN's tables fine tools. I am one with green/wht cap and a big nylon bag cart. These are playing tricks to make me move back to HK, if I move there, it is really impossible for me to go after the sum. They own every public utility companies there basically I could be biking for electricity...if the refused to supply...(they are the huge '' mafia'' there)

Just got an hour on a public piano outside Londondrugs on Hastings... lost my piano for 6ys...



New Post! December 18, 2018 @ 10:58:15 pm
Still stuck at Downtown East side... but find a good landlord actually cares for tenants.... Very difficult to find Government budget rental outside BC Housing. BC housing never rented to me, keeps on asking for my particulars, in the meantime,people keep on using my ID / SIN card to borrow... Keeps on closing my application account to make the queue statistics look shorter.... and tell me to re apply... I got fed up and sent them a very nasty email.


About biking on the pedestrain... this should be banned. Zooming by me making a '' anxiety'' scene doesnt help to have government build a bicycle lane here. The buildings are so close apart, unless they scrape off the road side parking else there is no space. Besides, we all live without such ever since we were born. Will the Government waste time and money on such facilities? I really doubt about it. Such people biking on the pedestrian should be given a traffic ticket. (Driving on the 'Wrong lane' and wihtout a helmet...)


Anyone who was chip reading my parents Lun Chun Yin Jerome and Fung Siu Ling Gemma and find their whereabouts please come to find me where I am. I am soft detent here, no phone ( it wont work all my calls forwarded elsewhere in the past so I am not paying a cent for 3 years. Evern since Telus changed their system and not providing PCS phone servces ) Li got people reading my chip knows which number I call, and have devices make voices of that family to answer me. I ran into the person I spoke to and they said they never receive my call. All my calls to fax line to lawyers for contingency lawyers search to go after my consultant fees and compensation are all ''line busy''. The calls before me are all '' fine''... Big brother reading also exposes passwords, and my emails are all trespassed, I have not received job interview emails at all... One was from facebook, introduced by Christine. But they did not hire me.

click message board click read more.

Li bio lab can do alot of things including a talking head with a plastic 'heart and lungs', or putting the head to a different persons' body and make that come alive...

Please check if father is still in Calcutta, roaming the streets... around some place called/ sound like '' carleighla ovalti ''. But if Chan Lai ?ar got his eye ball, he should be one eye short..

Chan also got a screw in tooth made out of my papa's hand bones....they use Mau Shan Witchcraft to do '' stealing of body by a different soul'' to steal deceased possessions.

This group of people around 70 of them here in VAncouver are at Chinatown and Richmond BC. Some even got my face with a cloth structure under the facial skin to look alike.

And they use my face to hoot and do murder around the world walling real ID holders and owners between brick walls.. forge signatures to transfer title of properties..using the real ID holders faces to get away with murder.

Scan around with your chip reader for foreign objects under the skin - on face and body and 'inside ear holes'

Protect the real ID holder's soul.... they crush and make it weak so no match to the soul they inserted in to play Mau Shan '' capture of another body'' voodoo.

This is not bizarre.... alot of Chinese know what it is, ( Mau Shan Witchcraft )



New Post! December 19, 2018 @ 11:22:12 pm
When I am online and someone I know in person is online, the screen freeze and I have to refresh, and after that my friend is always offline. We have to introspect our online '' vulnerablities''.

Friday routine will be affirmed tomorrow. Should be this Friday. ( 2 days away )

I am still tucking out a cart for there is still trespassers using a key to trespass. Police normally wouldnt care for there is '' no sign of forced entry'' but now we are pressing them. Murder is murder regardless there is resurrection afterwards or not, with or without kindness of not.

An email disappear right in front of me yesterday as i was opening my hotmail inbox yesterday. They used to have a dialog box saying ''Another copy of your inbox is opened'' but not any longer. Who changed the program to facilite people playing soft detent games?

We should be notified of such, and another copy concurrently cannot be opened... so that emails arriving as we are reading other mails cannot be erased without our awareness.

