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New Post! May 18, 2023 @ 02:50:20 am
Sent by email to Vatican... if they receive it??

Is my son Marley murdered again? Someone sound like the pope(s) are in front of someone sound very soft like pope(S) at the back. I have to create the right sound interference to hear the '' geniune'' ones. The replica say things 2 seconds before the softer one at the back ,but have anyone intercepted and change the content?
I ordered Elise line to execute - burn body, souls, and cognitive part of the souls of the 60K from Buddhist desserted souls area, and also those at 11300 Williams Road Richmnond Bc Canada using another torso to come back to earth souls are David Lau and Clare Wai, these stole more than 388K from me in 1990s and slander to reduce my chances and break up me and my love mates and romance chances since 97 after I broke up with David Lau my ex husband. These are after my money try to frame me nuts to get my power of attorney. They are also working with Geroge Li Tzar Chi and also the 60000 from the darkest Hell. ( the Chan Lai Nar and family and friends that crushes souls and microwave souls to vanish them after killing the victims by tombing them between wall. These come back to Earth with another body, and escape sentence on Earth court and also purgatory court. Must be to book of death. They cancel the dark desserted soul area in the purgatory as heard so these souls are to be obsoleted. We bring back the good earth by limiting the number of living on earth. Alot of souls with bad behaviour history has to be eliminated. The fertility will be assigned and not by automation. ( So is soul creation. )
This 60000 since they mass murder for money with the Li karshing people and sons and not subdue to punishment and even involve in mutilating Alpha omega 's life and splitting up Molice and Elise and steal everything from Omega since 1995 and keep on selling Omega and her family identity without remorse. Should be '' eliminated''. They and Clare and my ex with George Li plotted to kill me and Po Kim's son Marley in Vatican twice as heard. Please verify and send the line to do the job.

I wonder where my line Elise is, they even impersonate Elise to answer me and say shes has not done what I ordered.
And just do a broadcast show to fake Elise has eliminated these villains on earth. Then these villains voice out an hour later after someone said my line has vanished them. Please do not let this happen, for this will affect the name and respect for the church, for these made us sound so '' useless'' that we cannot punish these on earth.
Please give me back my line. I need to execute. And not letting daddy rent it to someone that pays him or trapped line in a small bottle ( green or white? ) and have her kidnapped and forced to serve some Li or papa assigned people.
I am born with that line that yahweh use such to protect me. not for thieves to fake stories or threats to make it comply.
Tell Elise shes is not a person, nor a soul .So she doesnt need her own body, and no photocopy of me should hold the segment of soul that she anchors. This is what I was told so I tell you this. Please let God know who got the line since I was 4days old. and tell the line not to be afraid of these people. and fight back and execute them since they steal use of her.

From AO5. Priscilla Lun. Jerome's daughter.

What I heard yesterday..... I am furious. The son is only 2 years old and murdered twice already. Is the father with chip reader monitoring him? What I heard is the 60000 and Clare and those prostitutes from Korea plotted to murder him, for these are using my ID cards and dont have a son by Pokim.
One even use plastic surgery on her child's face to look alike mine last time
to steal what I paid for my son at Vatican... after they murdered him.

Please make sure my son cannot feel pain, when puncture or even when burn.
They are trying to make him not wanting to come back again. Vatican will surely resurrect him free of charge. When can they get me there to also keep an eye?
The Pope is so busy....
Good that the kid is like me. Strong and intelligent.
I heard Pokim and Chan KingW got a werewolf to bisect and that idiot pokim transplanted the wolf's veins into his leg. He got some chemical stuffs contracted from Li that will promote decay. And they say werewolf never rots.

And I wonder if he will turn into one when the moon becomes round.
Prince knocked the door and asked to have him confined to see if he would really turn into one.

This is the stupidest thing Pokim and Chan ever did. They found the silver bullet with a cross in the heart... I dont think anyone will turn into a wolf during full moon. I just would like the Pope or my line to unify DNA to human DNA again for Pokim and even chanKW I would never touch such things from transmania they even paid 100k for this and do resarch on! The thing died for a week or so in a swamp and not decayed a bit....How can the leg not swollen due to rejection if such animal and human transplant is present.

Don't you wriggle out like this again you wont turn into werewolf so that heaven wont take you in.

I have to put this guy into paper doll and ship the soul pieces up to God with me.
There are tons of pieces 70+ as I heard. There must be at least one that are willing. I really feel like slapping him in the face...

Story is mother and some Maushan people crush his soul into pieces and insert each into photocopies of PoKim. So that each copy can do what Kim can do and earn more than one pay or do different jobs at one time. This life as pope Francis said we must be back to the creator's comet. So I have to tag Pokim along. This guy ran to earth with creators' pay advance and fear that this will be deducted or if he is sent back to Earth, then he need to be animal if he died. Werewolf doesn't die as told some lives to hundreds of years.. So I am also thinking of a way to keep him in the comet by giving him job, if he work long enough then the creator will not sent him back on earth, after he passes on his soul will be allowed to stay in the comet ( they called the creator's heaven). What he encountered this life as top affluent's son in S. Korea, is unspeakable. I trust his personality he is never wicked or evil. He just cannot make decision right. For his father dictated every moves he takes for him and make him do all the dirty work for the family. While his father other '' biological'' sons harvest his fruits and live really like a prince.

