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New Post! August 22, 2021 @ 12:52:06 am
Alpha Omega goes around to see whats needed in the system and world.

How many years you make people suffer, you get the exact numbers of hours
as an animal, poor people, or even insects when you reincarnate next life.

Rather than how many lives you live as an animal. Cause you can always
shorten your life by suicide even as an animal.

There is no need to call for an end so that there is no animals to reincarnate into.... God Yahweh has more than one universe ( tons of solar systems in there)
to put you into.

Pertaining to wisdom.... there is a restriction as to how many lives of wisdom one can accumulate. Some are playing tricks to accumulate more.
They murder alot for money to be affluent in one life to begin with,
then they have to reincarnate ( an animal or bug ) as punishment.... often this
they can keep their wisdom for normally they are overlooked to drink the
potion of forget in the purgatory. When they come back as first life humans,
they have retained much more wisdom than those good and obedient another life human reincarnated.

So those good and kind previous human reincarnate should be able to keep the wisdom and there should be a limit as to how many lives of wisdom one can keep to play fair. Or those who are sent to earth to do things should never be forced to drink the potion of forget.



New Post! August 22, 2021 @ 01:30:42 am
@backdoor Said

Alpha Omega goes around to see whats needed in the system and world.

How many years you make people suffer, you get the exact numbers of hours
as an animal, poor people, or even insects when you reincarnate next life.

Rather than how many lives you live as an animal. Cause you can always
shorten your life by suicide even as an animal.

There is no need to call for an end so that there is no animals to reincarnate into.... God Yahweh has more than one universe ( tons of solar systems in there)
to put you into.

Pertaining to wisdom.... there is a restriction as to how many lives of wisdom one can accumulate. Some are playing tricks to accumulate more.
They murder alot for money to be affluent in one life to begin with,
then they have to reincarnate ( an animal or bug ) as punishment.... often this
they can keep their wisdom for normally they are overlooked to drink the
potion of forget in the purgatory. When they come back as first life humans,
they have retained much more wisdom than those good and obedient another life human reincarnated.

So those good and kind previous human reincarnate should be able to keep the wisdom and there should be a limit as to how many lives of wisdom one can keep to play fair. Or those who are sent to earth to do things should never be forced to drink the potion of forget.

It is the good and the kind and the chosen that should be ruling earth and keeping the riches to dispense to others to keep the culture and rules running the way God intended on earth.
Humans are chosen to rule earth because God see there is humanity, they take care of their young and old and the weak. But this I found out the birds do that as well. Good chosen ones should be bestowed with more wisdom and riches for they are to rule earth. Ruler class are mixed with others as countries are auctioned to run. So alot of affluent by '' less preferred means'' have a chance to rule in recent decades creating alot of homelessness and injustice.
And changing the '' mindset and culture'' of people.

If this persist, there will be an end to the system which God intended for Earth.
As those who accumulated alot of good ( by good deeds ) are said to reincarnate into a good world ( good free affluent world ).

Those who got alien help to get affluence now can actually sponsor someone to rule a country the mannerism they want so upsetting the culture and value system this country once has. This also pertaining to those who get affluent by crime. What is left of the ruler class then... their descendants may not have a chance to run the country like their forefathers but certainly subjected to the prejudice when the above said grown into power.
When bad people are behind those who run the country, what would be left of the good and kind are in question. Hence God and Vatican should have a notice of this.

Also there is a judgement system in the purgatory, those who are less articulate and alert cannot fully defend for themselves. Plus if they are not familiar with the ways, they are in lesser footings if they stay there.
There is a system of ancestral offerings which no other religion people know about this but Buddhist ones. So those who do alot of such may be given preferential treatment in receiving sentence in judgement and also reincarnation terms..

