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On May 03, 2023 771200

More Pics

Vancouver, Canada
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TFS Journal


New Post! October 27, 2023 @ 08:15:20 pm
NOt falling asleep for 10 days. like Zoombie.

hear not hear see not see, doing something in trance.

but eliminated yesterday once in around 10+ days
I have to draw the cross to thank god.

I am enticed to do things but not what I want to do things
Please help me.

Tak phD AOV


New Post! October 27, 2023 @ 08:22:43 pm
I have to get as much rest as possible....
sleep but not sleeping on the bed...
closing my eyes but hearing everything clear around me

The eyelids are bright there are itchy skin on face so I have to scratch it,
lots of irritation and enticement so that I cant fall asleep
even when I wear my glasses, I cant see clear.

are these side effects of what I got from involuntary treatment from psychiatry?
political oppression .....
Now going back to room to sleep good the library is 10 min walk from my home.

Severe insomia, constipation, and involuntary spasms on the arms and cannot rest the legs.. and unwilling to talk./ voice up ,. inertia.



New Post! October 27, 2023 @ 08:52:36 pm
Cant hear from those who chip read me
Cant hear from the Bok and Chan in the palace
Cant hear from the '' bunch who hates me brushing in the community centre''
CAn you guys be louder? I feel more supported
Please I need the encouragement, please please so that I know I am not alone.

Pope francis please stop my heart if they are not picking me up and before my situation gets worse to live in. Please get my soul to the FAther in Heaven,.So that there is trumpets at my ears and escort to the Heaven.
They even change our prayers. and I have to live like this. If you think there should be dooms day I concur. They even change our database intercept and change our prayers.

Tak phD AOv


New Post! November 03, 2023 @ 06:53:31 pm
still zoombied enticer entice movements.
was sleeping suddenly get up to walk around....
enticed to come out early ....

etc...etc. still cannot sleep

my bed is tilted to one side...
my pillow is too big.
too hot too cold
something itchy on my face,
light to my eyes, pics seems like dreams but not dreams. I am still awake inside.
fart all night...
entice to get up and drink water..
all night no sleep again.
can you break the enticer lines?

you should not trust a bunch of felonist.
you should send these to neptune. where no one will bring them to earth again.
instead of putting my peace and safety to risk.....
how many nights now? I cannot sleep. Walking like zoombie.

hope Pope francis is still chip reading.
stop my heart if these torture goes on. VAnish me lifeform to Vatican.
So that my soul is safe. IF Buckingham palace isnt rescuing me.
only selling my ID chip GPS with the LI....that do alot of business with them.
Stop this selling ID chip Gps thank you.
MY phD idea fetch alot of money from the hospitals.
and my can idea fetch alot of money either.

Tak phD AOV


New Post! November 16, 2023 @ 09:50:17 pm
To King Charles III and Vatican and others that can help me.

Clare Wai is back to life with another torso a Korean woman's torso living now at 11300 William road. She has a synthesizer to impersonate people's voice and use my voice to offend people.

I depend on the British Royals for provide rescue and asylum. She use my voice to offend King Charles trying to make them lose me.
Clare is still selling my ID card for living and dont want power people to be with me. So she use my voice to offend those who can help me.

MY ship is sinking and I am short of means in Vancouver. I have to eat at Community centre to make ends meet. I cannot cook where I live for the trespass basically ruin all my electronics. And I cannot keep anything there. These people are those Chans that work for the Li at 11240 Daniels there is one living right next door at 307room to me. He steals my mail and trespass and ruin my stuffs to dampen my survival space.
When I can hear from the chip he plays violin or make sounds with others that play soft detent to prevent me from heaing from the royals.

How will I offend King Charles? I depend on him to give me asylum in Buckingham palace and rescue ( eminent and ambush) I am grounded as someone using Trudeau's voice asking the travel agent not to sell me air tickets so I could not go to England to attend the funeral march of late Queen Elizabeth. I need escort to England and also with plane that can take me there.

I have to save on foods to make ends meet. I am stranded in Vancouver with a bunch of people targeting on me for they are using my ID card to live on. I wish Buckingham palace can take me in. I was not told of my royal roots until lately.
Hope King Charles can take me in. I dont have a chip reader I have to make noise to hear from the chip. I will not offend anyone that has the power to rescue me.
Clare is cutting my ties from those who can help me. Please do not let her be my spokesperson. She broke up my first marriage and use me to speak to other affluent.