We lost alot of job opportunities if these incoming emails are for job purposes..

Anyone knows how to fix a laptop and with a set of windows 7 or XP set up disks please come to help. Windows 10 finally crushes the program using up all 32GB of space by keep on sending upates to my laptop. I never got large files...

Because my laptop use wifi, I cannot possibly do every fix whenever they send something to crash my program again.

While I cant stop such files from entering my laptop!

Find me at 5-6pm chinatown plaza 180 Keefer Street Mall Lobby entrance, insides shops outside HK Styling Barber shop or EN's table fine tools, there are some tables there.

Vancouver BC Canada China town.



New Post! December 19, 2018 @ 11:25:32 pm
Englanders, Scotlandyards and those knowing my parents reading my family since I was small, please continue to chip read.

But not those who chip read me to talk to those '' rich '' people.
And from the '' poor'' world. These are mostly '' communist''

These defame me to keep me down and under in order to use me to
build rapport with the authorities and the rich people otherwise
they got no chance to reach.

So they keep themselves useful by keeping me down and under
including messing up my face by sprinkling glue and color powder..
even concrete powder...

I am Capitalist and I am Gemmer's daughter.
The first clairvoyance' daughter.



New Post! December 30, 2018 @ 09:07:44 pm
Merry Xmas and Happy new year!

UBC Learning Exchange ( store at 612 Main St. Van.BC Canada) is closed for the holiday until after new year's public holidays. So we do not have the venue to go on internet for a week. Coming to the big library is once a month, but thinking of doing it every fortnight. I cannot update my Wix website using the facilities there for I wonder if anyone there knows my passwords. Using a library card to log in and accessing my web is better. I can prove that is me.

People who are reading my chip can know my passwords, I need a radio frequency blocker rod so when I do my passwords, no one can read what it is.

I just went to Church, I have to be at Chinatown Plaza before 5pm and stay there until 6pm for my routine so people can find me. I am there every day for dinner.

I am Catholic ever since birth. Some pals of mine try to convert me to Christianity.... I dont know how to answer them.

Why cannot they convert to Catholicism?

Jesus ask us to believe in God - His Father. So why do we have to build another church to worship the Son instead?

Conventionally, we believe in the Father - who is the CREATOR or EARTH AND HEAVEN,..

Hope my pal read this, and convert back to Catholicism.


There is still trespass where I now live. Some Chinese opening my door with a key... short and with thick big glasses

I reported to the police. There is always some pungent mentol smell whenever I open the door on the floor, so I have to mop the floor and clean the walls whenever I come home, making me look like I am a cleaner of the place. It is a humble room but this is what I can get with government rental allowance in the expensive world of Vancouver BC..

These trespassers even leave public hair on my sink, and cigarette wrap ( small pieces) on my wall... and draw on my wall to make me clean. Police should investigate whether there is forced sign of entry or not.

This is also why I tug out a cart of big nylon bag ( red white blue checkers ) of stuffs that I need to use everyday. These trespassers read my chip to break what I need.

Sorry no more manipulation to make people fly out to earn air tickets any longer. There is no rule saying if you kick out the real ID holders or if they are nuts or homeless then you can use her ID card plus the non profits that your affiliates run can have extra headcount to claim government funding.

I am self employed... always seeking regular employment. The liptalk phrase '' you will not be hired'' will not arouse any negative feelings. So induce depression with someone else. The formula of using chip reading to steal everything to reduce people financially and feeding on long term sickness money using classical conditioning to arouse depression to give people a label to faciliate a the human traffick system does not work on every one. Once Government impose a law banning the purchase of offices to run, then fair employment chances will be available for all. Not only for those clans that pay to buy the office to run. These clans wont take you in, if you have nothing to bring with you when you join them....and when it is time to gross on you, no other clan people can help.

I am not your clan, you are not my employers nor parents,

you have no rights to ask for obedience. Still try to use lip talk to harass us. Maybe this is what happeneing to the US and thank god Trump is kicking these people out.

