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New Post! July 18, 2022 @ 10:53:34 pm
Posted on facebook.

I was at Tom Lee and trying out piano for some biggies that chip read me.
Lang Lang was in France still and so is the resurrected Yundi who now looks like his original self, small built and neighborhood boy.
Papa people's resurrected him with a cloner, since he rotted long time after the traffic accident since 2005. Disappointed because he would not turn into the handsome prince they once built for fame and fortune. ( Plastic surgery and elongation of the legs that is brutal in pain and ego... )
China got a restriction on resurrection and he better remain in the free world.
He should be Alpha Omega 4. ( signo on the feet. )
Current still a '' Shinto'' after married to a Japanese lady.
Mother been sending my piano books to China after I finished ever since I grew up now I know who they are sending them to...
He still got a floppy disk that I wrote ' Henson Leather ' on top???
If so please return to me, I forgot how I tailor made the consignment inventory calculation template.

I tried abit longer time I supposed and the security with big eyes drove me out. Maybe he is being kind, I lost my time there.
There is a red and white Stein way which is second best to the red and black one at the corner, but the red and black one sound abit '' metal'' and not the
innocent sound of piano. I played the same extract on each and found responsiveness is not as good as the Steinway in the Richmond store also on Spiro products. And they should not remove the layer of cushion plate under the keyboard which makes Steinway famous of its '' cotton touch''.
And that is why it is so different from other brandnames.

Still writing songs for Koo and Jim currently in Singapore.
Famous people and rich ones do not need to die nowadays.
Those whores like Clare current at a small house at Williams and 5 Richmond
threaten to make me do 2 song write a day else break our chip reader line.
No problem, 2 songs. Currently I wrote more than 60 since April.

The Back '' Minuet in G '' sung by Wong Yuen Chi is written by me. The suggested palace dance Musical is also suggested by me.
I am happy when this variation got success.
Another for Ma Yoyo to cello for an episode on Ukraine is also by me.
Koo and Jim has been chip reading me since I was small, another papa's affiliates. When TVB folded, they moved to Singapore.
Doing music for the TV network there, if you want to sing those TV production songs, do contact them.

Some people do hate those who are real ID holder and tucking out a cart for they cannot ask those stinkies to trespass and break and ruin the bank account or break their hearts any more. Tom lee used to let people try on the intruments as much they like and now it is not so, so please let Tom Lee owners in HongKong know about this.
You are not letting security guards choose who should belong to the '' good '' world and those of the '' poor'' world.

Tak- AO5. PhD


New Post! July 19, 2022 @ 10:26:54 pm
Saw someone tall and thin walking by where I exit my motel building just then and lookin alike the Korean lover in England, except he is much darker in complexion,and hopefully nice looking after the took off his '' nose mask''.

I am currently at E.Hastings and Main St. library Carnegie building where they used to do alot of '' shelter '' work and the worst stink harbored here.
And the city turned it into an acceptable corner after years of effort. And these morons moved out. There is no need to stink as there are venues to take baths here. But whether the water is clean is a question. We have cleanest water supplies but the tank and the faucet are always with glue, paint, and pollutants.
So these pollutants and coolants glue onto skin attract insects to bite, and also arthritis as coolants glue onto bony prominent. That's why people need to wash clothes with some disinfectants and even '' toluene''.
Appreciate if some stores carry toluene so that we can wash everything with it before using. So pollutants are not glued on top.
Some even put into water tanks, and tap water is then okay to consume.
The age which you make people leave by pollution, trespass and harassment got to cease and we retain alot of quality people around. Only quality people cannot stand such manipulation. Those from worse places see these type of manipulation as '' mini mole'' operations and they simply don't bath, don't drink water ( less than 600 ml so that they don't even need to go peewee and let the kidney fail within 10 years and claim this is their time. And be a moron to others driving people to move out of the country by constant doing pollution and irritation taking money to do so...)
We used to have a police force that do everything, now only serious crimes...
and trespass without forced signed of entry they rarely do anything so our faucets are polluted, sofas are slashed, beddings are moisted and cooled..
Food in the fridge are polluted, and bottles of seasonings are with '' mosquito lavas''.... We don't want to be forced to take in whoever as mate in order to have these die down and obviously these split our halves and slave us.
My brother hifi lines are all mutilated while his wifes' stuffs are never touched. Gave him polluted foods and threaten to split his half...etc.
And even add to my mother/ parents bowl of rice and make them say she is me.
Wore a silver flame glasses same as mine and appeared behind me in the garden in Sydney Lucinda Home. Just 2 of us to steal my ID chip GPS.
( Wanted to re marry to even more affluent families as my brother biological
father is Mok so he is not fed by the Lun's foundation. My mother wanted this fact concealed, found someone with A+type blood got his name to see a General Practitioner and got a note saying A.Lun - type A blood to lie and cheat to Yahweh people and said I defamed her - why didn't they go to Queen Mary's hospital and ask if my brother A. Lun @ 53 Tai Hang Rd Causeway Bay HK if he got Type B blood while my parents got O- and A+ respectively.... He was with acute abdomen one time in 1980s and the whole family could not donate blood to him. I am A+ type.)

