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The Royal Couple Are Visiting Vancouver!September 25, 2016 @ 06:40:35 pm in Politics
I'm not too sure whether to put this in News or Politics, but whatever! The Royal Couple are visiting British Columbia!!!

Royal Visit: Day 2

Normally, I'm not too interested in the Royal Family, but when they're coming to visit your province and city, you can't really help but get caught up in the hype. They were on the island yesterday in Victoria and now they're over here in the mainland. One of the main purposes of their visit is to meet with First Nations elders and leaders in different communities as well as vital social services to the city. The really amazing part about the trip however, is one of their first official stops in Vancouver...

@CBC. ca Said
The royal tour of British Columbia continued today as Prince William and Kate arrived in Vancouver by float plane just before 11 a.m. for a public appearance at Jack Poole Plaza.

From there, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make their way to Sheway, an organization on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside that provides support to women who are pregnant or parenting and are dealing with drug and alcohol issues.

That's right... the Royal Couple, easily two of the most influential people in the world today... are going to be visiting... my mom's work... Awesome!

My mom personally was asked to read a story for the couple and some clients and their kids. That's so cool! She's been so excited for this day, ever since they (Sheway) found out. They had to keep it all hush-hush for the longest time because they couldn't risk a leak in information or a possible security risk. Sheway is located in the DTES (Downtown Eastside) of Vancouver, which is widely considered one of the more dangerous areas in Canada in terms of crime, violence and drug use, so the less prior to the announcement, the better.

For those who don't know, Sheway is an outreach... no, that's not right... They're more of a medical clinic that... actually, they do more than that too... The best way I can describe Sheway is that it's an important hub in the DTES, providing invaluable support for pregnant, at-risk women and children. Those with drug addictions, those struggling to stay above the poverty line, those without access to proper medical treatments, those who need housing, food and clothing. They've got daycare services, 4 different doctors on-call, housing on the upper floors, food and clothing for those who need it, as well as diapers, formula and other baby necessities. They offer grief counseling when someone loses a child or if they're in danger of using if they've been clean for a while. And sadly, too many times has Sheway served as a safe haven for clients that're trying to escape/hide from their abusive partners. In short, Sheway does everything they can to make life easier and less painful for the people who've gotten the worst out of life and who are normally just ignored and forgotten. They don't ignore or forget; they welcome you with open arms, a smile on their faces and a loving hug.

Sheway: There needs to be one in every city. And now they're finally getting the recognition that they so rightfully deserve.

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