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On June 29, 2018 771200

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Vancouver, Canada
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New Post! December 06, 2018 @ 11:37:08 pm
Am stuck in Canada, for there are people or replicas using my ID cards to stay and work here, these prevent me from leaving and filing non residence..... again if Li split the salary with them.

Tak SIN497237701 Cdn ID.


New Post! December 06, 2018 @ 11:45:48 pm
養兒未必防老- my brother used mom for giving him downpayment for house, babysitting and cooking and watch the door, and after his son grown up, she is put in an aged home they even label her dementia so that there is more government assist to pay the aged-home bill and they can be '' off the hook''....and trap her there. Seeking mother in Australia and Hong Kong... if someone hiding her outside her legal residence's country... ** click message board, click read more. photo was taken in 1980s mother should be thin with all white hair..



New Post! December 08, 2018 @ 12:30:44 am
I am looking for contingency lawyers to collect commission and consulting fees. Can they help? We communicate with RFID chips all the time and I am one of the RCMP target person. They recorded the conversations...There was a promise to pay me but they paid someone plastic surgeried into the face by one of their brothers and stole my pay cheque in 2013. HKClearing system database have the records, that the company recognised such a transaction. That Chan chick even forged my signature signed it over to her Li surrogate and cashed in INdia.... the consulting was for 1.7billion HKD. I suggested privatisation of the company 04 which get them grossed over 1000bil in 06. And because of the agreement my papa made with LiKS Li gave my cousin H3 ( Lams construction ) around 20bil HKD construction work since 96. There should be an insider commission of 6% for each work plus inflation and interest. Li said Lam should give me commission. I fear they use a plastic surger look alike to steal the cheque and pocket it amongst themselves again...I am stuck in Vancouver since 2012. Even if these China agent impersonators got my DNA saliva or urine and glue onto their hands... they cashed in HK. Can someone help Canadians get back what we earned?? Thanks.

So find me / Tak I am one of those cannot be called. Telus owes Li lots of satelitte fees and my phone never rang, they chip read me to get my passwords even erase from my email account. All my contacts are outgoing. find me every day 5-6pm at Chinatown plaza mall lobby entrance inside tables outside HKhappy styling or Kam hang ton herbalist next to EN's tables fine tools. I am one with green/wht cap and a big nylon bag cart. These are playing tricks to make me move back to HK, if I move there, it is really impossible for me to go after the sum. They own every public utility companies there basically I could be biking for electricity...if the refused to supply...(they are the huge '' mafia'' there)

Just got an hour on a public piano outside Londondrugs on Hastings... lost my piano for 6ys...


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