According to records, my parents died and prove whoever resurrected are really their souls using the bodies... since the LI love to use Mau Shan people doing resurrection with different bodies instead of the original body a soul is born with.. our way of identifying people using JUST DNA got to change. The soul is the only thing that '' counts'' it is just programed to use a body ( DNA ) every time it reincarnates.... consult with Vatican.

Tak- Priscilla Lun Yeetak. Alpha Omega 5 & phD.


New Post! July 19, 2022 @ 10:54:30 pm

they got a no number card, thinking of where I can pick up...
mail box in the apartment is common and never safe.
next door shortie steal my mail. from the Chan Guerrila family this one.
He moved out, but moved back in again, the guy hung alot of stuffs out of the window.

Tak. - phd


New Post! July 26, 2022 @ 12:48:24 am
Another incident that someone swings his coat at the library and gives me concrete patches on my face.... hahahah. initially there was a teardrop kind of pattern and a circle patch on my left face now some concrete on top. So I need to use my WD40 to wash my face again. Some men here are a*****es like to bully women, and they are all clamped out of the woman's black hole when they were born. These should be fed with poison instead of milk when they grew up. So Canada people are not so '' developed'' as they do this to women's face. When Trudeau and other Prime minister sell Canada as one of the most developed place in '' mentality '' to attract migrants elsewhere be sure these are warn to educate their existing locals on mentality about respect and equal rights to women and those who are invited to live in Canada. Once these are taken as real residents, the locals should not play tricks to make them move away and think this will get the Government to spend less on unemployment or social assistance. And when these immigrants work they are usually of the 40% tax tier so it is okay to claim back what the government assure them when they lost their jobs. When the government let in illegals and make these replace the locals, they get the difference of what they actually pays them and the required minimum rate because these use local's ID card number on the payroll list. So there is ample to pay the unemployed locals and selected in immigrants that become unemployed in 'the auction the government to run era.'

Pope Francis is in Alberta, and chip read me when something happened last night and I threw a fit again. My virtual boyfriend blew a shot to his head again. I think it is better to have him frozen and taken with me to Sistine Chapel when I go to Vatican and have him resurrected in heaven. Heaven has coordinates and has been leaked to someone who resurrected my mother ( Alpha Omega 1 )
meaning it is physically present, think heaven has moved because of that and need extra men to guard the place. This one is excellent in hands and feet except he cannot make good decision once he is on his own. No one sells her first time in a whore house without a surcharge, those who are willing are up to some plot, and he never gets the alert. This ruin our relationship for someone so stupid to extend a contact beyond that paid per diem whorehouse visit and since he is from heaven, and run into Alpha Omega, think it is God's idea to bring him back up there to guard the door again. And remember, no one can let in any souls that is not on the '' allowable list '' regardless if any saints or higher rank angels trying to press anyone to do so. This should be on a piece of stone at the gate showing the door guard he can refuse to listen to head angels who try to bring in souls not on the list. This is a million year's punishment on earth and the head angel cannot no longer go back up and wants everyone she used to know stuck on earth....

NO wife is going to withstand an another woman outside the house and if anyone willing to sell her first time for 600 bucks in a whorehouse, you don't feel obliged to pay her more.
Wife is wife and whores are whores, you don't side with whores to handle your wife.

