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On May 17, 2017 NNewt84

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Linda Flynn, from the Disney animated series Phineas and Ferb. Wife of Lawrence Fletcher, mother of Candace and Phineas Flynn, stepmother of Ferb Fletcher, sister of Tiana Webber, sister-in-law of Bob Webber, daughter of Betty Jo and Clyde Flynn, and daughter-in-law of Reginald and Winifred Fletcher.

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Funky-Footed Skunk

Old Post! January 11, 2017 @ 07:57:17 am
[cont'd]...Retired Royal Air Force Paratrooper Battalion Chief Officer of Her Majesty's Rambunctious Green Beret Corgi Division Squad of the 801st Order, Great Grandmother to Ellen Anne Flyncher, twin sister to Huckabee Jones, Eldritch Broodmother of Skxyldra'ax, eSports coach of professional Korean gamer Hana Song (D.Va), 18-Time Consecutive Champion of Playboy Magazine's Annual Meat Gargling Championship, grand niece of Marcy Flynn and Martcy Flynn, Gryffindor Quidditch Team Beater alongside Dale Slippy-Nips, originally pitched by some corporate schill who was sick and tired of his boss constantly s***ting on every single character design he pitched for the mom role of their new show with the working title 'Red Haired, Pointy-Ass Nosed Little f***er Who Builds s*** and His Sister's a b**** Who's Obsessed with Trying to Ruin His Plans by Telling Her Mom Like a Little Tattletale Pussy Because She's Not Getting Annnny d*** at all so She's Bored as f*** and Decides She Might as Well Make Her Brothers' Lives as Miserable as Hers and Ruin Whatever Crazy-Ass Clever Inventive s*** That any Rational Person Would Love to Do Because "Goddamn I Want To Drive A 'Goes-Over-Every-Terrain' Vehicle" and Then Her Plan Always Backfires and Everyone Thinks She's f***ing Insane; and Ferb Show' and then the boss is like "We can't call the show that, the name's too long" and the corporate schill's like 'f*** YOUUUUUUU Mr. Beauregard!!!! It's been 9 f***ing days since I've seen my goddamn children. I've been working late every night for the past 3 weeks busting my balls, trying to come up with this stupid f***ing show that you keep shutting down because you're a bitter old f*** who loves to suck vinegary balls!!! Eat my a*****e, pussy fart!!!' and flips off the boss before jumping out the window and tossing a hand grenade into the room, exploding Disney Headquarters and freeing the ghost of Walt Disney from the 8,000 Year Curse he would've had to endure at the hands of those 'heartless Jewish bastards down at Warner Brothers' as his ghost was quoted as saying, and as the corporate schill's body smashed against the pavement, it hit him; "Wait a minute... Dexter's mom... without gloves! " before his spine stopped sending signals to his brain and he slowly bled out and died.


Funky-Footed Skunk

Old Post! January 10, 2017 @ 05:58:01 am
...Second cousin of Donald and Mildred Flynn, great grand step-niece of Thaddeus Cornwallis Fletcher, best friend of Susan O' Cyrus MacDoogal, aunt of Bradley, Millie, Fredrick, Hampton and Plorp Flynn-Fletcher, second wife of Michael Lincoln Haggis, step-mother to Lamp and Fred Haggis, twin step-double brother sister to Dudley Durstwin and Yancy Corgus, heir apparent to the Flynn family fortune, Grand Wizard Duke Duchess of Glendenschenden, Queen of the Fungus People, relative of Frander Flentcher, secretary of Eric Wareheim, professional stunt double of Molly Shannon, wet nurse of Margo the Nightmare Spawn, keeper of the Nine Sacred Realms, co-editor of French Tickler Magazine, former Miss Tri of State County, Undesputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion and former pop musician superstar Lindana.

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