We need a Prime Minister like Trump. He can do what is right, for he does not need to be hired after his term.

He does not have to work with some human traffickers....



New Post! December 30, 2018 @ 09:26:55 pm
Ironically, if you are black mailed by those Chan who surrogated for G. Li in India and they are using MAU SHAN witchcraft to capture and mutilate souls as claim they can, and have dug up your ancestors' tomb for relics......

Some aunt chip read me and gave me this ....

Draw a symbol with a square dot above a tornado with 5 whirls using a marker. And quote how to read 'Bo-ru-Bo-law' and state which ancestors you like to address to on the paper.

Then burn it with a penny ( copper coin ) throw away the coin don't use it, don't pocket it, ( throw it into the garden )

- The symbol is Mau Shan meaning '' breaking free from captivity''.
And address to those souls that are trapped by they own hairs / DNA .

Thank you Aunt BoBo.

I am sorry, I am Catholic, but sometimes, God is too busy to take actions right away, we got to find ways to rescue our trapped late kins and stop these bad people from blackmailing us.

God please build a sanctuary for all the souls that are predated by witchcraft. Witchcraft in the East have never been rooted out.
(Witch craft is an old world, now we call that Alien religion )

The reason why your soul cannot enter another body is because of it is programmed to use an assigned DNA.

And Mau Shan witch craft can enable one soul to enter to use a corpse body when they put that one person's DNA under the skin of the corpse at various spots and with a scroll of paper with symbol+a name preventing the original soul from reentering at the earholes...
Also please detect this at apex of head, and close to various natural openings in the body...

In other words, if adult cloning is with a mixture of DNA, then it may not be your love ones that can come back to life using a new body...
Cloning can be done with a mix of DNA.... so if someone pay a huge sum to do adult cloning to live more than one life, there is danger that the lab doing the cloning can use their own late kin DNA to enter the body and take over everything its client has...
( The more DNA the more power the soul to use the body- the face could be Mr. A but if the bones DNA are from Mr. B, then Mr B can come back to life using this A body and appropriate everything owns by A. )



New Post! December 30, 2018 @ 09:32:42 pm
WarJacks, if you know where my mother and father is, no matter which state he is in, please reunite us. ( Jerome Lun and Gemma Fung of 53 Tai Hang Rd 4/f from 1950-90s in Hong Kong)

Also please note, a big strong body from a gangster is not a good match for my papa. A smaller body with limbs could be better.

And please do not let Geroge Li and his surrogates come close to my parents. He plastic chicks into my face steal from safety deposit box my old passports UK A042066 / A922696 and Cdn passports for year 95-97.

And travel with these expired passports to do crime outside Canada and return to Canada with those travel documents.

Tak / Lun.yeetak(AT)


New Post! January 04, 2019 @ 11:19:23 pm
Someone opened my facebook account just then. There was one person using same station at 2.05pm today called Ben at UBC Learning Exchange. When I sit at the same station, I saw my photo is on the log in page. Hope he is not erasing or changing anything I put in here. Else web police should be taking charge. For these could be those who want me to be stuck here so they can use me to blackmail or they are using my SIN.... I do not appreciate people trespassing my email nor facebook. They do this at same server so that facebook people do not notice. I am still seeking a way out of here. This place cannot even issue me a rf rod blocker.. the Chans all 70+ illegal stay who murder ( walled) my kin playing Mau Shan are still here, police dont even arrest those Russian fugitives from the States, who scan us to steal / make tricks to make a living and still pretend to be naive ignorant and kind. They do not even care for citizen's safety when they let these in, just look good on how many tourist visiting in the statistics but never per capita revene earned on these tourist, nor how many of these are flying out when the tourist visa expired.

The States have people once in a while to correct such situation like Trump kicking out all the illegal stayed. When is Canada doing the same? Why would anyone legally apply to become immigrants?



