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Why I like TFS.

July 23, 2014 @ 03:16:00 pm in Random
Being tired of the hating I thought I'd start a thread with some love for TFS.

When I started in '09 I was writing a lot of poetry. I found this site on a google search and seeing it had a poetry forum I decided to give it a look through as a guest. What I saw I liked which was a lot of positive elements going on beyond just being able to post what I was writing.

What I saw was a lot of friendly people, chatting, playing around though post, etc. As a whole the atmosphere had, and has, a very friendly vibe. That's a nice thing, a good thing. Sure there are those around that have an attitude that is far from ingratiating, as well as the occasional loose canon, but that's life. You're going to find that anywhere you go. Overall though I think the good one's far outweigh the butt-heads. I'd say that's top on my list of why I really like this place. No matter how many years go by or how many people come and go there is still a good vibe about TFS that brings me a smile and keeps me coming back day after day and year after year. I don't come here expecting to be entertained by other's but to read what other's in the TFS family are up to, share in their thoughts and interject an opinion when I feel I have one pertinent to give. Like now.

Yeah, I said it, I like you guy's, and girl's, even if I only know you by a name next to a post. So why do you like TFS? Come on in and share the love.

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