Those escape from the darkest hell should return after the mission is done or death.
And no more using another person's torso to stay life after life on earth
These are not intended to be reincarnated by their previous lifes' wrong doing.
A group of 2000+ accomplice with a alien technology Asian group on earth.
doing millions of murder for money and using another person's torso to prevent arrest. Even infiltrating into Vatican to do murder and also its neighbor Italy. This group of accomplice should be eliminated as soon as possible.
Before they actually take over Earth by growing in size and power and by threat. They lure people to accomplice with them using ability to do adult cloning and other types of resurrection. Vatican should look into this and never accomplice with them in business. They have device to broadcast their lies and cheat while blocking people from hearing from other more authenticated sources from their own religion people or kin.
Intercept, and change word by word by artificial intelligent and using synthesizer to speak in another person's voice.
They got people working in satellite and phones to steal power people's 'line'.
Please notify our people on this and prevent this group of accomplice stealing their lines and eradicating God's allies on Earth.

Churc-hill little helpers are cheated away by the li's little helpers and Silvestor was walled in as a result. If he was resurrected by Li, then all his money and power will go to the Li thereafter. Then another good ruler class will be gone what will happen to those who work for them?

The circular spinning ships are Li. ( the 3 toes ones )
Chip read if they harbor over your premise and render all your radio frequency devices not working. And find out how many lines of God's affiliates on EArth got stolen already by the Li. These should not be chip reading me, they sent a lne to ruin thousands of dollars of my stuffs while said to chip read and protect me. For Vatican attention please.

Tak- Priscilla Lun Phd Alpha Omega V ( back of right hand veins )


New Post! September 01, 2021 @ 01:27:06 am
About living at Downtown Eastside Vancouver....
I have moved here for 4-5 years after moving out of Richmond.
This is where Government rental allowance can afford as I dont have a regular job. I am working freelance.
And those chip reading me often know my passwords and erase my email before I log in or they replica my face by Geroge Li and steal my chances and rewards.

I have been wearing shorts ever since I rent with some family motels in Richmond as we share the common facilities like kitchen and bath.
Long pants often get soiled easily by the wet floors.
Some people have been receiving monies to ruin the skins and pants of those
they target and obviously those who has some nice stuffs still in their possession.

They wave their hands and '' pointed fingers'' that is with glue and concrete powder and other pollutants at their targeted towards their face, arms, thighs, and clothes....and these concrete pollutants will glue onto the where ever that they land on the target's body and face.
Another medium of evaporating coolant and yellow/ grey color mix on the wall or floor will glue onto the concrete patches that prior stuck onto the skin.
So these people appear to have '' patches on the face or skin '' to appear
as if they dont wash their face or body.
Then these would chip read and ask them to do a '' laser skin '' correction or slander these '' dirty and unkempt''.
This reduction of appearance is to reduce the chances of getting employed or
wanted by affluent matches.

Recently, some nice clothed ones are doing onto my thigh and patches of concrete are found on my thigh, some even is hurting for it is mixed with drano / acid powder. This type of glue and corrosive powder are also found on the inside of my slippers at home.

And I heard these so called nicely dressed passing by where I use to do my routine appearance to wait for a contingency lawyer gets 6 bucks each time they ruin my the skin on my legs...or clothes.
So '' low '' ... 6 bucks can buy their integrity.
Are you taking these as mates?

And horrifying is, the food stalls are adding addictive that melt enamel and other gluey and tooth decaying elements.
Those who dine out more often and not having a dental plan, are those who loose the most teeth. We all come from a culture who dine out, only those who are from poorer countries don't and dentures are too much to pay for often.

I heard about vinyl teeth for less than 400 bucks which the government are proposing but for years this have not come out yet. Not only those 2000 buck for a whole set. At least this should be available for low income people and
as these wont visit dentist for they don't have a dental plan, and how many full time jobs nowadays are having a dental plan?
The companies are using agencies and getting rid of their own hired staff, and often agencies said they checked credentials and residence status but who these all collect a lot of our SIN / ID card numbers in the past decades when this type of agencies start to appear.

Companies who hire their own people need to verify residence status of staff in the past, so previously all hired are all legal residents.
Now this responsibilities are '' outsourced'' so are legal responsibilities.

Bye-bye are our full time permanent jobs, they cut it into 3 months period jobs so that more can be hired ( more ID cards collected or more illegal can be served and lower unemployment monies claimed for you have to work at least a full year full time to claim unemployment insurance payments ) For if you claim welfare or disability, people can defame you and say you got a '' problem'' so that you don't get hired and your ID card can be forever an inventory for some human trafficker to sell.