My papa suspects that he is Molice so recruited him as prospective son in law ever since he was six. I am 23 years older than he is and father predicted my first marriage would never last.

Marrying a woman bigger than he is... in work and life often impose a problem for alot of '' male supremacy '' Korean I think. But I can face my conscience. I did nothing wrong. if he doesn't want everyone to know what i said he should give me a chip reader so we an tune down the volume to talk. I am much better than him in making decisions.. these whores around him alienating us by intercepting and changing what we said to each other. I cannot have a bit of his soul leave on earth for people to use it to steal blessing this time. He is testing me all the time while more trusting those China agents with chip readers. I am pissed off i am his spouse he is one of my man in waiting. These coach him how to '' handle me ''.
So far, he has not find me a lawyer or chip reader which I mostly needed.
For he did not want me to know what he does.... who he talk to.
Pope Francis what should i do? I have to keep him regardless for Queen Elizabeth asked me to..... and I have to take him up as well, he is also from the comet.

Tak - phD AoV


New Post! May 18, 2023 @ 10:35:11 pm
I heard something about the naughty doctors in the palace.
They bought a werewolf body and bisecting it thinking it has elements to offset
decay. For the thing been dead for some years ( not a week ) and not decaying at all.
One even transplant a small section of veins into his leg to see if the decay element would stop for some Li infest him with the decay chemicals.

But when they see the thing really have human set of teeth then they startled.
I think they were tricked to do so allured by some '' special powers''
told in some talks.

Please ask Vatican to 'change everyone to human DNA and unify DNA' in my man in waiting quarter.
Formerly '' Princess Alexander '' quarter ground floor rental premise
with Chan King Wai name in Buckingham palace.
And also watch if there is anything changes in me and do the same for me.
For Virtually we are in touch and intimacy..

Let's see if my man in waiting doing such are actually who they are inside out.
For Li people use witchcraft to use another person's torso.
For they are hated and would not be considered by the Royal Palace for marriage.
Wonder if they compromised my men to do this to destroy my team.
Since I am with Vatican, everything can be '' amended''.
Our creator God created this universe.

Find out who lure 'Prompting Solar' to do this to himself.
Decaying element is nothing, you can actually remove the vein and
replace with another person's vein rather than an animal's/ hybrid.
Or inject with vinegar/ wine.

I think some thoughts of being '' superhuman'' is so prominent in some
who are still indulged in their agent training age has to be lectured.
The Lions in the palace can smell out who's wolf there.
See who Solar has been in touch with for the past week
and gather them in confinement this week. For next second nights are full moon.
Also the Lions and animals... put the lion down and revive them after Vatican purify their DNA and unify their DNA.

For the existing werewolf community, please return to your habitat, and stay there
and handsoff other people if you want to be accepted and last. Some are good people and just are '' infested'' by the original mutant DNA human years ago.
If Vampires are respected to have rights to live in England,
So are other species.

Canada also respect the rights to life. As long as you have not harm another soul you are let to live. But recent years, some have been doing killing to stay alive and they are gunned down by the police. Living and living as the other species need to have terms on earth. Just like you have to have money to buy food otherwise you starve even for all of us. There is a website where you can buy blood and anything IV. it is Use UPS to courier to the door. Tell them it needs to be ice packed.

(Using another torso to relive to escape legal punishment is another story. The States already enacted law pursuing these which ever torso they are using. So will Canada and other Common Wealth countries. )

Tak/P. Lun. phD Alpha Omega 5.


New Post! May 19, 2023 @ 02:34:04 am
The library computer shuts off when I was still typing, lost a ton of typing....
there should be 2 minutes to end session...they just end early when they don't like what I typed.

I was typing I tug out alot of stuffs because I don't want these to happen when I go home at night...

There are coolant on the back of my clothes, detaching shoe soles when I wear them, glycerin and wax inside my hair dryer, books missing a page or pages torn, small insects in my soya-sauce or cooking wine, s*** powder in the salt or laundry powder, coolant in my pillow+soft toy+bedding, computer not working, and also stove that takes an hour to cook a ramen, motor oil glued to the knives and forks and cyanide and glue inside my cups and bowls.
So I need to tug them out and I have peace of mind coming home to use them.
Please pardon my appearance.

For the sake of such trespass and vandalism, I still have not considered finding a spouse to live with me. For this cannot guarantee his is loyal to me and not letting in anyone to do the same ( particularly if I am not obedient )
Besides the matrimonial law is cruel. Anyone bunk with you for 9months entitled to split your half ( money and everything you have ) regardless if they ever work a day to save up the money with you. The money we have may take more than one generation to accumulate. ( Gifts from parents. Estates are not included in the matrimonial split). These whores split their legs for 9 months can never find such return, so they target on proper individuals.