Don't pull a long face if your princess now choose to sleep with another man-in- waiting other than you. Even virtually using a chip reader that can create sense of touch, you have to ask for permission before advancing, that is plain simple courtesy and respect. I guess even Korean are taught of this mannerism.
Western world woman are '' equal '' in social status to man.
And father stop selling my ID cards with Mr. Li and keep your daughter down and under to fit into human traffic rules that only the poor ID cards can be fed on, else we can also sell our Prime Minister's whole family ID cards....It has been 50 years and you have acquired enough to now let it grow interest and still fell secured.

Tak- Priscilla Lun Yee Tak, PhD and Alpha Omega 5..


New Post! July 30, 2022 @ 11:54:53 pm
The pope is flying out and dont know when I can hear his voice again....
He looks like Valerie my ex senior at CIBC Forest Hill Village in the 90s.

Dont know where Solar is, another just sounds the same...
well getting the head and neck will sound the same, but sings it needs the lungs so dont have to steal use of his head Mr. Li using bio lab facilities..

Keeping routine, renting books at Library Rick Stevens London book.
Planning to tour London.
Hoping can see my royal cousins, and not arranging them to be away while I am there....
Need to replace my London University phD cert, Megan took it with a name change cert into my name...

Tak- phD AOV


New Post! July 31, 2022 @ 12:46:44 am
@london.">transcripts @london.

Transcripts Office
University of London (Worldwide)
Stewart House
32 Russell Square

Email: @london.">transcripts @london.

Third party verification:
Email: @london.">verification @london.

Diploma Production Office
University of London (Worldwide)
Stewart House
32 Russell Square

Email: @london.">diploma.enquiries @london.

Tel +44 (0) 207 862 8303
Fax +44 (0) 207 862 8287

Student Information

Details that I need to replace my phD cert stolen by some palace thieves..
That use my profile to marry a prince.

Tak - PhD AoV


New Post! August 01, 2022 @ 10:47:00 pm
Been doing research on London tour.
Finding a place to rent affordable is difficult,
how can they ask for 400 a nite hotel in UK pounds? That is around 600 USD a room! This is the so called $$$$ rooms. I am looking for the C\ room in the tour guide book. And finding craigslist if anyone like to give me a couch.
Just a place to stay for the night a shower a phone number to contact
for most of the day I will be out touring why need expensive places to sleep?

Looking for Vatican tour. I need to go to Vatican for
my LINE, Lawyer, chip reader and a blocker.
emailed this to

I wonder if anyone forward this to the pope. Since I am Alpha Omega,
I hold also a position there. But mother another Alpha Omega deflected,
never told me the ways I connect there. She is wicked to the bone.
Still pretending to be nice and caring all she cares is every year Mr Li kar shing deposits into her account the money come from all my chances that
they sold to another that pay them and even crush my soul have my intellect and wisdom reincarnate with a talisman to families associated to Li when these grow up have the blessing to marry rich or successful in life ( blessing point come from my profile for fragments soul also share the same soul number ) then these families will pay mother and Li. ( Just like Main Boh, Grandpa Chingchung paid mother huge when Mani married to the Kim. She is from my soul fragments splitting my blessing account.) I was told of this by some Li boys and the Mau Shan people that know about this. And obviously some Korean is also using my ID cards sold to them by the Li. I never live in Seoul and other parts of Korea all my life. Mother and Li even plan to disappear me in the darkest hell of Buddhist side after finishing off my blessing account by putting my hair and nails over there with a talisman. She got a locket of my hair since I was 11 years old. Scissor by the old amah.

If you believe or not, my earing disappear right in front of me.
The frogs did that. And also send rays to slash my stuffs, I know why
my clothing and other expensive stuffs got '' broken '' so fast.
Usually less than a year I bought them. They mess up targets belongings to
drag them down by slandering and appearance.
I have a time budget for things, whatever condition it is, the time and $ budget stays. The frogs and the dark eyes are said to be Georgie accomplices
the ones he waved in by sending long range radio signals to outer space.
George looks for ally to fight God to confiscate earth and split earth's harvest to these since their planets are cooling off.
George and those 'Guerilla' Chans are still chip reading me and these Chans move to another complex as told 11440 Daniels from 11240 Daniels. Richmond BC Canada.

Please eradicate Wong siu yat ( J. Boh former 2nd wife 80yrs old ) from chip reading me and narrating what we do. Her soul is entangled with those Chans to create another thread to stay on earth. Vatican has burnt her more than twice this is the reason why she can still stay on earth. She hypnotize Boh to commit suicide
thinking she can still inherit, but no. Boh had already got 7th wife at present she is divorced long time ago and got her payout. A former North Korean Kinseng accomplice with elder brother to deplete Boh's foundation account set up by his biological father.