Hope companies management see what this do to the society in the macro level.
So many homeless as a result if they lost their jobs, underemployed and not rehired. And we should be hired by what is on our resume instead of how nicely we look or dressed. And alot of '' rules by chip readers'' should not be used as a criteria in employment. We are in a developed country we have our own laws here.

Tak- phD


New Post! September 11, 2021 @ 12:49:18 am
Mutilation I have a real resident in Canada..

alot are on the surface, others within..

When ever some people walk by, they create a wind, then you find some
color powders on your skin. The green one and the blue one mix with your skin color will give '' brown or light brown''... trying to make you look alike another ethnic group.

When ever some people wave their arms, hands or finger point at a distance,
there are dirts and colors and concrete flying to you.
When they have powders on their back packs or back or their clothes...these powders always fly to your face.

I was told Vancouver is the city with cleanest air and water.
When does it turn to a filthy country?

When ever people chip read you and find out what dishearten you,
there always come a bunch to do such in front of you.
This is called classical conditioning to yield their '' desired response''.
But there is something called desensitization.

I don't turn back so there is no need to head turn at me all the time,
if your neck got problems, go to see a doctor.

I am no whore, and I am highly educated. Tertiary and post grad educated
in Canada. If I have to be down and under be a whore or cleaner, who will study in this country?

See who is chip reading me before using me to lure for residence.
My vulnerability is not to be used to black mail for residence or disability claims. Thank you very much. And those who let others use me to black mail in this mannerism and not building me strong so that they cant do so is certainly an accomplice.

Tak - P. Lun phD


New Post! September 11, 2021 @ 01:17:40 am
Please note I have not updated my web ' bettersongs2sing ' for my laptop is not working properly and the ones at the library barely got enough memory to open a webpage. Since the pandemic, we have rarely have people so urgently in connection with anyone.
Visitors even in our residences are limited.... like every one is being soft detent to a certain extent. Shops are closed and you have difficulty in replacing stuffs. Only one good merit is to be able to work at home. I am still searching for contingency lawyers 4-5 pm Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer Street Vancouver BC Canada outside of the mall the public bench there. I am with a yellow construction cap and big white with checkers nylon bag on a small cart. Huge claim billions of dollars and lawyers get 10+ million range instead of the maximum 2.5million they can claim per customer. If you are willing to be a contingency lawyer, there are always business in Vancouver.
We cannot ask everyone to do voluntary work as this is the '' culture'' here, so contingency is fair and square. See ya there and bring a radio frequency blocker keep it on all the time when you visit Vancouver. Let 's talk in person, face to face so that some Li device cannot intercept and change word to word what we say to make our conversation irrelevant if you are using the chip reader.
Going after Li kar shing people, PCCW-HKT, Bosco Lam H3 and Fung Kwok King for money and commission, any dare devils willing to take my case? Since Lun Wai Ling foundation lock in all the land holding, I cannot pay with land holdings if granted to me. So this has to be done last with money. My uncle borrowed my father's land interest in the foundation and it is 50 years, and the legal contract expire and everyone should be '' servicing '' what has been promised and not being '' gone with the wind'' and only in contact to me with a chip reader's voice right? Thought this world still got '' legal justice'' else why would we need lawyers at all?
And there is no need to frame anyone nuts because you cannot pay the bill.

Tak/ Priscilla Lun Yee Tak. phD


New Post! September 11, 2021 @ 01:30:02 am
Let be reminded that Alpha Omega also got the rights to prevent anyone from getting resurrected.

For those who are judged to be animals or worse disposition next life by the purgatory, these should not use resurrection to escape punishment.

For those who escaped from the darkest hell, ( Devil route ) should be captured and sent back there, these should not be allowed to reincarnate in the first place.

Since the programming is whenever the DNA is with heart beat, the soul would be back into the body/ where the DNA piece is. The purgatory should have a record of the number of souls returning to earth and to the purgatory. Whether is for visit or for permanent resurrection. There are evil people vanishing / destroying souls found on earth, these are murderers who don't want to cross paths with those whom they murdered the previous life. We have to reconstruct the souls of those good old faithful who should never vanish this way.
And we should punish whoever that do such cruelty on souls.