Me and Sola both had been with such type of spouse that treated us like trapped and caged animals. And they drew us down and make us unwanted by others to make their life comfortable. So in fact we did not want a second spouse. Thanks to papa's arrangement, we were introduced to each other via chip conversation. But papa disliked him later for he disagree to papa selling our ID cards with Li Kar-Shing.
But virtually we are still together and waiting for a chance to be really physically in touch. I am soft detent in Canada, by those who owe money to me and chip reading me. It is very difficult for me to get air tickets in a big brother country which everyone communicate to act together in discreet. Alot use my ID card here and don't want to follow me to move elsewhere these may blackmail customs officer elsewhere not to let me in. I went to a tour company to get air ticket and they told me to drive to Seattle to get my tickets there... what if US doesnt let me in and it is absurd to tell the officer that I have to get air-tickets in another country. My mother is Gema the first clairvoyance, and I am the only clairvoyance in Canada as heard. ( no matter how small my powers are, I foretold something in the past. )

My son Marley will be with the church and not be targeted by those '' trained to be his type of gal'' by those hunters using marriage's 'clan people'.
He born to be my son, that is his destiny.
These hunters even chip read the pope.

Earlier on, I said we need a type of chips that only acts like a station with a discreet frequency. So there is no transmit out. Transmitting out is with another device. So only those permitted can chip read to the individual.
Also I said higher end, we need more '' little pair of wings'' to do the job.
The conversation and images will be in packets and sent to the cranial area for envision and hearing directly 'like Warp' **''just appear at the destination''** and not ''traveling'' to the target so these warp lines cannot be intercepted and altered.

Radio lines travels and can be intercepted.
Maybe this is a new era which radio frequency lines are deemed second.
So chip conversation can be reliable again.

Did I miss the deadline? What deadline? I cannot hear properly.
I just head '' This is yahweh''.... and nothing more.
I never got a chip reader but tons of chips on the body under the skin and even
in the alimentary tract. They said the little frogs disabled the heart glass tube chip I had from birth so i don't hear from that chip any longer.
Certainly there are some chips where the pyloric sphincter is.
So some claim they have my heart chip and can trace me where ever I go to black mail even church people.

Tak- phD Alpha Omega 5. daughter of Jerome Lun one of War-jack clan leader.
I am ruler class myself not because of the low balance in my bank but because of the number of people I have rescued.


New Post! May 20, 2023 @ 01:44:42 am
Dear Police and Court.

Please see how many are being soft detent by their phone provider and email providers and those who chip read to get their passwords. ( Reference Kelly Troy Army forces... I got her email years later to found out my pager never rang at that time. )
please restraint anyone with my face pretending to be nuts in front of court to help anyone applying to get power of attornery to appropiate my money. Thank you for your attention. There are over 30 look alike me in this country. Either by photocopy ( close DNA with slight difference but less dense strands and look much younger and whiter, diminished bone density, or by putting a cloth under the face to act as bone frame structure to look alike.) Dont let them use these methods to steal my entitlements. if court awarded to the wrong person, please investigate who are accomplices and money split to whom. Thank you. The court will be sued for negligence and whoever helped me will be awarded. Thank you. From Real original born into this torso... Priscilla Lun Yee Tak. SIN497237701 my ID is classified. The Secretariat should chip read me 24hours. For so many try to be me to steal my entitlements at court.

Sent to @vpd. ca,">vpd @vpd. ca, vpd @vpd. com, ihitinfo @RCMP. Tak AOV and PhD


New Post! May 20, 2023 @ 02:24:33 am
Most of the time I have to type my password twice to log in this website recently,
seems like someone use my first password to be in first and erase my messages before i log in, but after posting here for awhile, no one can actually erase what i posted. so please use reply button to post here openly your message to me if you want it to stay long enough for me to read it.

I am in the library of E. Hasting and Main Street they call the Carnegie Library Vancouver Bc Canada. Normally around 6-8pm. For I use dinner upstairs in the cafeteria every day almost. They offer great prices for their dinner plate.
Alot of people in the neighborhood dine here.

The frogs stole 100 bucks from me this month and please make sure they are no longer welcome to chip read me or hover around where I live and stay.
I still live in the downtown East side where rent is cheap enough to be covered by the government rental subsidy. I do music composition for the Koo and Wong people.
Koo and Wong actually are resurrected and living in Singapore.
For Singapore allows resurrection and Hong Kong is now part of China, and China forbids resurrection. Even if you say one country two systems, the line is more blurred as it gets closer to the fifty years' promise.

Canada is Monarchy even they let in too many from the communist side and these even get humanity grounds to stay. But whoever auction the country to run cannot change the constitution. These try to use hardship to drive the real residents out of the country, buy another ID elsewhere to live out. So the country itself is full of those they let in and these try to impose their own country rules on the remaining locals that is not right. This just foster a human traffic world that alot give up their home country to buy an identity to live elsewhere.
The minimum wage is one of the helpers to foster a human traffic system. Those who buy and ID are hired and those who are real residents are not, for the latter the employer has to pay '' full wages at least at minimum set by the government''. The illegal gets the job for the minimum pay scale are not applicable to them.
They use our ID cards number to report tax and the difference between what is actually paid to them goes to those '' concerned''.