The amount I inherited has not been in my hands, they are in the Queen's hands.
I have not actually been in England all my life as my parents never told me of my roots for they intended to feed on my ID cards as long as I live. I am going there to claim my status with the palace. they even told the Queen that I died in the elevator January 1998. I bounced back as the elevator door opened and walked out without knowing what had happened, until someone told me. My ex Dave Lau was convicted of attempted murder in Hong Kong and other 5 counts of murdering former '' spouses''. Then Li helped him to escape prison and he was found at Gathering Place 609 Heineken Street earlier told he moved to Richmond and disappear, could be one of those who use J. Boh body in Korea ( they got links to adult cloners and stored the old bodies in the cemetery but Li unwalled all these and stole the bodies to resurrect and use the body to sell to those who cannot use their own face and ID to live. Boh is celebrity and popular and easy to get well paid positions.) Li gunned down Boh as soon as he signed the cooperation agreement, could be then possessed Boh body as he headed the household and started mutilating everyone in the family any way they can for when Li totally swallowed the family, no one will be on the side of the Boh and Li can still stay in Korea.

There are still some good Li in the Li family, hence I can still got some grape-wine from there. But I will never marry into a family that got at least 60000 sons / agents that do assassins and the family culture is totally money hungry. Chong is a good leader she protected the good side world business
but she also got possessed by those Guerilla Chan as this once took to rule for a few months when they made the most money during that term. Heard they changed the system and if Chong is still ruling... Chong brought 750 Million to Li clan when Li Kar Shing married her. Mother was green with envy.

Poor Father still thinks his dear wife is with him all the time....
But his hypocrisy is unveiled recently, he only talks to those who can contribute to his future, and sacrifice his children's justice as he fear
giving a lawyer to me to go after Li for money will ruin the relationship with the Li. So I have to go to put up a sign set up a routine to be at 180 Keefer St. Vancouver Bc Canada at 4-5 pm everyday to look for no recovery no fee lawyer, to go for MY JUSTICE! come with a radio frequency blocker and let's talk!

Tak - phD Alpha Omega 5.


New Post! August 02, 2022 @ 12:25:51 am
The group murder for George Li son of Li kar shing has been doing their murder in Europe and Vatican ( wall people between walls to starve to death, resurrect the torso with different soul to sign away everything to the Li and borrow to the full then discard the torso and move on or use the ID to make money if the ID of the victim makes good money for his status on earth ) Hope Pope find a way to take all these 6000 from Buddhist darkest hell  - punched open by Satan fork for mother gave him 2 sons raised in the Li kar shing family currently in Europe making split of Yahweh's assets ( a bet made million years ago ) This 6000 empower George to do mass murder hence he is also going to the darkest hell then mother will not be predated life after life by a grudge held against her and father by George. They already murdered in 10 millions range. For they at least murder 10000 a week. And silence millions victims' souls by vanishing them in microwave ( Mau Shan religion method ) and putting them in boxes of acid to torture and blackmail survivors.... letting these hear the dead love ones cry for help voices by juggling the boxes of acid and deceased DNA and broadcasting with chip readers. 
In the name of Father Son and Holy Spirit.... 
Please put this group back to where they belong Pope Francis as soon as possible, so that those on Earth will not think having money and property is a curse. 
This is by Alpha Omega 5 decree, Yahweh Decree, also will be consent by Alpha Omega 3, and 4 who also got walled in and murdered by the Li and resurrected.
George did some good but this group of Chans accomplice  (Chan Lai Nar of Sau Mau Ping Tin on Estate previously also patient of Kwai Chung hospital ward G2 H2, G/H5 in 83-88 ) cannot do enough good to be spared. Make sure all those reincarnated bugs marine, and animals also drink the potion of forget, they retain wisdom this way when the 
reincarnate humans again they got lots of life of wisdom surpassing those obedient drinking potion of forget all the time even never need to be any species less than human. 