And if Vatican would house me after I land, please have someone give me a note so that I can pass customs. I am routine appearance at 180 Keefer St. Mall entrance outside 4-5pm Vancouver BC Canada. I am with yellow construction cap big nylon bag white with checkers on a small cart. Pardon my appearance for I cannot keep things home. Those I go after for money chip read me, trespass and vandalize and steal since 2004 I return to Toronto, Canada from Hong Kong.
And Hong Kong changes residence rule that anyone not usually reside in Hong Kong and away for 3 years with a foreign passport, he or she will lose permanent residence. So no need to play games to make me move back to renew my Hong Kong ID card for others to use. For Identity thieves attention please.
I have been residing in Canada since 1980s.

Priscilla Lun Yee Tak (Tak- Alpha Omega 5, daughter of Alpha Omega 2 Jerome Lun Chun Yin. Sorry mother Gemma Fung lose her Alpha Omega by doing something really wrong )


New Post! September 11, 2021 @ 01:37:53 am
Try to mail me to 240-242 E.Hastings St. Van BC Canada V6A 1P1
Attn Mohammed for Tak- the one with white checkers bag on cart.
Avielle Convenience Store.

For where I live is common mail box and the letters are opened before they delivered to me.

For your attention please. You cannot call me for I dont use a phone now.
Even when I did, you could not call me. I verified with someone standing next to me both with our handset opened trying to call and text each other.

Those chip read me know my passwords so they erase my email before I log in,
so I need people to watch my incoming email or be online all the time trying to catch the email as fast I can. I need volunteers to watch the email incoming of my website [bettersongs2sing] as well if there is anyone interested other than my good old partner..
I think the soft detent begins when the contract made by my father and Li Kar Shing starts to approach expiration.... and no more renewal with anyone with me from the Li kar shing family. I am over 21 long time ago and my parents cannot sign anything on behalf of me any longer. I never sign any renewal if anyone forge my signature, please bring to police attention.

I am never a child and never let George Li Tzar Chi and his whores claim as my guardian. I am mentally sound.

Tak- phD ( Lun yeetak Priscilla - they so call Real Victoria same birthday as Victor Li Tzar Kui of Deep Water Bay Hong Kong. )


New Post! September 11, 2021 @ 01:42:38 am
Please also note I dont actually have a line.

Pope or those Yahwah people are chip reading me and they are actually the ones ordering the actions.

There has been b****es using my voice to do the order and I think either they got a line or steal from the pope using my voice or even DNA.
Li can clone people with mixed DNA and I am never young for I am 50 yrs old.
I got sunken eyes..

IF I rejuvenile I will let everyone know but most likely not before Lun Wai Ling Foundation people find me, or /and I got my contingency lawyer and huge pay out then I can rejuvenile or ever get a new face.

Tak - phD


New Post! September 18, 2021 @ 10:50:36 pm
Want to check if really the Royals are chip reading me, need a letter tangible to pass customs in UK. I am Duke John Lun Wai Ling's granddaughter in East Hasting Vancouver BC Canada. Seeking Contingency lawyer to go after family estate stolen by Lun Chun Wah. ( Previous HK Head of Supplies Dept when Chris Pattern was reigning. ) Also going after monies promised by LI Kar Shing in the contract written with papa Jerome Lun in 1960s. Legal contract expires in 50 years not renewal at all. And go after Fung Kwok King Victor ( Ex chairman of HK Airport Authority ) for my compensation of 16 million in 2016 without my notice - I never knew he sued Costal Health until much later. Anyone walking by Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Mall entrance exterior bench at 4-5pm everyday I am one with yellow construction cap big nylon bag white with checkers on small cart. Sorry hours revised to 4-5pm for safety reasons. And the commission which LI promised to me and Steven Harper on Area blockers - Chip reading conference conversations. Tons of money if Silvester Church also interested in stead of helping Emma to be 'Victoria'. And I need the London University PhD cert from Megan who got a name change cert trying to say the qualification is hers..... We don't have a cousin from East African agent clan I bet. I also visit Avielle Convenience Store across where I live everyday around 530pm. YOu can try mail there, attention to Mohammed for Tak. and It is 240-242 E. Hastings Street Van. BC Canada V6A1P1. Mail where I live is opened before delivering to me.