How many noble employers nowadays will hire real residents with the minimum pay standard are really limited.

I need a letter from the Church so that I can fly to Vatican without deterrence,
and if England wants me to be there, I also need an invitation so that their customs got no ground to deter me from entering their country.
Alot of customs are auctioned to run again, these could be working for their own clan rather than for their government. When everyone is big brothered, everyone could be in accomplice and there is no innocent fair chance world.

Worse is alot of good world people do not have chip readers.

Tak- phD Alpha omega 5.


New Post! May 20, 2023 @ 02:47:37 am
Some people working in hospital love to frame others hallucinations while they can self mutter to communicate with their clan people. Almost all of us use the chip to talk to those chip reading us, and for their attention, their framing hallucination no longer works when the presence of the verichip is located on the web. This is an under the skin mobile and secret agents used to use this in the past to talk to their superior, but anyone with a chip reader set to that frequency, can hear what happened. Hallucinations is perception without a stimulus. And the presence of a radio chip is certain a kind of '' stimulus''. And you cannot grow headcount for non profits to claim funding and say alot are in need of your '' mental health service '' when they self muttered or talk aloud with voice to the air. Alot of these chips are actually transceiver chips that we can use to talk with those having a chip reader. Some chips even have analyzers that can know the type of chemical elements entering the body.
I post this here so that some medical professionals cannot deny the existence of such chips any longer. And the database of patients in the hospitals are not for making money for the human traffickers so that we have to obsolete as many people as possible to make a bigger inventory stock for them. Since everyone are tagged since birth, we demand everyone can get a chip reader or blocker from the Government. /@emmemm/ verichip-and-its-awesome-applications

Tak- phD Alpha Omega 5.

VeriChip and its awesome applications — Steemit


New Post! May 21, 2023 @ 12:52:52 am
I am still composing songs for the Joseph Koo people and Jim Wong people to do television soap songs in Singapore. After TVB folded, they work for Asian TV network.
They died before but now resurrection is possible if you got the connections.

Every day at least 2, else someone threaten to break our big brother chip line.
THey got more chip readers can thin out others communication line. Also mobile reception. So all clan members of your clan if you dont want to be soft detent you should group together to transmit so that your line is much '' thicker''.

I am looking for a chip reader anyone know where to get one or rent me one?
Must be able to'' visualize''.

I am also an inventor and innovator. I sell ideas to biggies and they have been constantly chip reading me. I helped them make alot of money. This is also why I need a lawyer to go after them. They are chip reading me for my parents who have been so busy in the past when I was a child so they got my frequency.
These got my ideas all the time and since I am business consultant they should pay me what I enable them to make. Just like the innovation of Cloud, and also ideas of having Warp line and packets of info data directly to ear rather than using radio frequency line transmission what I wrote last week.

Now I think this is also needed, we need planes / space crafts with Artificial Intelligence to know the intent of the pilot ( operator ) to prevent drastic karma-kazi type of action or plane hijack. For these planes are expensive and lots of lives are riding on it. The owner needs to be assure that some operations cannot be allowed under normal circumstances. Some space crafts got auto function that if there is no pilot ( they are murdered or dead ) the plane will automatically fly back to the mother planet. So that the pilot cannot actually run away with the space craft. There could be incidences like space movie Hal9000 which the computer will do whatever to lengthen its life, like human. But this can be over come by eradicating the '' emotion/affect intelligence'' part of the programming. A device should never be given programming to have 'affects'- just analyze and perform.

I was thinking of this for I need to bring a bunch of people to the comet using AO spouse category. And if these don't have the integrity, they may be bribed to turn against us. And we need them to do the netting.
There is no death. We just clone them back if they are hit.
Since alot of planets are dying, tons become space pirates, these with their crafts do whatever to stay alive.

We all are made in the image of God, so you look human. We are human in fact and so don't call the creator extraterrestrial.
Planets are with different species like earth just depending on which species are
given the wits and majority to rule.

Tak- phD Alpha Omega 5. Daughter of Jerome Lun, one of the leader of warjack clan but I never join any clans.... I just think we need a society that everyone help each other so that no one is lone wolf.

Ah,the Church has recovered the prone to be werewolf in the palace.
They just waiting to have all their body hairs fallen off.... hope they will not be bald. Virtually connected I am not affected. My eyes are not red and I don't have a bushy tail. Still for safety sake, keep them inside when its full moon and see if they '' howl ''. hahahaha...

Tak phD AoV


New Post! May 23, 2023 @ 01:21:56 am
Dear Police :
My passport Canadian 95-98. I wrote to passport office they never did anything.
I heard someone even with my face using the passports to travel.
I got new passports current. No need to use an expired passport to travel the airticket is more expensive than the passport that last 10 years for 150 dollars.
Please note that this passport was stolen from my Safety deposit box. between Dec2014-Mar2015 at Bank of Nova Scotia Downtown Vancouver. After they switched to a non paper signing system, and my valuable bag was accessed by a house mate(?) while I was cooking at 4400 Sorenson Cresc. I reported to the police by fax about the trespass and possible theft. For these could have got a copy of my SDBox keys. I moved to 8400A Cambie Road Richmond in Oct2014. These thieves also stole a ton of stuffs and photo copy my resumes and credentials kept there as I was told.

