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On April 28, 2017 Deal_With_It

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Stevens Pass, Washington
Joined: Aug 2011

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Age: 66
Gender: F
Location: Stevens Pass
United States
Posts: 4707
PLS: ? 31.86
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About Me
Widowed 12 years. Drive a Wrangler. Sleep with my pit bull. Try to get to Mexico at least once a year. Love the mountains and oceans. Second vehicle is an old Ford, it's at the painters right now. Work graveyard shift. I'm an atheist. Would love to lose 30 pounds! Thinking about quitting the cigs.

Who I Want To Meet
Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand and of course John Galt! Wish he was a real person.

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New posts It will be two weeks
New posts Where I've been and haven't!


My Interests (17)
friends (556), pink floyd (71), musicals (24), old cars (5), scuba (5), mexico (5), ayn rand (2), dagny taggart (2), the stones (2), beth hart (2), hank reardan (2), john galt (2), matt keating, camp fires, midnight stars, old trucks,
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