What TAk post at facebook. Lun.yeetak account today 330pm Hello Queens Balmoral castle.

Tak - Priscilla Lun phD


New Post! September 18, 2021 @ 10:54:17 pm
There is something to be amended with the letter pertaining Bettersongs2sing foundation, I dont think I will donate half. For they say my claim is way over I expected, think around 50 mil is enough. Seeking contingency lawyers huge claim, got soft detent by those chip reading me working for Li kar shing people. Phone never works and passwords are known to those who chip read me so please come find me with a radio frequency blocker at 180 Keefer St. Vancouver BC Canada. Around 4-5 pm almost everyday. I am with yellow construction cap, big white with checkers nylon bag on a small cart. I need to take out things I need to use cannot leave home. And planning to visit Vatican and asking for a lawyer of such. If you got people interested, lawyers will give 6% commission to those who refer them a case and I throw in a million as bonus.
· Reply · 31m · Edited
Lun Yeetak
I plan to cut down on the number of rescue team since the victims trapped will have to pay for travelling cost so no need to get so many offices across the globe. But more property for contingency lawyers as new grad will have to sign up to do such before they got low rent office rental or no rent at all. I will have afew doctors in mind already for the rescue team to chip read from remote to give instructions.

Posted at facebook for SAmmy Fichteldennel


New Post! September 22, 2021 @ 01:25:51 am
Dear Vatican:

I need a verification from the Pope if they are really chip reading me or someone use synthesizer impersonating their voices to chip read me. I dont have a chip reader. Mother Gemma is too cruel to tell me such devices exists until I learnt of such much later in life. The Li kar shing sons got Vatican Archive knowledge so they also got interceptors and enticers and Artificial intelligience to change everything people hear by the chip from the other end. Please hear from the heart chip that is given to me by birth. Heard father Jerome gave me a chip when I was a kid. There are other chips at the head which gives high pitch sound when these communists or Li do not want me to hear from Yewah? or you. I am second clairvoyance they said as Gemma Fung's Daugheter, the Li owes us tons of money and soft detent us for past 20 years, I wasnt aware of such until lately and trying to get a contingency lawyer but since Li with alien technology (frog legs alien and spinning silver ships that cancel every sound waves in my premise and use lines to slash break my stuffs to drain my savings to replenish for full 20 years and those chicks they brought to the country got my face and steal from me - property, money, jewelery, clothes, and even try to steal my reward from Nobel prize committee and even went to do murder with my expired passports - I found a formula for Cancer terminal treatment, and gave that to a Japanese woman using facebook messaging and tons of people are chip reading me for Gemma told them to. And this George Li accomplice uses my face got someone in the building where I live to steal from my mail box and they got the Nobel Prize invitation..... Can you please stand up for me? I am Alpha Omega 5. I want that Nobel Prize and my real Grand pa resurrected and take charge of the foundation. Li use a mixed DNA cloned grandpa  - UK Duke  John Lun Wai Ling and accompliced father Jerome Lun AO2 - please see if my father's soul is using the body to hold onto the Lun's family assets. And mother Gemma as 3 concubine of Li Kar Shing gets 10 percent of what her related kin 's property falling into Li's hands.  )

I need a note saying I will be housed in Vatican for ''how long'' to budget to come and to pass the Italian customs. Single Lady without alot of money are difficult to get in. 
I plan to take Candian Airlines to fly to Italy, and then go to England later on. So I only prepare single trip fare. So I need to know how long I can stay in Vatican.
Because Li got alien technology, alot of lawyers are black mailed or scared to help me. Can Vatican give me contingency lawyer ( split by percentage of what the court awards us )
and if so, how long should I stay in Vatican and can you help me with the room and board? I have been in soft detent and Li reduces me preventing me to afford lawyers.
Please have someone hand deliver the note to me in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. No phones can reach me and they chip read me to know my passwords so emails can only be
out going and I never get a reply.  They log into my emails and erase before I log in, to filter the contacts that I can have. 