Tak - Jerome Lun's daughter.. PhD AOV  - Routine presence at 180 Keefer street vAncouver BC Canada. 4-5pm. with a cap/ panda cap on. ( Quarttro til Cinq apres midi toute la joule  discover mai voici )


New Post! August 13, 2022 @ 09:28:04 pm
Lun Yeetak for Police and Vatican. Postings on facebook. Idea sent to Machi Kozaki as EKLun in May2020 facebook messanger.
December 24, 2021 ·
Shared with Public

Further elaborate on curing terminal cancer as requested by someone in Korea.
Cancer is beaten by our human cells survival strength.
Cancer cells can never be regenerated/ revived.
Lumber cells have to be removed for spores are always there.
All system has to be cleansed (drain all blood and body fluids and replace with new blood and fluids) to prevent spores from migrating and regrowth.
And Surgical method removal and also with local sprayed-on chemotherapy. Else the mother lump may still be on the organ even though it has died.
Let live and re-live/ resurrect ( let die or stop the heart for a week. Freeze the body and defrost after a week.)
Sign waiver with a lawyer else no doctors willing to do this for you. And the estate issues with the law has to be examined but you can always do this out of the country. Get a coroner if no surgeon want to do this for you to offend the hospital that tells you to go to a funeral home or hospice.
Bio lab people know how to revive the heart.
Just attach a plastic heart at the elbow and pump for 2 days.
The biological heart will synchronize heartbeat and pump together.
IF you dare, open the heart and add a teaspoon of hot oil onto the apex, the heart will fold into half defibrillate and jump again.
You have to open up to remove the lumber tissues anyways, but if you don't mind a recurrence and want no surgical suture marks, you can just change all the blood and body fluids, and do an oral chemotherapy after a month of most nutritious foods. And use medicine to kill and regrow all the lumbar tissues. But this is a '' pretty but not safe '' method. Recurrence will occur. But you are back to the primary stage of Cancer and not anywhere close to the end.
NO more fear and tears for Cancer!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hope this is the best gift that I can bring to man kind.
The Saudi people (Iran) who chip read me even set up the bio lab faster than Trudeau..... guess their food got lots of carcinogenic elements in it. Trudeau and lawyers here should sue them for my half as inventor rights and not following suit to steal the idea from me to make money....
Don’t you steal my Nobel Prize Musie! I am Alpha Omega v the little one in the Muslim bible. Not that Abelli ( Lilohammi ) family who stole my identity and even use this ID card for sale at Matapan Cres. Vancouver.
They got my ID number for they were my landlord for a month, they stole my stipend from Iran Queen Farah in France by accomplicing with plastic surgery look alike me by George Li that know how to sign my name. They are the one impersonating me to dine in Iran and stole the leader's diamond rings. ( 6 of them and have George bio lab to reconnect the head ( another one ) to come back alive.)
I am at 180 Keefer St. Vancouver BC Canada, Mall entrance with a Bear head cap ( brown faux fur to be recognised) at 4-5pm everyday. For Li got too many shares at Telus and they chip read me to get my passwords they erase my messages / email before I log in and forward all my calls to empty line. The only way to find me is to locate me where I do this routine outside the mall.
George copy my face onto 60 chicks that steal my identity and chances. My family agreement with Li expired in 2018. No renewal as they use such to elevate my ID card prices.
Seeking contingency lawyers for huge claim my fair share in contributing to the company to make big money with big working ideas. For the past 20 years. ( PCCW-HKT private consultant. )
And agreement with the LI to pay me the sum. And also monies promised to relay to me by Bosco Lam's guarantee to Fung Kwok King Victor. And going after estate of my grandpa and the land interest loaned to my uncle Lun Chun Wah.
Anyways hope you can help me find a contingency lawyer, while I help you recover from terminal Cancer!
From now on, Cancer will never be detrimental again.
Trudeau recovered over 6000 will various types of terminal cancer using my method made 10+billions in 2years I entitled to inventor fees.
Those chicks that got my face by George Li insert explosive tags under the skin when you sleep. They feed on estate money after paying for buying my ID and profile to get close to affluent male.
Have a happy and safe Xmas and New Year!
Please do not let these copy face or cloned body of me to steal my inheritances and entitlements in life!
LOVE Tak. / Priscilla Lun Yee Tak. PhD Health Science.