These Chinese agents are reading when to steal, Just when I got a new passport, they trespass to access my valuable bag where I put it with my SDbox keys ... they exactly know where I put them. And BNS have the nerve to send me a letter to ask me to close all accounts with them because I reported to the police about the SDbox theft.... And that was the time when some Li kar Shing people bought alot of BNS shares...
BNS always got the customer keys though they deny this.

With this passport I travelled to the US Sanfrancisco to visit Fung Lai ngan and Susi Wong Kwan Sau. in 96 December.

Also please note, John Lun Wai Ling one copy of such could be Li Kar-shing bio lab creation of photo copy of humans tissues. The bones are from the Grave where we buried his bones at Diamond Hill / Tzi Wan Shan Hong Kong. We paid respect there in the 70-80s but not ever since after we moved abroad. That is why the bones are ‘’ black’’ while the ‘’ fresh- with loose DNA strands that are not exact DNA pattern.’’ Please check if another soul is using the torso holding onto our family’s foundation control .( Lun Wai Ling Foundation). As long as there are other people’s DNA inside a living body with heart pumping, these other people could be using the torso rather than the original soul that is born with the body( transplant also count ). Please check with Vatican which soul is using the body. There is no need to fear, God create things simple. Each soul is born with a specific DNA each life. As long as that DNA is with a pumping heart inside the body, that soul can be inside the body. If more than one soul is with one side inside the body they can displace the original soul from the hypothalamus. One soul is the shiny dot there… use a chip reader and see how many dots are in the hypothalamus. Thank you.
Our foundation is internationally big holder of assets. And the Li prys on us for decades.
They are high tech villain. Sons are on the electric char in the United States. ( George Li is executed in Connecticut years ago more than once, the Li got bio lab to photocopy humans ).

Please scan around how many got my face thank you. There is a cloth structure under the skin.
And I only got 1987 suture marks where the forehead and nose is. No newer suture marks.

For your attention please. From Priscilla Lun SIN 497237701. @facebook. com,">Lun.yeetak @facebook. com, write as comments on the Wall so that if erased you got notification to connect. They got my passwords to erase from my messenger.
5/22/2023 to police.


New Post! May 23, 2023 @ 02:47:27 am
Facebook messenger to Tsai ling wan. I found cousin on facebook.

i m fung siu lings daughter. @facebook. com">lun.yeetak @facebook. com fung kwok king run away with my compensation 60mil in Dec 2017. Please check. Thank you. Fugn tak lun and think Spence also reading. Thanks for taking Jonathan to UK with your plane.
You sent
You sent
lookin for alot of money at court
You sent
are u interested? 10%firm ask if Vatican also interested
Today at 7:13 PM
7:13 PM
You sent
can you use your F14 to take me to Vatican, they all group to contain me in Vancouver alot use and sell my ID cards here working for Li, these black mail tour company not to sell me aair tickets and customs not to let me in. I need to go to Vatican. I am entitle to get a line, ( sign something ) and also I have a test tube son there called Marley. Father DNA is Jonathan Bok Po Kim. Bok Chen Chung's son father arranged us since he was six years old that one and bailed his father to be Premier of S. Korea in 79 and even use our grandpa 's gingseng land in Korea to get them plant and run and get Fung kwok King to buy the gingseng from them... THAT Bok family. The Li photo copy him ( Po Kim ) into 100 copies and use his name to do entertainment and even sell sex and borrow from the Korean TV network recent years. I rescued my copies of him 2 years ago paying off his debt ( The real one only borrowed 4million USD and repaid around 2.5mil. I asked PCCW to pay off the rest around 2yrs ago. I got a huge account with pccw but they did not pay me a cent but willing to pay the network as instructed. Bok Chen Chung also got shares with PCCW so PCCW willing to rescue his son with my account. more than 26billion USD they accrued owing me there.... I need at least a promissory note and promised interest. But they should pay me 6-10% for my ideas they only pay 1%. Fung Kwok King paid me 10% of the 100billion my ideas helped him made in Jan 97 stock crash. And Bosco borrowed the 10billion to do business and promised to pay me 2004 he never did. The 10bil Fung Kwok King is tax deductible. and
You sent
Bosco is paying him interest in the 10 bil HKD that should be mine for Fung Kwok king???? see teh file I sent you. and thre is a link of 12 issues or so there wanting a lawyer... if you know any dare devils that are willing to do this. Come with radio frquency blocker, for those Chan Lai Nars people that wall people between walls help Li to prevent people helping me for Li is selling my ID cards still. I am phD since 2017 and they should play by the rule phD ID cards are not to be sold even if the ID holder are derailed, poor or not. ...And do you know how cruel they have been to me? they slander away all the chances that I have since 95 and I bet they also walled you between walls the first yr you onboard. They live at 11240 11260 11440 11460 Daniels Road Richmond BC Canada. They use Mau Shan to switch into another torso to live to be above the law. One even live next door to me at 237 E. Hastings Van.BC Canada. I lived in Rm308 the 2 sides people also engaged in walling in people for the Li.... and with blockers on to hide me away and say no room between room 307 and 309. This is second floor not third. The numbering of rooms is based on number of stairs in the staircase. 10 stairs make one floor. And old building my level is 30stairs but Second Floor. The section above the Toi Shan Society sitting room in the first floor. My room door is with alot of '' postings''. i am not home 2-7pm only read me after 8pm. pardon my appearance. thank you.
You sent
I need a chip reader and radio frequency blocker to keep me safe. you can go to to find me. hit reply and post there the posting cannot be changed after 15mins keep the page on. for 15 mins so no one can change your posting to me. they got my passwords so messaging or email or PM doesnt work they log in to erase it before I log in. Post as comments to my wall writings on facebook if they erase it ,you got a notification. stay on until they cannot edit post.
The Forum Site - 771200's profile
You sent
thank you. see this site postings on Jan11-14/2023 posting. Look for backdoor and 771200 as users. thank you.
You sent
LI also got adult cloning '' photocopy of humans and plastic surgery to look alike'' dont believe in them. they group to gether to prevent people helping me. Trudeaus also mothers friend and mother is li kar shing's 3rd concubine. any one money knowing her going into Li clan pocket mother got 12%. she basically put everyone of us on the table to be slaughtered. and you know Andrew Fung Kwok Wai / On always frame people wounding her esp woman. he did that to me in 2011 but consulate appealed to reverse the conviction. They did this to draw me down to feed on ID cards and no good clan will wave me in. I am consultant of big 6 here in Canada and with gold card when I returned to HK in 2011. Tai Lam stole mother's 22k one catty bracelet. I had to bring everything with me for there is also theft in safety deposit box here in Canada. When Li invested in that bank, there is theft for bank also in fact got a copy of customers' safety deposit box key and in discreet they check what you put in there... after you open the box.
Write to 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen

I am Alpha Omega 5 of the Catholic church. So Vatican is first choice and Tai wan is better in language though.. the Tai Lam correctional in Hong Kogn stole my jewerly and alot are at Tung Tak pawn store with Li people running there. . they switched my '' stones '' to cheap ones so are the gold bracelets. Bosco Lam gave Fung kwok wai 200k to frame me wounding him.Razor blade was found in kwok wai's pyjama this isin the nursing notes. He cut his head sitting behind me i could not see him doing it at the time. But consulate is chip reading everyone from Canada in HK. I never renew my HKID card since 96 and use Canadian passport to enter HK.

So they have to give me back my hand but they never compensate me a cent. I never receive any notification but someone chip read me to tell me this.
My mail was intercepted by those living around me they chip read me to follow me where I move to each time for past 20 years to play soft detent and try say I am nuts for each time a copy face shows up.

check HK legal contract database. 95 Chan Lai Ying and George Li Tzar Chi, then you know which is the family walling in people for the li and also playing soft detent intercepting my mail and stealing everything from me and slandering me preventing me from getting jobs, erasing my email and etc and impersonating me to go to india to murder my papa do a show with him to throw me off my grandpa foundation inheritance. ( lun wai ling foundation) papa also got an account with Li kar shing clan sharing proceeds from selling my ID card and profile with the li, Megan also marry into the royals using my profile. how much should I get to ask them to compensate me the life they sold away from me since I was 4 ys old. i should have a line, they stole it ask US army about the '' Kuwait line'' that end the war in 20 mins. Daddy stole the line from me since i was an infant. Ask Vatican on this and he rented this to Saudi people for billions a year. I need this back to me, they use that to do murder with the Li.

and throw a few bucks a year to Vatican to make them close a blind eye.....
Its been 50+ years close to 60years, they got enough money to stop and not
continuing compromising my future. Anyone got any hearts and righteousness?
Any lawyer willing? Dare Devils needed.
See my file to you, how to find me. With a radio frequency blocker a must have.
get me one pls. thanks. The army one.

180 Keefer St. 4-5 pm mall entrance public bench (Chinatown plaza mall entrance) I set up a routine to be found there with a paper logo lookin for lawyer and with a cart of stuffs. Bosco people try to make my life difficult with those Chans that wall people in, all working for Li so i cannot keep anything home else these are broken and those Saudi trespass to use my room to impersonate me, being the little prophet and tape my DNA to sell in the Saudi and ruin my upholstery so that they look better and try to rip me off a place to rent , putting pollutant inside to attract insects and drain down the floors and walls. and slander me to make me unhired. They stole 7mil US stipend Queen (Iran) Farah in France mail me, they drove me out before the first cheque arrived in 2013 to Matapan Cresc I only rented for a month these Saudi should be gullotined

Tak - Priscilla Lun Yee Tak. Alpha Omega 5. phD

Tak-PhD AO5.