I am at 180 Keefer Street Vancouver BC Canada  Mall entrance outside where the public bench is 4-5pm everyday as a routine. I may not be punctual since I dont drive 
and 430pm is safest to shine there to find me there. I am with a yellow construction cap, big nylon bag white with checkers. I am Alpha Omega V as stated on back of my right hand veins.
I dont have any suture/ surgical marks with the hand veins. 
St. Margaret Parish Hong Kong Happy Valley. Born Feb18/1964. 

Please help and get me that note. So that I can fly out to find help without risking being denied entry at the border. Thank you for your attention. I waited for lawyers there as a routine over 1.5 years and at another location 
over 4 years this is not small amount so I can pursue this as long as I live. 

Priscilla Lun Yee Tak .PhD London University.
Tak - website at wix. '' Bettersongs2sing '' please google with tourist login at library so LI cannot trace where you are. Message board mid page where the issues are.
The dollars amounts are diminished as people told me via the chip are on Li 's side or going after Richard Li. Check what legal agreement my father Jerome Lun Chun Yin's signed 
when he was alive. 50years by default, these contracts expire.  ( click message board, click message of the month to open the page )


Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 6:53 PM
From: "toi shan" <toishanvancouver308 @mail. com>
To: info @vaticanrome. it, @vpd. ca,">vpd @vpd. ca, toishanvancouver308 @mail. com, @hotmail. com">momo688 @hotmail. com

Subject: Alpha Omega 5 planning to visit VAtican seeking contingency lawyers, borrow a chip reader, and renting a 'line' when with money. Canadian ID card 497237701. 237 (Rm308) E Hastings Vancouver
Dear Pope Paul, Francis and Benedict.... ( Please correct me if these are not the ones reading to me with a chip reader )  I need something tangible to enter Italy to prove I am going to VAtican.
And according to  what I heard, I would be provided room and board as Alpha Omega V ( back of right hand veins ) Do you have someone in VAncouver BC Canada that can come find me 
to give me a letter stating such hospitality?

I heard contingency lawyer is at 10 percent split and I can rent the line after court awards the money.
Huge claim in the billions but cases involving witch craft resurrection with different soul inside body to steal everything that belongs' to the body ( DNA ). The issues are at mid page of { Bettersongs2sing } message board. Click blue headder '' message of the month.

I am Jerome and Gemma 's daughter (AO2 and AOI ) from Hong Kong St. Margaret Church Parish. I am being soft detent by those I go after for money. And these black mail lawyers here not to take my case else they wall them between walls to starve to death. Like what these do in Italy and even VAtican and aroundthe globe for past 20 years murdering millions. My facebook is @facebook. com">Lun.yeetak @facebook. com and also EKlun.180 at facebook. 

What I did and George LI plastic surgery someone into my face stole everything from me and even stole the invitition from Nobel Prize committee to attend the event ( won Medical award this year )
I suggested to use the white artificial heart at elbow to prolong life at ambulance so that these casualties can reach hospital in time alive. France and England using and saving thousand in a day.

And also I gave out a terminal cancer treatment formula to a Japanese Machi Kosaki at facebook, asked her to donate to Catholic churcb. She told me she donated 6 million Canadian/US to Vatican. So is
This trick is stolen by those who chip read me and saving lives in their countries. So I actually helped significantly more than 3000 people on earth this life so far. ( Made my quota )
Anthony Bok of Korea donating 1 million USD after saving by Vatican as recommended by me.

Please do not let mother Gemma (AO1) slander me and making me fall into trap to offend 10 commendments to retain me on earth. I should be heaven bound after this life.
She burn alot of offerings to purgatory run by Buddhist to bribe the destiny writers and judges there... and on earth past 50yrs keep on selling my life chances with the Li to make money. 
Every dollar she brought in to the LI clan by trading her relatives life and well being she got 10 percent. Li is after my grandpa's foundation land holdings. 