This is my postings at Facebook. Dec24-2021. @facebook. com">Lun.yeetak @facebook. com

Li and my family accomplice to sell my identity worldwide to chicks wanting to marry up and marry to the Li Kar Shing family and keep me down and under, soft detent me prevent me from getting ahead in life. I need the Line, Lawyer and chip reader and blocker to get communicated.
Hope you can get me what I want and sent a copy to Vatican. Rome Italy. Attention Pope Francis. I am the real Alpha Omega 5. With original body and main soul ( diamond shape ) Not the fragments of soul and cloned body. The Li slandered with family to prevent me from getting my line for they know me knowing their mass murder ( walling people between walls ) and steal everything of victim by witchcraft resurrection with the Li ancestor’s souls signing over everything to Li Kar Shing family clan. They have been doing this for decades, check your parliament/ power people if they got vials of nails and hair ( another person’s DNA ) under the skin particular above the clavicle. They are doing Europe and Vatican for almost a year.
Please do not let them steal everything and power on earth. Thank you. Police and law should do something that can arrest these who did crime and use death and resurrection with another body to by pass penalty. click message board, click message of month header and scroll mid page of what I am going after and why I need a no recovery no fee lawyer.


New Post! August 13, 2022 @ 09:51:54 pm
Some changes in the dollar amount later heard....


Tak is searching for a probono /contingency lawyer (no recovery no fees lawyer) to go after her consulting fees... if anyone can refer her one, and find her where she is at. (16% is a huge payout if succeed.)

First: G. Li, brother of Richard got a surrogate Chan Lai Nar who plastic surgery into Tak's face and stole the PCCW cheque 1.7+billion HKD payable to Lun Yee Tak Priscilla, ( Tak ) and cashed it with George in India 2013. Li used Tak 20 years for consulting ideas, messing up her phone line preventing her from working for others. Li never pay Lun a cent in compensation nor consulting fees. George Li people still chip read to soft detent. Tak is in Vancouver when they did a show to pay her in HK and split the cheque.. And the Chans using the chip reader keep on defaming Tak calling her as whores and cleaners to switch identity with those they sell Tak's ID number to...This Chan Lai Nar and Chan Lai Lay (- sister also plastic surgery into Lun yeetak/ Tak's face) got police records in Hong Kong stealing identity of Tak/ Lun Yeetak Priscilla's HKID D321396(0) and SIN 497237701 since mid 90s . Please check with Central cheque clearing database in Hong Kong to affirm. Also auditors of PCCW should have copies of large amount of cheques - 17million USD. Tak is in Canada 2013 suggesting privatization in 2004, chip read by Johnson Li Vice Chairman all along. ( THIS IS DONE IN HONG KONG TAK GOT RECORD OF STAYING IN VANCOUVER CANADA WHEN THE CHEQUE WAS GIVEN TO CHAN WHO IMPERSONATE LUN IN 2013)

G. Li did plastic surgeries to help people steal identity and residence. There are around a hundred looking alike Priscilla Lun Yee Tak / Tak in Richmond BC and other parts of the world. G. Li does plastic surgery for illegal stayed to steal residence by looking alike another resident, and assist these to chip read the REAL ID holders to steal from and hide / soft detent them. Tak is 153cm and abit round in build 105lbs, and arms and legs are NOT slender.
Second: the agreement between Li Kar Shing and Jerome Lun - Tak's father, matured *2019* summer and Li has not paid Lun a cent on the amount promised.
Lun referred Li to Warjack and Li got Warjack Arsenal business for past 50 years amounting to 300+ billions USD ( 60F14 @6billion USD each in 70s). There is a 10million USD promised to pay Lun upon maturation of the agreement ( by default 50 years since 1968-71)


Third: the agreement made between Li and Lun in late 1960s also linked Li to Lam construction. Owned by Bosco Lam (they called H3 in HK). Lam receives over 1 billion HKD in cash and sales every year. Now accumulating to around 90+ billion in HKD, Lam should give Tak commission for this. And....
Lam withheld a sum of *9*BILLION HKD* from Fungs to Lun (Tak) by Fung Kwok King Victor in 2000 written a guarantee to give this to Tak. ( Lun Yee Tak, Priscilla Canadian SIN#497237701) A written guarantee was written up to the payer Fung Kwok King Victor since 2000 and Lam never pay Lun the promised sum. Lam was jailed in Honolulu earlier this year (2019), Fung sued him for fraud not paying the sum to Tak.. Lam is also suspect of paying uncle Fung Kwok On/Wai to frame Tak in a wounding case using the precedence set up by this Andrew Fung. Paying uncle 200k HKD for the trouble to maintain status quo in ID card money split in case Tak enters into a good world clan or married to another person, then the parties splitting Lun's ID card revenue would change.
Lam (HH3) is too big to be reduced so Li bribes them. Tak prompted Fungs and Lams to escape Stock Crash in 97. This framing is also suspected to get Lun's handprint to forge documents to steal Lun's interests in her grandpa Lun Wai Ling foundation.