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Megan suddenly gone white? Like Michael Jackson bleaching his skin? But cant bleach the DNA to be anyone in the Lun's family.
Too bad. The bulky Harry in the wedding is much bulkier than the one in this photo... look at the forearm that one is a soldier this one is a playboy. See how many versions of the couples are present to feed on their credit, like what Megan feed on my and other Royals' credit by forging signature and copying other people's ID card on the form to borrow. Why cannot the royal palace give you body guards to protect and you have to buy police to protect? Because the real Harry died the first night of the wedding and they still faked a happily ever after show to appease everyone. And good that he transferred out the money and she only inherited less than 50000. 3 kids before marrying the prince, she can only be another lady in waiting and doing a show to earn souvenir money. Even my man in waiting got body guards.... I am 30+ in succession. I am sick and tired of this type of lie and cheat. The royals are just another affluent family they need not do a show to keep anyone happy. The Churchills are in good terms with them. They have every right to be resurrected as long as they can pay for one. No need to hide away those they resurrected. England got bio labs to resurrect so is Vatican and France

My response to Lady Diana private group on Facebook today.

Tak. phD Alpha Omega 5. Princess Priscilla Lun ( Prince John Lun Wai Ling granddaughter )


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@backdoor Said

Megan suddenly gone white? Like Michael Jackson bleaching his skin? But cant bleach the DNA to be anyone in the Lun's family.
Too bad. The bulky Harry in the wedding is much bulkier than the one in this photo... look at the forearm that one is a soldier this one is a playboy. See how many versions of the couples are present to feed on their credit, like what Megan feed on my and other Royals' credit by forging signature and copying other people's ID card on the form to borrow. Why cannot the royal palace give you body guards to protect and you have to buy police to protect? Because the real Harry died the first night of the wedding and they still faked a happily ever after show to appease everyone. And good that he transferred out the money and she only inherited less than 50000. 3 kids before marrying the prince, she can only be another lady in waiting and doing a show to earn souvenir money. Even my man in waiting got body guards.... I am 30+ in succession. I am sick and tired of this type of lie and cheat. The royals are just another affluent family they need not do a show to keep anyone happy. The Churchills are in good terms with them. They have every right to be resurrected as long as they can pay for one. No need to hide away those they resurrected. England got bio labs to resurrect so is Vatican and France

My response to Lady Diana private group on Facebook today.

Tak. phD Alpha Omega 5. Princess Priscilla Lun ( Prince John Lun Wai Ling granddaughter )

They even changed the photos of Prince Harry wedding on the web... prince did not wear a black uniform he wore a grey army uniform. And Megan was much much darker in complexion. See if any villain clans changed everyone in the plastic surgery. Megan got a '' cloth structure '' under the face anyways and anyone can make into her face.


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save links.


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This group of Saudi from Communist Iran use ex renters ID cards for sale. They got people producing fake SIN cards.
And trespass and vandalise my floor and walls and put cow dung at the window frames at 237 E. Hastings St. Van. BC Canada Rm308. Use chip reader to slander me to prevent me from being hired. They are all illegal. Use my ID to get favors from their Church ( Muslim) trespass and use my room to impersonate me whilst I am out 3-8pm. Someone said they pay the cleaner and my next door neighbor Rm307 and Rm309 to come in or close a blind eye. I never give anyone my keys. Those from communist domain all have crystalline key moulder to get keys. Please arrest them. It has been since 2004 that I experience constant trespass from those related to the Li and the Lam cousins. ( These Iran communist people get people to rent Li's stores )
And mess up real ID holders well being in health, name and finance so they think they more deserve the ID cards.
They have people working in Genesis Security and usign my ID card. They frame me trouble at Chinatown plaza where I buy there all the time and even use police to evict me. I was with a face mask so their pic is blurred and they framed me not using a mask during pandemic so prevent me from '' using the mall''. I never made trouble there. I just waited there at the food court for lawyers if they receive my email and go there to look for me. These chip read me to play soft detent with the Li people. Their chip readers break phone reception lines and they chip read to know my passwords, so my emails can only be outgoing. They log in to erase anything I should not get. And I have to log into my diary website twice recently thinking someone use the first log in password to get into the page to pretend to be me getting the honour with what I write and erasing what others message me there, before I can log in using a second attempt to put in the password. Please see if any library computer network staff are with the Li kar shing clan to deter me from logging into emails and the like so these can have time to log in first and erase or to impersonate me for the Big brother chip reading world just monitor and never actually can reflect the truth sometimes. For they also got synthesizer to impersonate another person's voice to read to me and others and frame us hallucinations. if it is your mother' voice coming through by the verichip, dont you response ?