I heard Inoue san of Osaka ( AO3) was in VAtican earlier this year and he got a 'line'. I am bullied and need a line as well. Humans around  me all got jungle mind set working for the Li kar shing people ( those with silver spinning round saucer sending rays to slash my belongings reducing my appearance ) And accomplices of George Li Tzar Chi that murder my papa in INdia using my face and stolen expired passports even crushing his soul ( Jan 12/2017 I mailed registered mail to Vatican asking to resconstruct my AO2's soul  Heard warjack clan donated to vatican later and have him on a paper doll.) George sold his torso to those who want to be first clairvoyance spouse and second clairvoyance (me ) father in India and keeps on impersonating us and hold onto the asset which I should inherit. Same story with a cloned with mixed DNA version of my grand pa and uncle holding onto foundation that I should chair since all died, murdered by the Li kar shing people. Please resurrect my grandpa Duke John Lun Wai LIng ( Carmilla Parker Bowles - Prince CHarles ' wife  cousin ) who also donated to build the Templars' church in UK, so that he take over the foundation and preventing LI kar shing people - George Li Tzar Chi from Hong Kong use such trick to steal everything from us. They use Mau Shan religion tallisman, but never Mau Shan religion themselves. Mother Gemma has relationship with Li Kar Shing and selling out the family and my father blindly followed her orders believing in her clairvoyance and fake kindness.

This chick with my face even stole my check from PCCW-HKT of 18 million in 2013 paid in Hong Kong and shared with Richard Li ( Chairman ) and his brothers.
And I have been in Vancouver BC Canada the whole year. I suggested privatisation 2004, which makes over 1700 billion HKD in 2006. They are tapping me for the idea.
and cousin Bosco Lam ( Bosco Li ? changed name ) in Honolulu held up 8 billion HKD since 2000 gave a guarantee to Fung Kwok King victor (ex-chairman of Lifung enterprise)
to give that to me I provided tips to let them escape the ill fate of stock crash in 1997 Jan. There is a verdict in the court records also involving this item. 
I doubted if the Li got replica face of me to steal these entitlements in the courts elsewhere already..... and split it with biggies that chip read me. 
That is why I never got lawyers replying to me in Canada.  Fungs also owe me money 80 million Cdn by now and holding large shares at PCCW and fear they need to come up with huge sum 
to pay me.  They bought the HK courts to run and also clan head of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
They all keep us down and under for LI Karshing family to sell Jerome Lun's  - my family identity cards . LI and Fungs got alot of business links.
Wonder if Vatican can help us. LI got alien techology and friends. They try to confiscate earth once patroling with their '' alien made space ships '' at earth's orbit and got gunned down 
by Yahweh's ships. .... their ambition never fade, only be cute and cuddly to buy time to build more ships to fight Yahweh. 
These accomplice to wall people around the globe escaped from darkest hell by Buddhist purgatory. These should go back as soon as possible. 
Everyone on earth with property need to watch for any alarm if their trucks are approaching every night as if a war that never ends. 
They even trap souls to destroy..... they chip read from 11240 Daniels Road Richmond BC Canada Penthouse, 3,4,5,6,9th floor all got their people trespass and occupied from Hong Kong.

Please help. send someone to give me a note so I can pass customs.  find me 4-5 pm 180 Keefer st. VAncouver BC Canada mall entrance exterior. public bench. I am with yellow construction cap and big white nylon bag with checkers on small cart.
From LUn. Priscilla AO5  



New Post! September 22, 2021 @ 01:48:29 am
To displace poor renters by renovation and eviction is called gentrification - hope I get this correct.

Now this pandemic causes almost all the stores to fold is also a similar kind of gentrification.

Only afew left open to business in the area.

Those owners losing the business or renters will sooner or later lose the property to foreclosure unless they are really affluent.
So all the old ''kai fong'' ( the dominant ethnic group in the area ) will
soon disappear since they lose their property, and influence.

Chinatown loses alot of Chinese since they set up shelters in the area....
Who will be the new renters/ operators in the area?

Building restrictions of how many storeys allowed also restricting rental revenue. ( Low density housing projects )
If you have a second mortgage and bad renters that instigate lawsuits, rent delays, and ruining of structures etc, the owners are prone to lose the property very soon.

