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"Walking Where The Dead Ships Dwell"
On May 05, 2014 TenaciousDave

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Jeffrey Dahmer's Lunchbox,
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I've noticed that a lot of people online are b****es. That's why I just post a random picture in their threads and move on with my life. I ain't got the time to be arguing with those jack offs... Well I do have the time but I just flat out don't give a s***.

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Dave's Birthday cake, $25
Tasteless Hookers for Dave's party - $500
Shorn Sheep - $7500

Dave's I love Beiber pic? $30

Dave's smiley blowing his brains out over his I love Bieber pic? Priceless.



I have super nice things to say about Dave..
" he sucks a mean one.. and gives the courtesy of a reach around.

he also wears the tight bunny tutu in the morning TOPLESS while making breakfast.. after he makes sure you're satisfied and have had a wonderful experience.. then and only then will he leave you..

so he's not bad at all. "

This was sent to me telepathically from one of Dave's many satisfied customers.
~ JuanSmith

Dave You're a c***, and you've always been a c***. And the only thing that's going to change is that you're going to be an even bigger c***. maybe have some c*** kids

~ Delta62

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