Fourth: Tak last saw ex husband in 2000 ( lived apart since 1997). Ex David Lau never gave her the address to file divorce. Tak cannot afford lawyers' fees of 200-400 dollars Cdn an hour. Seeking help to get this done *FIRST* . Ex has never paid her support since 1995, he got a son out of wedlock by galpal Bonnie Tong in Hong Kong in 1999-2000 worked at Smartone Telecommunications.
Prince of Wales Hospital Shatin. or Queen Mary's Hospital HK? - Bonnie Tong Tin Bo/Po. Son is called Sunny Lau.
Lau died in Shanghai in Spring 97 soon after leaving Canada. Resurrected by Li people for he also helped Li to sell Tak's identity.
Also he gave my SIN /Canadian ID card to Clare Wai to use during her stay in Toronto mid90s to 2010s.
Clare got big eyes and skinny limbs and light brown skin. They depleted Tak's credit line of 100K+( RBC in 90s).Need to do this issue first. Please help file desertion& adultery. Clare was deported and police interrogated her where she got Tak's Social Insurance card. ( Heard she is allowed back to Toronto recently as a tourist with her husband and child.)
Ex also worked for PCCW in 2000 to do audit in India.
This branch of PCCW was managed by George Li Tzar Chi.
Clare currently hide in 11300Williams Road Richmond BC Canada with my ex.
Chip read and scrutiny me still and black mail to play soft detent. Stole 260K from my RBC Account in Toronto when I was in Hong Kong 1998-2003July.Both from Hong Kong. Accomplice with Tang Yi ( JB Woven Label Kern Rd.York Mills / 4Boyd St. New Bruinswick,and Li kar shing people to sell my ID cards / ID chip GPS since 1990s. And make those got keys in my building common mail box to up hold my mail since 2003. Stole my ID cards and all my registered mails and contacts that they think I should not have like court correspondances. Li got people at major telephone companies and forward all calls to empty line, they do satellite for Canadian phone companies.

Fifth: The court in Hong Kong reversed the verdict of a wounding case. HC-ESC4250-011/012 But Tak never received any written notice. Need the lawyer office to receive it so that Tak can go and pick it up. Clare's Wai cousin Wai Pui Yin was living upstairs from Tak at 3700 Kilby Court Richmond BC Canada in 2012 and they got Tak's mail. ( Common mail box of the same family motel). Ever since Tak has been living at premises with '' common mail box'' and she is never the first one to access the mail. And these ID thieves always got people living at the same premise and stealing her mail.

Sixth: There is a blocker RF chip at the back of Tak's head. She need this removed for this stops her from hearing from her kin that use long range radio frequency reader to connect to her. She needs to check who's DNA is on the chip that tagged her in her sleep and pursue legal proceeding and compensation.
Please tell Tak where the clinics doing Tag removals are. (in Vancouver).

Seventh: Tak was cheated to move out of her owned property by someone in city uniform banging on the door without a eviction notice at 735 Don Mills Road Apt1004 Don Mills Ontario in 2006. This person appeared in later years appeared in police uniform without a badge in Vancouver when Tak reported police. She was only given 15 minutes to pack. She lived in the premise since early 90s and the address helps people define who the real Tak is for there are others plastic surgery into her face by putting a cloth structure under the facial skin. Li is doing this type of surgery.