Please turn on the volume of the chip reader and so we can talk again royal cousins. Please tell the king I am not the one offending him. And please have him forgive me. It is not me that offend him and please check the origin of the voice.
Everyone is so soft spoken that I have to make sounds to hear and the right sound to hear well. I am not agent trained and this is difficult. Please do not cut me off this way. And if not for some righteous people that got chip reader to rectify what was said, Clare would have fabricated alot of stories that cut ties from those who can help me and try to say I am nuts.Please verify who is talking to you using my voice. I have been enticed to say 2 sentence lately '' meaning all is quiet all of a sudden'' repeatedly. The Chans use high tech entice device from the Russian that can create obsessive and compulsive behaviour. Clare would not have said that.

The Chan use the entice device to manipulate my actions and speech and make me restless during sleep and make insomnia. I am tortured so I ask Pope Francis to help. The Yahweh people did help. And I wonder if they can use light transmit me to Vatican where the Pope is because they dont sell me airplane tickets here.
Do I have a date which I have to be at Vatican? I cannot hear properly. they intercept after one second, so I can only hear '' this is Yahweh..'' and before I can answer the voice stops.

They all group together to play soft detent and keep me grounded here.
No plane tickets, and my DNA worth money for mother is first clairvoyance.
And these are cutting me off from those who can help me. Like King Charles.
And they can even change the content of chip conversation. Like Yahweh becomes Satan and heaven becomes hell word to word change when you hear so the total conversation changes.

God please help me find someone that can change this soft detent situation.
And help me go to England and have the Buckingham Palace provide asylum and living
for I am a princess stranded here, short in finanace and soft detent by a bunch of bad people. I am earnestly seeking help from King Charles and Vatican.

Please turn on the volume of your chip reader so that I can hear you once again without making sound. So that I am not alone. Thank you.

Tak- AOV and phD


New Post! November 20, 2023 @ 09:48:13 pm
amidst the bad news there a re good news I got acquitted ....

Fw: RE: Re can you resend this good news to affirm? I cant believe my eyes....the crown drop the charges?

"Temp Work" <tempwork362 @mail. com>
@mail. com,">toishanvancouver308 @mail. com, "temp work" <tempwork362 @mail. com>
Nov 20, 2023 1:03:16 PM

Sent: Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:49 PM
From: @telus. net">davidfai @telus. net

To: "'Temp Work'" <tempwork362 @mail. com>
Subject: RE: Re can you resend this good news to affirm? I cant believe my eyes....the crown drop the charges?

Charges have been dropped

David Fai

From: Temp Work <tempwork362 @mail. com>
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2023 12:48 PM
To: David & joy Fai <davidfai @telus. net>
Subject: Re can you resend this good news to affirm? I cant believe my eyes....the crown drop the charges?

you mean I am acquitted?

Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 12:42 PM
From: "David & joy Fai" <davidfai @telus. net>
To: "Temp Work" <tempwork362 @mail. com>
Subject: Re: Next court date is 9am or 1pm? court says 9am. you say 1am...??

I have good news. The Crown has dropped the charges. You need not appear any more.

David Fai


David N. Fai Law Corporation

300-1401 Lonsdale Avenue,

North Vancouver, BC V7M 2H9

(604) 685-4150

Coast Salish Territory - shared lands of xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) & səlil̓wətaʔɬ (Tsleil-Waututh)

CONFIDENTIAL TRANSMISSION: This message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise exempt from disclosure. Any other distribution, copying or disclosure is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify us immediately by return email and destroy all copies of this communication. Thank you.

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New Post! November 23, 2023 @ 09:16:41 pm
WAiting for pick up to go to england hope they dont rescue a copy face and leave me here...... Tak