This group of Li kar shing people all selling my ID cards adn try to get my inheritance by framing me nuts and try to get my power of attorney using my ex that bribed the customs letting him in again. His residence was cancelled by Justin Trudeau.
See Consulate court in Hong Kong around 10 years ago. SIN494466873 Lau Lup Cheung David. And both he and his commonlaw galpal, Clare Wai Pui Yu are warranted by the Hong Kong police. These are fugitives using Li help to escape to Taiwan to fly here around 2017. You can ask Henry Ing of 134 King Road West apartment building Toronto Ontario. He got a chip reader and can provide you more evidence his whereabouts. My mother is Gema Fung Siu Ling the first clairvoyance that is why my DNA worths money. Any clairvoyance in the family will have the whole family taken cared of by the Muslim Church. And this Abelli (original lastname as Li lo hammi- tourist from USA ) family use my ID to be raised by their church here. Other buy my ID to follow suit. They believe clairvoyance / 6th sense is by genetic heredity. ( this is also in the court verdit of Dec17,2017 the reason why they need to detent me to collect and sell my DNA to Saudi and got millions of dollars. )

In addition...
Please note they also stole stipend mailed to me by Iran Queen Mother Farah in Paris France they forged my signature to cash it. These landladies all chip read me and have someone use my ID either to sell or to borrow before or after they waved me in.
All are not actually so nice to rent at Government rental subsidy price of $375.
Total more than 7million dollars Canadian Stipend was stolen. Royal Iran King David also got people chip reading me. They also got future ideas from my mother and my mother helped them to get out of Iran in late 70s in full gear.

From Priscilla Lun Yee Tak. SIN 497237701


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There is a gathering about preventing Chinatown changes face by developers into mint expensive area forcing everyone out of there..

This has to have the land owners cooperation... if they sell the building and the stores, all the renters have to move.
The point is, when they post a rental advertisement, who can call them to rent from them? Alot are '' arranged '' to rent from them.

These pay one year rent and within that year, they do all the damage they can to frustrate the landlord and other good renters.
Like the one above me, stamping his feet all the time and grinding the floor with his furniture in the middle of the night, having the ceiling powder falling everywhere onto my floor. These powders are cold and even corrosive. Who sneaked in and smeared these onto my ceiling?

And in the middle of the night, someone attempted to open my door with a key.
And tons of trespass. I am a good renter that pays rent punctual. If all the good renters move out and the building have to incur fixing the structure every 3 years,
who can rent at modest price to help other worker level '' wah kius '' stay afloat?

These even use wielder to open the water tank / boiler and pollute it with paint and coolants colors etc...washing the tanks is 6000-8000 per diem. We renters can complaint all we want but if landlord cannot keep budget, they just sell the building.

This is how alot of property agents have new '' inventory'' to sell. And as a result, alot of people are '' homeless'' for there is no more affordable place to rent.
I am sure alot of good old landlords like to keep their place and tenants and empathize the renters only got low income so they rent at low price.

The government has not been too friendly to those making low income. The non profits feeds on government funding per head count they help, so there some black hands pulling down everyone that is vulnerable ( low income to begin with ) to the needy type that they can basically use for headcount funding.
Making these having long term sickness, obsoleting them from work force and exhausting their savings have been the '' module'' to grow non profits funding.
And alot of these non profits are never run by Asian or Hong Kong people.

And those communist origin people running these in particular want to frame people not their ethnic group nuts, dirty and unkempt ( having mental issues )so that they got more to target for government funding. And alot of those set up by our forefathers now run by these category of people.

Their own kind are always find a spot in the shelter, don't have to line up, and others have to line up outside the building every day to hit their luck.
So people SEE how much the society need shelters. Worse they are opened for line up at the hour which they and other non profits organization's ''free food/ dinner '' time. If you are eating free, you wont have a ceiling at night.

The Shelters in the United states got more '' humanity''. When you lined up for a spot and got 'serviced', you are there stable for 9 months then you are out of a night then again 9 months. And in the meantime, you got a full 900 bucks assistance cash to spend. Canada, the 375 portion only given to you when you find a place to rent, if you are homeless or line up for the shelters, you only get around 10 bucks a day. They raised it abit more during and after the pandemic.
When the federal pays 1200 per head, the city holds up 300 so you only get 900. And GST credit refund month, your assistance is late for a week.

Save on food and also save on poor.

Alot of people need affordable rent housing. And I would suggest landlord post a time-frame where prospective renters can meet them during the day. And good renters do not mind landlord '' chip reading them'' as long as they do not get a chance to find our Social Insurance number and how we sign our signature at the bank to forge signature to borrow with our name.

The phone company also does 2nd mortgage high interest loan business, and property sale. Because they can '' arrange'' who can call you, it is better for your to find a way to be reached so that every renter you have are good renters. Don't cry and say all renters are bad. Everyone wants a stable address to begin with. Renting with good renters are much more profitable than siding with some illegal stay to feed on renters' belongings as used good sales.
There wont be sales business on first hand inventories all the time unless the renters get good income. The creation of '' demand'' on new and used goods, has become a drain for both buyers and sellers at this point in time.
Demand comes with purchasing power.... that is money and savings. Once the savings are drained, people stop buying.

The pandemic created a ton of empty stores.... see who still has the money to become the new generation of store owners.
Tak. - phD Alpha Omega 5.


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Royal watchers at Buckingham palace, please terminate any lines from Richmond BC Canada Williams Road and Daniels Road, Alderbridge Road, Sorenson Cresc all in Richmond, towards me and my man in waiting. Particular Jonathan Thank you.

Please help Jonathan to terminate chip reading lines from his ex first wife ichi.
Wong siu wai? Thank you. I dont want her to suggest to him spliting my half then going back to her. thank you.
And also their lines to my son at Vatican. Thank you.


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