Eighth: Tak needs a lawyer to go after her grandpa's estate to her father ( missing in E. India since Dec 2016) Since Li can do adult cloning and plastic surgery and have means to print of Identity documents. Grandpa is Lun Wai Ling who owns a foundation in Hong Kong that has a portfolio of land holdings, survived by 3 sons and his wife since 1930s. Each survivor holds equal interest in the portfolio. Tak's father's interest was loaned to his younger brother Lun Chun Wah when he needed a mortgage to buy land in' Ma Wan' ( pronounced in Cantonese) in Hong Kong. Wah never return the interest to Tak's father Lun Chun Yin . Lun Wai Ling is a great philanthropist that his foundation donates to Community Chest every year. Please help the foundation people get in touch with Tak all legal contracts mature in 50years by default in Hong Kong. ( Tak is Lun Yee-Tak, Priscilla ) Thank you. And see if the foundation people are all witchcraft resurrected/ compromised by Li people. *This issue is to be last to do for the land is locked in and cannot be used to pay contingency lawyers' fees*. Need a Mau Shan religion master or Church Vatican people to verify the identity and number of the souls using the body that are holding onto Lun family's assets.
( The land lending contract also made more than 50 years ago expired by default )

Ninth: Without the Lun's family consent, Li use our family's chip frequencies to make crystal. Mother is Gemma Fung -the first clairvoyance, and Tak - foretold 2 things 911 and tsunami. The crystals are like chip readers with projection function onto the crystal to show who they are chip reading. Li is trying to replace by theft, the old crystals to new crystals that shows surrogate Chan family to replace the real Gemma's family. Tak, Gemma, and Jerome and Albert's Lun family ID cards are all 'classified'. George tries to replace the real Lun's family by his surrogate Chan's family to steal influence to ruling class by impersonating first Clairvoyance Gemma and Jerome to cheat for war-jack business. The address at bottom if shown in Richmond BC , Canada is reading Chan family members who steal Lun's ID accomplice with George Li.
Tak is the real Victoria sharing same place and birth date as Victor Li. Li did bio lab cloning in the Feb/18/ 1964 in Hong Kong to make one fetus 2 embryos and 2 different fathers of the twin that Gemma gave birth to.

Tenth: Fung Kwok King Victor is holding the compensation from Costal Health and putting a lien on it for lawyers fees since 2017. Tak needs that cheque back. ( Cheq#10607-8? unsure) - 16 or 60million. (Got this with the chip hearing cannot be clear at times. I am the only clairvoyance in the country and phD I charge top rate. And my DNA fetches 300 bucks per gram sold in Saudi. The hospital wanted my womb auctioned at 3million by a Saudi princess wanting to have '' clairvoyance child''. This is also why the penalty is so high. I am one of the five Alpha Omega in the world ask Vatican church what AO is.

Fung sue Costal Health on Tak's behalf and took the compensation.
Tak cannot sue Costal Health again. Li pay Fungs a sum each year as sales and ask Fung not to disclose who is his niece that have an agreement with the Li family. To end the circus, Lun never renewed HK identity card since 1996. Tak knows too much and Hospital got too many inserted there by Li or Lam 's clan. And the hospital was collecting selling Tak's DNA to Muslims trying to get Tak's uterus to sell to a Muslim Princess according to chip reader records. After Gemma lost hers with the same reason in 1960's.

Tak -Priscilla Lun Yee Tak. PhD
Alpha Omega 5. and 237 E.Hastings R308 Vancouver BC Canada.
4-5pm at 180 Keefer St. Vancouver BC Canada mall entrance with a sign
to look for lawyers no recover no fee type.


New Post! August 13, 2022 @ 10:14:05 pm
Anyone come for me at 4-5pm 180 Keefer St. Mall entrance outside where the bench is make sure wait there for an hour, for I may be late and some copy face of me is there rather than me. These are from George Li and they are agents very dangerous they murdered one Boh and one Soo before who got chip read by them and also trying to meet me at the mall entrance. The Li played games to make me late to go to the routine often. Like the person at front deliberately do alot of things at the bank when I was behind him... etc. Or the bus is late, on hazard light suddenly...
These chicks are plastic surgery into my face and got my OLD passports and ID cards. ( They chip read to steal everything from my old apartment and even my safety deposit box at BNS they are the ones mentioned in my website. []
Then we go to Toi Shan Society Van.BC Canada at East Hasting and Main St stay there for the night ( no sex, )
allow this for I have to withdraw money from the bank before I can fly out with you the next day. If you come to escort me,
this is the only way. I live in Rm308 second floor the one with cardboard blue on the door.
From Lun.Yee Tak. Grandniece of Queen Elizabeth2 and Carmillia Parker Bowles and Great grand daughter of Princess Alysia. sister of King George 5. Grand daughter of Prince John Lun Wai Ling of UK.

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