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Things you did as a kidDecember 18, 2014 @ 08:37:55 pm in Random
I was recently texting someone about school disco's, and it got me thinking about some of the things we got up when I was younger.

When I was young it was all pretty innocent at the school disco but at my older ones it would usually involve someone nicking a couple of cans of beer from their dad and we'd share them on the way, once we got there we'd simply cause trouble, like punch somebody in the face for a laugh or sneak up behind someone and pull their pants down in the middle of the dance floor or silly things like the last one to snog a lass had to do a really bad forfeit until we eventually got kicked out, then we'd spend the rest of the night climbing on the school roof spying through the windows and making as much noise as we could until some of the teachers came out.

We'd always want them to climb up and chase us around on the roof but they never did, they'd just stand there looking up at the roof demanding we come down before the police were called, so we'd stand back from the edge of the roof so they couldn't see us then piss over the side

Ah great days, still brings a smile to my face thinking about some of the things we got up to when I was younger

I think its funny hearing some of the stories that people tell when they were kids, some innocent, some not so so what stories do you have about your youth, anything goes.

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