New Post! November 24, 2023 @ 09:55:05 pm
thank you for helping me get acquitted and also wish you a very prosperous happy year.
You sent
I can be picked up sooner if you want me early at the palace. eminent and ambush style no problem
You sent
they play soft detent here and I can hardly hear you folks
You sent
I want to be in the palace sooner for the condition which I am now living in is horrendous. Can you pick me up sooner? Ask M16 to have a line on me so that they wont pick up another copy face that plastic surgery to look alike to steal my chances.
You sent
and have a ton of suture marks on the face. I only got 1987 suture marks on the face near the nose and ear.
You sent
I got a mole under the mouth close to the chin with hair coming out , this will not be on any photocopy copy of me.
You sent
Get the operations staff have a line on me so that they know where i am all the time and wont pick up a replica and waste the funding
You sent
While the real one is left to wait and tolerate the living conditions (eye sore condition), have mercy on me.
You sent
my english is not good hope you grant funding to have me pick up to go to buckinghampalace where I can live and live again. My living condition is horrendous as a princess. please rescue me out of Vancouver fast. I am not told I am a princess by my kin and so I had not have a chance to go to England.
You sent
Now please rescue me to England and with your letter I can pass customs other wise they send back single travel female traveler every day. Besides they dont sell me airticket here at the travel agent. Someone impersonate Trudeau's voice and ask the agent not to sell airplane tickets to me. Otherwise I would have come last Sept for the funeral march.
You sent
So I need to be rescued. They said I am the only clairvoyance but the treat me like dirt, with the lowest cost to keep me here. (lowest type of Government assist for unemployed) which make me difficult to live here. I have difficult to make ends meet and have to rent in the lowest rent premise at Chinatown.
You sent
This is not a life which princess should have. Not an extravagant life I am asking for but respectful one.
You sent
Please rescue me to where you are and give me a living.
You sent
a place where there is blockers and I am more protected against those chip lines and entice lines... as Li affiliates Chan target on me to play soft detent. I dont receive mail from those they target to uphold. It is a common mail box and except some Government mail I do not receive any other mail at all particularly from my friends or relatives here.
You sent
There are trespass and break and I have to live with the lowest amenities that they allow me to have otherwise things are broken.
You sent
please do not close watch on me, I depend on your rescue. and I will not offend anyone that can rescue me. They even impersonate my voice to offend those who can help me with the synthesizer and chip reader. I never got any of these type of electronics, so it is difficult to hear from you guys unless you turn on the volume.
You sent
So how can I possibly talk back please check the origin of the voice I live at 237East Hasting Rm308 in Vancouver next door is some related to the chan that play soft detent associate with George Li that steal my mail. and trespass to break they are the one letting those plastic surgery look alike me and pretend to exit from my door, so M16 need to have a line on my shoulder so they know my where about all the time to pick me up and help me to England with a letter from you saying you want to see me and so Customs wont deter me from entering the country.
You sent
Now you know why these plastic surgery look alike by Li surgeons can exit from my building as if they are me.
You sent
please rescue me from here.
You sent
thank you.
Sent 2m ago
Write to King Charles page



New Post! December 01, 2023 @ 09:32:23 pm
Cant hear clearly with the chip for I have to make noise to hear. I dont have a chip reader. Someone told me the M16 will be picking me up to a hotel for a night then plane to England the next day at 3pm and going to the Buckingham palace.
Ambush style,so it would send people to approach me and not me waiting downstairs for them to pass by. It first said 4pm so I went downstairs yesterday at 4pm, up till 415pm no limo in sight M16 should be very punctual. So I go upstairs to wait till 5 pm for my routine to exit the building is at 12noon and around 5pm to get something to eat. 12noon I go to Carnegie building community centre for lunch. That is a routine to catch me ambush style, you wait downstairs outside my building to see when i exit and approach me to ask if it is me..
510 no limo in sight so I go to the store to grab something to eat. 515 pm no limo insight, no one looks like army people in sight so I grab a can of pop at the KGS convenient store next door and go upstairs.

I am dishearten very much for it is imperative that they pick me up for they got the letter that King Charles want to see me so that I am not deter at the customs. And everything provided for if they pick me up for sure I can be at the palace with the right people. I am so disheartened, I deliberately go to the bank to ask for pounds exchange rate but was told only main branch carry British pounds cash. I was then told by the chip that not a cent needed for everything provided for.
I wonder if they pick up someone else at a different building but let both of us hear with the chip, the other should not have gone to withdraw money from the bank.

I dreamt I was in England some time ago and hope this dream come true.
I was told that we should trust chip conversation. I only trusted to a certain extend for someone can use synthesizer to impersonate someone close to say things to you to manipulate. But I want so much in England taken cared of by my royal kin.
For a princess should not live like me, but much more respect and status.
IF I am picked up, they would give me residence and everything that I need to live.
I am living with government assist here and in shortage that I have to save on foods. I lost my residence in HOng Kong by more than 3 years away with a foreign passport. I was not told I am a royal by my kin until recent years someone told me with the chip. My great grand ma is princess Alysse sister of King George 5.
And familiar voices been chip reading me from the palace.

And they told me they need me at the palace and is picking me up for something
they need me to sign there.

I want very much that the palace will include me in so that my future will be stable and taken care of.
My phD idea fetch them some money with the hospitals and my cancer treatment idea fetching them alot of money recently carried out by Chan King Wai who said he would be sharing me 30% of the proceeds in his lab in the Buckingham palace so that I can have income. I am just on income assist in Canada.

I really want very much that they will pick me up and take care of me.
HOpe M16 really come and pick me up. The ambush and eminent style as mentioned
once by King Charles using the chip. The earlier they pick me up the cleaner the bill of health I can have for they mutilate health here to feed on medicine money.

Tak alpha omega 5 and phD

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