This is how alot of non profits get their domain after these owners failed to pay property tax and lose the property to the city. Just some light touch up and put a sign on the door .... voila this is another non profit property but doesnt mean it house the locals.
Government funding falls short and they need other donors who can say whom the units rent to....

Red carpets that buy our ID cards here.

But only last as long as the passport they bought. 5 yr, 10 yr.....
alot are back to where they are used to be with complaints.

Tak- PhD


New Post! September 22, 2021 @ 01:49:49 am
Got a new type of moon cake today for mid autumn festival...

we dont have lanterns today... hope we will have one next year.



New Post! September 22, 2021 @ 10:39:41 pm
How they foster phone usage and vaccine acceptance...

The restaurant are not taking customers without a phone square pattern proof of vaccination taken recently.
This is indirectly discriminating those who do not take vaccine
or do not use smart phones.

Similar to a by law enforced by restaurant workers.

Let us take a good look how many actually know the law here.

We have the right to decline vaccine intake.
Even medical treatment this is human rights.
Human rights law is directly below CROWN Law that is top of the list.
And Criminal law is below.
In other words, we have the rights to choose our actions
and rights to speak our minds just like our previous PM Steven Harper mentioned.

And by nature of law enactment, new laws to be enacted cannot contradict previous enacted laws unless it is the same law amendment.
Some power here try to use by laws to change the ways how old laws act.
And change Canadian ways of life and culture.

This is no communist country that we hail to lower class workers.
And they are the ones to enforce our laws say the restaurants and the
security guards...
We all abide by the laws and order our parliament made.
And this should be enforced by police or civilian RCMP if our funding
for formal police is in shortage.

We admit there are a lot of trouble makers, but most of these are
actually illegal and gone out of money. These should approach their consulates and ask for borrowing money to go home. And instead of being
dirty and stinky here and create troubles doing stereotyping kind of
reduction to affect the locals.

Our police and government should take note of how many tourists are
stranded here or staying here after their tourist visas expire and what they are actually doing in the country. Instead of using these to do espionage and scrutiny on their residents. A lot borrow with locals credits after they acquire the locals ID card number. Employers should be fined when found employing illegal stayed in Canada. When alot are homeless, even minimal pay jobs are useful to get rent money for real residents who gone poor.
And use vaccination as an excuse to induce tracking devices under the skin for targeted persons.

Vaccines are to create antibodies to fight against the virus.
But if health is weak, this may lead to an actual outbreak of the infection.
Elderly are advised to take in a good protein meal before taking the vaccine.
And if the vaccine site got emissions of radio frequency pulsation, police should be notified and go to the clinic for removal of any embedded implants as a result of the vaccination. We don't know if there are bad elements in the health sectors got paid for polluting the vaccine.

Remember, we have the right to say NO to treatment let alone vaccination.

Tak- phD


New Post! September 22, 2021 @ 10:50:21 pm
The agreement between Li and Lun family never with my signature and awareness even after I reached age 21.

And the agreement made as mentioned above was in 1969 summer and expired by default after 50 years ( half a decade )
With or without an expiry date mentioned.

For everyone's attention.
So that Victoria's ID card with rights to marry the tycoon Richard Li of PCCW-HK
no longer bears the right to marry this person.
They call me Victoria for I am with the same birthday as Victor Li Tzar Kui
who is brother of Richard Li Tzar Kai.

And because the agreement only with our papa's ID cards and name, any one with our names can be applicable provided our parents are admitting these are their off-springs. I was aged 5 then.

Ever since the Li KarShing clan got war jack clan referral of arsenal business to make weapons for various countries.

Priscilla Lun became Canadian Citizen in 1992 migrated from Hong Kong since 1988. HKID card old not smart card D321396 (0)
Too many used her ID card now and past getting close to Richard and his brothers and affluent people sold to them by the Li.

Priscilla Lun has never been to South Korea city, only inside the restricted area of the airport for transit in 1998-2000.
And has been staying in Vancouver Canada since 2012.
Hope no one use her profile to marry up to the affluent in Korea.

Tak-phD / Priscila Lun Yee Tak. Canadian ID card 497237701.

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