New Post! January 09, 2019 @ 12:22:10 am
My message to Sawy the dusty...

if GeorgeLi tells you to cut me off, ask him to go to hell, he make faces for 20k apiece got those whores to get my face to bunk around and steal residence in HK and Canada...he plastic surgeried into a 16 yrs old face with stuffed silicon inside. And do not let them touch my kin ( parents ! ) please let war jack know. He continued to '' copy'' my papa's face and even body parts to sell his identity in India...and hiding the real one, keeping vulnerablity so that he can play control in India, my papa could be begging on the streets while those got his ID are well pampered by those who are my papa's affiliates and by some who esteemed the first clairvoyance family. Li and their Chans surogates are still reading my chip shamelessly and using the acupuncture doll remote acting device to blackmail. They are warranted in alot of countries, send them to Saudi or back to E. India where they pay fair for what they did to the first clairvoyance family for the past 50 yrs! And please tell war jack about the '' C4'' square plates that Li inserted under their '' host'' skin to blackmail for control 'otherwise detonates to induce massive internal haemorrage'. I do not have these any one surgeried by him, all got these to be blackmailed later. ( get a plastic heart and a bag of A+ blood for papa ready to keep circulation and prevention of falling into coma. ) - mother Gemma / Fung5 should be o-blood type. Please give me back my folks.



New Post! January 09, 2019 @ 12:27:56 am
The plastic heart to be connected to neck vein and artery externally

This will keep circulation going preventing patient to fall into coma because of lack of blood flow.( low blood pressure )

Also for restarting the heart... ( heart has a reflex to start again when it is full of blood )

So defrost your corpse, reverse all problem causing death, and jump start the heart with this.

Or a few drops of hot oil onto apex of heart - this is the '' witchcraft'' way ( a small teaspoon of hot hot oil )but this need to open up the chest.



New Post! January 09, 2019 @ 11:41:20 pm
Still seeking for contingency lawyers. Half an hour meeting is not enough for my issues. Anyone interested please find me at Vancouver BC Canada - Chinatown plaza mall lobby tables area, around 5-6pm everyday. I am with a big nylon bag cart ( white with checkers) and a black cloth bag and a cap ( green or white ).. I am outside EN 's table fine tools and Kam hung tong herbalist shop where the larger plastic tables are.

*Divorce issues, going after my consulting fees and commissions, improper evictions, etc *

IF everyone can afford a lawyer, then the government need not fund non profits like probono. But probonos only help a limited number of cases.... it is not that if I can collect that I need to pay up front, ( only if we can pay 'upfront'... ) And not only asking for our IDcard 'upfront' when we called.



New Post! January 11, 2019 @ 10:54:28 pm
I am still saerching for my father. Mother was said to be in recovery in the US... but I doubt if she is still with the Li that after my papa's land. I know why she never reminded daddy in late 80s when sister in law put something in his bowl of rice.. it is not right when mom needed help, then other clan would have to help and while they have been black mailed by Li in various ocassions by putting '' C4'' small square plates under these people's skin while they were in hospitals or even in their sleep.. Please take me to my father and let me guard him and do not take a fake me to go there. Li plastic surgery chicks into my face collecting 20k each to steal my ID and residence and obviously these are working for them to try to steal my father's entitlements.... i saw an uncle's family who are all 30 years younger than the real one. I am not of the impression that Li can even do adult cloning. Remember cloned people do not have old scars nor old moles.... and their skin is more translucent, and bone density is much reduced. You cannot have the same density if you are grown in a few years time rather than taking 20 years to grow up.

''Everything on such cloned people are pretty much diluted ''..

And much younger.

For War jack 's information. I am still stuck in Vancouver. BC Canada. Never to the airport this morning nor for over some years...last time was there for I heard my papa was coming and trying to see if he was on the passenger's list..

At 5-6pm I am at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Mall entrance table lobby area, outside Herbalist Kam Hang Tong, and EN's table fine tools.

I do not want anyone to insert those c4 chips under my father's skin....


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